Storming the Castle

visshee_yaSo much of the journey on a spiritual path can be understood as a matter of gaining greater and greater access. Access to our higher self, or our deeper connections, access to the wholeness of creation, and access to God. Is there a magic word we can use? Perhaps not, but it may just be found in the note we hold inside, in the energetic vibration we exude into life. God and physics may be alike in this way: Energetically, like is attracted to like. If the vibration we hold is higher, we’ll gain access to higher realms. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Then in my next dream, it feels like again I’m outside a walled area. By walled area I mean like the walls seem to be made of like when they’ve stripped down tree trunks or whatever you call them, thin ones. 

And I know that going in this walled area, and there’s a room in there, a large room that seemed somewhat empty, and when we’ve gone in there it feels like there’s a word or more than one word maybe, maybe two words, but there’s a word or a phrase that should give you access to someplace else, but people haven’t been doling it out, or allowing it, or something like that, like they’re supposed to.

And it feels like I’m really frustrated with that, so this time I feel like I’m going to just storm in there and go through that room and insist to figure out how you get through, because they have this password that’s supposed to be giving access and it hasn’t been happening, and it’s like I’ve kind of gotten fed up with that.

John: It’s like describing a technique or a tool, or you might even say, like a dhikr or something that has a certain kind of vibration associated with it that helps and takes us out of the conditions that we’re in.

And the catching up with that is supposed to, according to this understanding you have in the dream, is supposed to enable us to have an access to a deeper depth inside of ourself than what we have, and yet there is still something that is denying us that access.

And what’s happening is this is building and building in its frustration because, as far as you’re concerned, everything that is being done in terms of you trying to hold to that note – it being what you feel or recognize as important, in terms of going to the epicenter of life itself – that this should be making the difference.

But because things are still breaking down, and because there doesn’t seem to be a good resolution, you’re realizing that something more is required. In other words, there are still going to be those little sleepy-bye nuances that just seem to keep one adrift in spite of the recognition that there’s a vibration, or an energetic, that is at the heart of all of existence.

And so there comes a point in time where even the shadows spell elements of this subtler quality that exists that you’re just going to have to push through that, you’re going to have to fight your way through that. And that is something that you are not… well, it’s where you find yourself as at.

In other words, how do you break the chains? In other words, it’s become obvious that they exist in spite of how you carry and conduct yourself. There is still this going on around you that won’t change, that hasn’t changed.

And you have to be careful with that, too, that you don’t get so righteous with your frustration that you just create another problem for yourself. But it is true that at some particular point you just have to quit allowing yourself… in other words, you can see yourself where you have a certain manner or consciousness that is good to go for say in the morning or something, or for a while during the day, and then over the course of the day you lose it based upon the outer conditions around you.

And that that can get so frustrating because you know that there is that vibratory note or whatever, but how do you get that to storm through things and quit falling back? I think what happens is, is that over a course of time something changes and keeps developing and developing in a person where they’re taking back who they really are – more and more and more and more and more all the time.

That eventually that is what makes the difference. In other words, almost as if the idea that it takes time for a soul to become pregnant or something with what is essential to its being. However, there is that notion, too, that you do reach a particular point where then you have to simply hold that space, and that you have the capacity and the means, the inner strength inside of yourself, to do that. And when that time is reached that, I guess, is like having stormed the castle of things.

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