A Compromised Fate

fate-0Here is a short dream from John, that is very much to the point. The imagery shows us the relationship the human race has with the world around it: we have gotten so off track that what initially looked like a good deal has turned out to have little or no value. In other words, what most of us consider important doesn’t matter in the end, and our true purpose for living has been lost to our consciousness. Have we compromised our fate as a species, or sealed it? That’s the issue in these times. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In the second dream, now that I understand what this is trying to do, is similar in that basically the second dream is saying that the theme is that, everything about us that is occurring, that we have an awareness of, that we can look at, is a consequence of us choosing and having made a decision to stay in a certain amnesia in terms of an inner truth, and settle for, and as a consequence be part of, the breakdown that is around us.

Because in this dream, I am noticing that the property I own has title problems based upon what has occurred in the past. In other words, as if the developer who developed this property did something to it so it’s systemically haywire. 

And I didn’t notice this when I got the property and had been thinking, as I start to catch up with the fact that maybe something isn’t quite right, that I also don’t have a right to complain. And I’ve rationalized it because maybe I got a good deal or something, or that there’s so much complexity to it that I can’t go backwards.

But now I’ve reached the point that I can see that what I own has more issues than I had thought. In fact, it’s extremely porous. It’s even questionable that it has any value at all, but I had settled for that. And so now I can’t go back upon the developer because that wouldn’t be right. 

I allowed such time to go by, and went into the amnesia of things trying to make the best of it as it was, and so I’m responsible for having copped out. So the issue is that because I chose to work with the scenario, the consequences that are unfolding now are simply what I am going to have to contend with – I’m part of all of that. 

The meaning is this is why we are in the mess we are in, in terms of manifestation. We have gone along thinking that we could keep adjusting and adjusting to make the best of how things are, and now it has gotten to the point that we can’t find any underlying value around us anymore, and we have cut ourselves off to such a degree, in terms of this inner depth of our being that is able to know and uphold the difference.

But we can’t access it because we are so carried away in our compromising. And if we even see it to a certain degree, we might even get to the point where we can see we are lost in our shame – but that still doesn’t mean that we change it. We can still have our attitudes or hissy fits, so much so that we accept our shame as being our condition, and work with it, as if this is how life is meant to be.

So the behavior that’s like that just keeps us enslaved, and only when we are no longer willing to put up with the melancholy and accept our fate as being that which is deviated and compromised, only when we come to accept that, are we ready to embrace the inner truth that is also, if we can see it, resonating in the outer.

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