Looking for a Linkage

an energy-0This dream image follows Jeane’s last dream (see An Empty Feeling) and continues her search for a certain connection. Here, she is shown an even more specific area of connection – that of people. And, as John explains, that type of connection is one of the ways a shift can be made on an inner level. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In this next dream initially, I think I’m a male professor at a college. Initially I’m just observing as young women come in and they’re matching up with roommates and going to find places where they live.

I myself have some kind of assignment I have to do. I think I’m a little disappointed in the assignment or however it’s done – it doesn’t feel complete enough for me, yet. 

In that dream, I also switch for a little while and I’m a young woman watching people who were at that college before, the same ones I observed before. It’s almost like the year must have ended and they’ve come back, but now some of them can’t find the same roommates that they found before.

In other words, some people have hooked up again with the same roommates and found their apartment, but some people have come late and they don’t know where their roommates are. And I’m a young woman at one point and I’m just trying to identify or reconnect with one of the women there – not even to be a roommate, but I just seem to be very interested in her and what she’s doing.

And she shows up and I want to know her name so that I know where she’s living, but I don’t quite want to admit that I’ve forgotten her name, so I go over to some mail that is lying there and I start looking through the alphabetical mail looking to identify her name and address.

And then she says something to me about what her last name is, but I can’t find the address because there isn’t any mail for her. Then I realize I’m just going to have to wait until she tells me, and I walk out the back of the store. It was like a little storefront where people gathered and they got mail and all kinds of things.

I’m just trying to, for some reason, know where she is and make more of a connection with her. And I walked out the back of the store and it’s kind of odd because it’s like a deck out there, and then it has these really white stairs and those stairs, which are to the right, go down and the last of them are underwater. 

And so I’m just observing that, and thinking the tide must have come in, and I look around and there’s water to the left, too, coming up to where the deck is. Then I’ve shifted again into the male professor, and he’s run into one of the women that had gotten separated from the other women, and so she doesn’t quite have a roommate yet.

And now he’s talking to her, maybe about classes that he’s doing, or classes that she can take, or where she can go to find people, and there just seems to be some kind of growing connection between the two of them now.

John: The dream is continuing the pattern, except it’s a little more specific in terms of what it is trying to bring out. In other words, there’s a sense of something missing.

You can have this sense in three ways, people, place, or time. And it takes all three of them to come together in order to shift things, or to affect things, in your environment. You are acknowledging or recognizing that there is something about a linkage or connection that has to do with people. In other words, in terms of them being in a particular conjunction or flow in relationship to what you understand or recognize makes more sense in terms of a process.

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