A Natural Consequence

art-by-cosmo-sacredsquareJohn here is inspired by Ann, who has just returned from a visit to ancient Mayan ruins. What this opens up is a glimpse of the vibrational effect peoples and places have, whenever they strongly or repetitively radiate into their environment. From any age, whether in Egypt or near the river in the woods, energetic signatures still exist that humans can learn to pick up on – if they sensitize themselves to it and listen. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: What you’re doing is, is you’re bouncing around to the antiquity, the vibration of the antiquity of all of those places, that’s ancient and old and carries a certain essence vibe, but something changed and it got snuffed out, or it disappeared, or couldn’t be like that anymore or whatever it was.

And yet you can go around and go to these different spots and kind of get a little sense of it, which is apt to be a tiny bit different from one place to the other, but still something that’s no longer in the world, it’s ancient.

It’s got to be similar. The way my naturopath describes it it’s kind of like it’s an attunement to being able to pick up radio wave frequency. And that’s how he describes it. The way I describe it is you’re receptive to something that still resonates from who knows how long ago that never got totally defiled over the passage of time. Something about the area is protected enough that the vibe continued.

I came to recognize that the essence of a human being is pretty vibrant, it’s pretty powerful. It goes on and on and on as a vibration. It kind of is an accentuated vibration thing.

I had to understand what is making this vortex energy? Where’s it coming from? What does it quite feel like? That sort of thing. And that’s kind of like an attunement to a radio type frequency.

And when you have that, if you were to go to a naturopath who really knows his stuff, you know, that’s got the German instruments and can do like kind of an electrical acupuncture voltage – that’s the old way of describing it – can do this sort of thing magnetically or however they do that, that they would pick that up and they would realize that you have a capacity to hold a particular energy, or return balance to throw it.

In my case I was throwing it. And so then there were things that were done to try to point out that no, you don’t throw the energy like that, you hold it. Well, I guess if you hold it well enough no wonder there’s the vibration at the grave site. And as our teacher used to always say, you know, it used to be even a practice with the Naqshbands to take and go to grave sites and sleep in a grave site. Feel the vibration of that.

Now, of course, you can’t do that. You get arrested or something, as he points out, but people have lost the recognition that there’s something vibrant about that that’s really neat to be able to pick up on.

So what excited me when you said you were going down to that area, is that you would be following up on a quality that you already carry towards the interest in the indigenous and the Indians and even things like, you know, working with juvenile delinquents and stuff like that. I mean you’re basically trying to flip a vibration back into something that is more poignant.

And with the indigenous you’re trying to appreciate something that’s subtle that may have been a little bit shattered based upon the presence of the white man. And yet at the same time, there are a few that are still trying to hold it and therefore it still holds a quality.

That’s an attunement, that’s a bit of what would be described as a type of radio frequency attunement. And so when you’re going down there and you’re visiting the ruins and whatnot, you’re tuning yourself to that. And when you tune yourself to that, you come to find out that that’s more of how you really are able and meant to be.

Because the human being, being created out of everything that is in existence, can be the focal point of it, can pull all of the vibrations and bring it into a loudness.

That’s why this sort of thing resonates in grave sites, resonates in ancient ruins. And what you’re really doing is, when you awaken or identify that part of yourself that functions like that, is you’re finding yourself to be more than just the physical structure that’s walking around. You’re finding that there is an energetic significance as well.

The fact that we live in a world where our thinking and our thoughts and our mannerisms are always projecting into a duality, you could go off on a tangent like I did where I was walking what I considered the radiance of the energy, you know, up and down and back and forth, as opposed to realizing that one can best understand it by awakening to it from an inner level, and then noticing the reflective of it in an outer consequence.

In other words, it’s like there’s a note that’s being pinged inside of you, of which we don’t know what all of these notes are, or why we do some of the things that we do. I was curious when you got back what that was going to be like for you, because I felt that all of this led to a further awakening along the lines in which you already functioned, in terms of your rapport with the indigenous and more in terms of a container energy able to hold something that’s just a natural consequence of what a human being can do.

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