Making It Real

spiritual-centerAll of us are trying to make sense of the world around us. It can be done against the purely physical aspects of manifestation, it can be done against analytical systems, and it can be done against a spiritual path. They all point in the same direction, ultimately, yet only the spiritual, higher-self knowing includes the whole picture, and therefore a much deeper understanding.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my particular case, I’m kind of like in the midst of things that are in the outer, in other words allowing myself to come down and be grounded. And in coming down and getting grounded, in other words slowing down into the pace of manifestation and all that it has to contend with, because that’s a state that’s quite veiled from a spiritual path energetic, and yet that is what is visible and seeable.

And it is in this form of energetic that change occurs. In other words, it’s the energetic that is cycling, which creates the depth perception of unfoldment – what I call north/south energy, which is kind of like the breath going up and down. Going to the north is considered going into the spiritual center. Going to the south is considered going out into life. 

So I can play with that dynamic and can actually create, I can hone and build that energetic up that I feel. I can hit those depths in terms of traveling north, so to speak.

However, that’s only half of it. It’s the half that’s usually talked about, the north/south, but what about the east/west? And the east/west is the vibration that you experience when you go out into the outer and you’re hit by things that directly affect your heart, that dumb you down, that shock you, that jolt you, that actually take bits and pieces of your spiritual spark that drain it away in a subtle way.

In order for a clarity of a higher-self inner quality of sight to develop, you have to go into this place and you have to find the flow and the depth of the movement of this inner space. And as you are in it, it builds just by the fact that you are present in it and with it.

However, you can’t stay there because it’s so transcendent, so you come back and so then you can get into this condition where you are walking around in creation, in manifestation, and you feel pretty good, and other people can note that you feel okay and pleasant to be around. However, you’re not really that effective about anything in life or in creation anymore because a part of you is in this space, holding this space.

And so, if you have clear definitions and boundaries, you have a clear separation and distinction with this kind of conscious energy that doesn’t go out and touch or permeate the scenarios around you. And so you can become like a mystique to others, and when others come around you they are operating in terms of the rules and parameters of manifestation, so they have to apply everything that they can in terms of their wits, their insight, and their nature to try to catch up with that.

And in that process some insight can rub across, but to the degree which they project themselves, and to the degree to which you’re affected by that projection, your heartfelt state that you have gets violated or dissipates. It’s kind of like how sparks work, and light bulb moments. Like if you have an insight that’s starting to flow inside. and that insight then piles into another insight, I mean you can get really high off of this.

What I’m describing here is kind of a safe scenario, or a safer scenario, because you can come back and reconcile and be kind of catalytically challenged by all of that, and take certain steps forward, and it can almost be like a type of fodder or prima materia to be reconciled and reworked – in terms of stimulating other inner breakthrough depths that may be getting a bit stale – if you didn’t have the catalytic factors and forces.

So, in other words, as a way of describing this, you could say that everything outside of this sheer essence is a type of dark matter, and that dark matter absorbs this light. And yet if you didn’t have that acting as a factor, you wouldn’t be able to pull down or ground or hold the light that you experience. You’d be too transcendent with it, much like the angelic condition that can’t necessarily touch or relate to creation because it is in a separate space, holding a certain reverence and doesn’t deviate from that, singing the praises or however you would call it in terms of how it’s presented in the Bible.

That is how the angelic state is depicted. But then let’s carry it another level further and, like me as I’ve been going to these conferences, I’m finding a lot of people trying to determine what is going on and having their systems to determine what is going on.

They monitor everything. I mean, you have engineers, you have scientists, the guy that has this prophetic description of what he sees unfolding, because he has a model of it, identifies these waves, and he has them over different time frames. And these waves all consolidate to a master wave, and then from the wave action he’s able to determine what’s going to happen energetically in life because things rhyme and repeat and set themselves up.

But the mind can’t grasp that. He’s able to depict that and he has a system that portrays that. It’s a model that portrays it. He plugs things into the model and the model portrays it. The mind can’t possibly figure this sort of thing out or follow it, and he describes himself as an engineer.

What everyone is trying to do is they’re trying to figure out a way to bring their idea of what is real into an aliveness for them, and of course they’re doing it in a personal way. So what I’m talking about is all of these outer conditions are set up for the purpose of keeping track and introducing even, and being in flow with what is called the east/west energy of life in which things come into life from the east, just like the sun rises from the east and sets in the west.

And if you were to take then the north/south energy that leads to a certain spiritual polarity where you go to the beyond of the beyond in the north flow, and to the south you come and you get completely lost and confused by creation. To begin with the understanding that develops in creation, or in manifestation, has to do with starting to develop a little depth perception about things, in other words not necessarily things being so black-and-white.

Just like an artist who makes a painting can shade the lines and whatnot to show a certain depth perception that gives it a whole other quality. That’s what the east/west energy is like.

However, to experience this east/west energy really, really it drains the north/south which is an energy that you know to move away from the south and go to the north. It drains that whole transcendent, wonderful light energy that you can take on. And so if you could see this you could see your sparks getting stomped on, stomped on, and stomped on.

Now, what’s interesting is you’re going into and up against and before a lot of power. Each of these people, the teachers and the ones that are talking, have sealed themselves in a particular way in order to hold, to harbor, that which they think is important, and then they have the students that they work with as if they then introduce that.

And so you have a lot of people craving things. In fact, I would look at some people and you can almost see a hunger quality in their nature. It’s easier seen in a woman than it is in a guy, where there’s a hunger quality of something that is missing, and that is an unbearable condition. So the tendency is for a human being to find something that they can run up the flagpole and try to make valid.

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