Joining Forces

energetic_relationshipsIn this dream imagery, Jeane finds herself in a martial arts battle. Yet what begins as group against group, eventually shifts to one group helping, or fighting alongside, the other group. We can see this as an image of how things are in the outer world, where we mostly dwell on the differences between people. The truth is that we are all fighting the same battle, and we should join forces to help one another succeed. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The first dream I remember, again I’m male in this dream. I seem to be male in my dreams a lot lately. 

In this dream I’m a martial arts leader. I also have a wife that is involved in martial arts that I see occasionally. And there’s another martial arts leader that I’m usually opposed to, like sometimes if our groups meet they’ll fight each other. 

And he lives in this, it’s like this walled compound. It seems like it’s more in the jungle, in a way, because the walls are wooden, and they’re tall like eight feet tall or something. And if you go inside that compound there’s even a moat area that’s kind of oval and is surrounded by water and has maybe some bridges over it that you walk on that are just made out of chopped down trees and stuff. So it’s good for balance, or it might have one rope you could hang onto, all part of the martial arts training.

And then there are other areas in the compound, and it feels like my group is going there with me and my wife to engage in like martial art contests with his group – except I never see my men. It’s almost like they’re invisible. I see his. 

And it feels like initially we go there and we have some kind of skirmish that’s going on, and then I’m going there a second time, with my wife, and it feels like this time my men aren’t with me, so I’ll be assigned some of his men. 

Actually I don’t even know if they know that. He and I actually have gotten together and it’s like we’re going to pull a switch on their troop, like even just getting to the moat it feels like I, or my wife, have to kind of fend off some people that may attack you on these bridges. And when we get there he’s going to divide the people into two groups. 

And of course one group that’s pretty ferocious thinks it’s going to fight the other group that I’ll be head of, but we’re going to get there and we’re going to switch.

Well, the ones that think they’re going to fight me are actually going to have to fight for me. We’re kind of playing with their minds. We want to keep switching so they don’t get any specific mindsets in a way. That was the first dream.

John: Well the first part of the dream seemed like you were dealing in a situation in life in which everything is based, your actions are based, upon the masculine system as it exists in life. Because you’re masculine and at the same time you’re having to contend with things in your environment around you, and so you seem to be spending an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out how to make the best out of the way that is – in relationship to you in your place or country, and something else in its place and country.

And there must be a sense of nausea at having to spend so much time orchestrating and viewing your life as having to function in this motif in which there’s this contrast that has to be dealt with, or that you’re having to deal with it.

Well, what you’re dreaming is actually the nature of how it is in life currently that every country, everywhere you look, there is some issue and it is having to contend with a corollary of that. It’s having to struggle with that issue against some corollary. And there’s a vibration that that leaves you with that keeps you from ever progressing, because you’re always having to contend with that struggle or that kind of burden.

It’s like a weight that you carry that consumes your attention. The dream seems to suggest that there is a way of accepting that condition that you’re in, that is normally a burden or a weight or a struggle that could go on and on and on and on, that which you had been struggling against that you could somehow or another co-opt or in other words, come into a type of alignment with, or that the veils of that can somehow just drop away and that it no longer opposes you or fights you but in a sense kind of merges or joins with you.

It’s an interesting effect to get to a point where you don’t see the contentious struggle as having to continue forever and ever and ever and ever, and that actually that which you struggled against becomes something that you can bring into a sense of self, that you could find your sense of self in it, because as the dream started out there was no chance of that happening. It was just a burden that you would have to carry forever and ever and ever and ever.

But then all of a sudden there’s that opportunity that you should be, instead of struggling, you can be just coming and forming an identity with that or the barriers can just somehow or another drop away and that there is a coming together that occurs.

You don’t explain how you reach that, or how you do that, or what you do for that to occur other than the implication that whatever was the burden or the struggle, over a course of time of looking at it and weighing it and having to contend with it, that a softer or I should say a letting-go approach seems to suddenly be there.

So, in a way, it’s a hard dream to interpret because you don’t explain, or it’s not apparent, how the issue can be something that has this weight or burden and heaviness about it, which dominates your attention in terms of who you are in relationship to what you’re with, and where you live, when compared to some force or issue outside of yourself, or in some other domain or expanse that you never are able to put at ease or at rest.

It doesn’t explain what it is that you are doing that is suddenly able to end this long, long period of acting and functioning like that. It’s how it is in the outer world. Every part of the globe sees itself different, and having its own kind of vested interest or mannerisms in relationship to another part of the globe.

As a person figures out how to make the best out of the situation they’re in, but it’s always by virtue of contrast to that which it is having to contend with. And as long as that exists, things continue to keep breaking down and that nothing worthwhile can be accomplished because the energies cross out the inner flow. They tear the fabric of whatever could possibly be coming together in a heartfulness, which can build to something more in terms of an overallness, that can be swept up in making a difference.

And so it’s as if, then, when you’re in this weighted contrast of things and you’re having to fight or contend with it, or be shifting in one creative way after another, still contending with that, it’s as if nothing is able to really change or transpire.

It’s only when you somehow recognize that there is no such thing as “warring brothers,” and that everything comes together in a unified oneness, and mutual intertwined connectivity, that something meaningful is able to transpire. But you don’t explain how you do that, or how that comes to pass.

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