Barriers of Creation

creative-manifestation1In these dream images, John is struggling with breaking through the barriers of creation. What are they? Creation here is taken to mean all that is in physical manifestation. This struggle is triggered by an inner longing to make a deeper connection, yet the veils of the physical are not so easily lifted. Still, as we let go of our attachments to the outer, we find that the greatest freedom is within. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And so in my meditation dream, I take and go off into having to contend with that which is emerging. There’s the emergence of an inner sense of a place, within, where I am able to be free of those self-limiting inhibitions that I carry in a masculine way. 

When I say I carry it in a masculine way, I mean that’s the way of saying that there are these alternatives and whatnot that one can try to deduce rationally, logically, mentally in life. And I know that this other overallness and plane exist, but getting there is the issue.

I see myself as aspiring to this state, which is a state that I can feel in the bones, or you might say that to some degree intuitively identify with, even though I can’t put my finger on it, which is to say that even though I don’t know it, because I haven’t brought it through, I am able to tell it presently and that I, by the fact, kind of almost as a reflective fact, by the fact that I am separate from this space within, just feeling it in the bones in other words. 

It is as if I am hoping and hanging back in my being because I can tell that this place exists. In other words, if I didn’t know this place existed, there are certain things that I would probably do in the outer that kind of appease the mental condition and simplify how things are noodling out there, or appear to, just based upon outer conceptualization. 

But when I feel this state, I know that whatever I would be trying to do to appease that it would be hypocritical or… well, it just would be rude to that space – even though it hasn’t come through yet. 

So this ancient imprint memory is what I’m now going to call that space, in terms of what I seek as possible. In terms of that, I have the opinion that what I feel is possible I am trying to make come through or corresponding in other words to how the outer sense mind are able to come to know something even more in terms of this awakening within. 

In other words, I’m going back and forth trying to hold onto this, trying to say it, trying to describe it because I can pull it through that way, so I keep glimpsing and grappling with this space as an ominous vibration. And it’s ominous because the outer and whatnot is the apparent as it sits within seeking to reach and come through. 

Because I’m not there and aspiring to this place that I know as an idealist is magnetically reeling me in, because when you feel it in your bones you know you’re falling into it too. There is the fear that happens that I get pulled over for speeding, because I don’t have good boundary controls. 

That was a strange image that just jumped in. In other words, when you’re sitting there going back and forth and back and forth, and you don’t have a good stability in either area, other shit can happen.

So I know that the state that keeps you confused and can give you the step-back setback vibrationally, I know that the state I am in is ill equipped and disjointed, meaning the current state that I’m in in the outer, is ill equipped and disjointed from the perspective I need.

I see myself, as conditions currently exist, mired in the forces of manifestation. I also know that this is very slow and that I reside in a state that is a huge step back from that which is possible. I know this from a sense of a greater overallness, which is echoing in my being as a sense in my bones, so to speak, that I need to reach – so I go to town. 

In other words, I leave where I’m at and I go to town where town is a little faster. I drive into town going real fast but have to suddenly slow down in this town to get to where my newfound bearings resonate. 

I’m looking for the name of an establishment in this town where I know that it is possible to simply set aside the mental aspects of the countryside. I can even describe how it is in this inner place in terms of what wants to awaken. When I go into town I can distinguish from the countryside in other words. 

I have carried this controlled waiting for so long that glimpses to what is possible from the other side, or a place not confined by the barriers of creation, resonate more and more as I’m waking up within.

I can tell for example that to experience this place I have to let go of that which has me being stuck in a shell. It’s like a tight box of myself. The journey into this state is not possible based upon my mental perceptions – at least I can’t see how to do it.

If it can be done, the dream’s saying that that has to all shift because it’s in the way. I can feel how this other state holds me in this small box of myself, and that the state that I need to go to simply defies what my mind is able to hold onto and I can’t help but notice that that is simply how it is. 

In other words, you might want to bring this other along with you or, in a sense, have both there in the same level of consciousness – but that doesn’t occur. There is that part and then there is this other part deep within.

And then I have this dream that I’m looking for a person by the name of Paula. I want to introduce Paula to a friend. As I go to find Paula, and again this is still working within the context that something has to be different in terms of life because of the way I feel something in my natural nature, even though I can’t put my finger on it. It is trying to awaken.

So this is a dream that’s still triggering, only this time I’m sleeping instead of trying to meditate sleep. This is more of images and a storyline, as opposed to the other which tends to be more vibrational. 

So Paula is not in her usual place or whereabouts. In other words, she lives in a certain spot and I go there and I can’t find her. And, of course, in this dream I know that she’s not there because she’s actually more free form this space. She is suddenly more free from this space.

And that’s why I need to find her because she associates with that which is more free. Or, the way I put it in the dream, this is a part of the excitement about finding her because she is going to represent to me something so much more. 

So I’m trying to see if she is in the library, the pool area, the workout room, where she’s broken free and is getting into an animation of herself as I probe the possibilities of this greater spaciousness. 

And the meaning is, like the first dream, this dream is indicating that I am seeking to catch up with the change that is afoot.

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