A Dumbed-Down State

DenialJohn’s dream is about responsibility, and a resistance to accept it. The nature of a spiritual journey requires us to begin to accept our energetic effect on the world around us, and we do that by consciously choosing what we process energetically. That means what we think about, whether we judge others, etc. What we think about, and the reasons we do things, creates the energy we radiate, and that’s what has an effect – not whatever facade we think we’re showing to the world. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In the meditation dream, I am confronted with a situation that I learn is keeping things at a particular place. What I mean is that I am part of, involved with, and connected to everything that goes on in this place. 

In other words, that I didn’t agree to being like this, but it’s as if I am shown that that’s how I am. And in this particular dream, I don’t agree to this shift that suddenly takes on this greater wholeness because it seems too much.

And so the image is that I thought I was coming to like a hotel or place where I would stay that was like to be a vacation. But as I’m checking in, I realize that I’m getting swallowed up with that place, so in seeing this I’m shocked into having to cover up this image and say no to everything that this implies, and take every means possible to cover up the reality of what is being thrust at me. 

In other words, it’s like I guess maybe the better way of saying it, it’s almost as if I came to Vegas and checked in to a casino hotel and, as soon as I checked in to it, I realized that there’s something about that casino hotel that is me, and that everything about that hotel is something that I have to contend with in some capacity.

And that seems to be a little bit bodacious or rude that it’s suddenly put on my watch to have to relate to. I had felt that I’m just free-floating along, coming to a casino hotel and nothing more than that. I didn’t realize that when I came to the hotel, that everything about the hotel and me had to be same/same – as if we were one in the same. 

So the confusion that ensues is the result of refusing to accept what is there as me. The reaction to having to accommodate this hotel as being like a consciousness that is associated with me suddenly being there, and being part of checking in and taking in the vibration of the hotel, is not what I had in mind. 

I not only deny this as a responsibility I must carry, I’m trying to wipe out all evidence that it ever existed or that I was ever associated with this. I want to remain a child-like person who isn’t connected with anything because such connections are too much of a switch for me to handle. 

In other words, I have to switch into being that, too, and I have gotten accustomed to being how it is that I’ve gotten accustomed to seeing myself, and therein I lie separate, so to speak, from the environment around me. And yet if I am going to be in such a place, I actually am part of all that goes on here. And that’s a little bit much, from my perspective, because that’s not how I would like to see it. That is too overwhelming.

I would like to see that I somehow hold the space, as opposed to me being part of this overall space such that I have a responsibility in terms of how all of this overall space is; that’s overwhelming.

So the meaning of the dream is, I am awakening into an awareness that is more than what I bargained for. I want to immediately take a step back and conceal the evidence to such a consciousness. 

If pressed or challenged about this I am quick to deny and can even be a bit insulted and angry over the mere idea that such an imposition, or such a responsibility exists. What this newfound awareness is doing to me is it is thrusting me into being intertwined consciously with a place that I am refusing to accept as being who I am.

I want to remain in what I feel is a safe and secure shell, and treat this other world as something separate. In the dream, whether I like it or not, I am told that this is not separate. At this time in the dream, I am trying to cover up this very idea in every regard possible, and I am not concerned how it looks, or how hard it is, because I want to go back to a dumbed-down state of consciousness before all of this occurred.

Try as I might, I don’t think I’m going to be able to pull this denial and/or the lower-self cover up I think is needed. I’m not going to be able to pull this off. What has been revealed and presented to me has gone too far. I apply this to what is unfolding at this time in the outer world with the breakdown that is occurring, which appears to affect everything globally.

The dream is suggesting that we have gone too far to be denying that this has occurred, or could affect us, because we pretend that it is possible to roll back the event as if it was nothing. The time is approaching when living in denial is not an option because the breakdown is speeding up, and because of the intertwining of things that we’re being compelled to have to face.

So, we are still in a world of complacency and lack of responsibility as the problem just keeps getting kicked down the road, as we continue to drift this way and that way in and out of things. Deep down I can tell from the dream that this is what I am doing and what has happened is going on and so on. This is going to catch up, with me and it is going to catch up with anyone who tries to operate this way because, whether we like it or not, this is not going to continue to be an acceptable way of dilly-dallying about, kind of molly-coddling a situation that is serious.

To continue to do that is going to continue to have to contend with shockwaves and effects that will just keep on happening and that, eventually, a person is going to be at their wits end with all of their tools and techniques that they have in trying to figure out and stay with a copability.

This is similar to your dream in that it is a type of masculine use of energy in which you have the forces on two sides; ultimately there has to be some sort of coming together acknowledgement or a true recognition of what has occurred in order for their to be a meaningful change. 

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