The Light You Can’t See

8-signs- mojvideoThe subtlety, yet consistent guidance, of our dreams is described here by John. It begins with teaching ourselves to remember our dreams on awakening, and from there, as we shift and progress, our dreams seem to stay one step ahead, guiding our journey – from an outer-focused life, to an inner-focused life, and ultimately, to a life in the outer which maintains the inner focus. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Like this morning I had my meditation dream and then I had three dreams during the night, but when I woke up I didn’t really remember them, but I had to pause and then when they come back they come back. They’re really, really subtle now.

And it’s really, really easy. It’s almost no different. It’s just a different point, but it’s no different than what it was like when I used to barely notice that I could dream years and years ago. It required a lot of strain to keep those from falling away, from losing them you know, because the first thought or whatever could come in as I woke up.

And now it’s kind of a bit like that too, except what tends to pull them back is if I can somehow assimilate the theme and the vibration and maybe get one hint, one hint, one flickered hint of the image – then the rest of it can emerge. But it’s hard.

The trip you took was a form of inner into outer. You know, you’re going into something that quickens you in some capacity, in terms of something there from the other side, or from way before or whatever.

Like where one talks about the new energy. It’s not a new energy, it’s an old energy but it’s been blurred out based upon the manners and the patterns that one has been caught up under. Now we’re at an interval where those manners and patterns can be set aside and this energy can come through more.

I’ve been seeing it as having kind of like three characteristics to it. The first characteristic is the focus and attention that’s needed to just being able to recognize that there is something besides the 90% malaise you go through that consumes your attention all the time in which you’re always yielding to the separation, the distinctions that exist in life.

You’re always yielding to that because that’s where your senses are the loudest, and that’s where your mind is finding itself working in relationship to the senses, in terms of what you’re perceiving and seeing. And yet, somehow deep, deep, deep inside you have this inflection – but it’s very, very intangible or flickerish.

You know, the slightest thought and it’s gone. You might say that that is, though, like the first level of the new energy.

The second level works a little bit like the principle of equanimity in that you see it as the pulling of two forces together, like an inner coming into outer in a oneness, where the vibration of the inner and the vibration of the outer kind of come together into a cohesion. And when that cohesion is there, there’s a wholeness that you feel that exists at that point in time, but that’s only the second step.

The third step throws you into where the outer is more like… well, it’s kind of best described using the Oxnard picture where you have, to begin with in life you have black bull, young man, and at the end you have white bull, tip of its tail black, old man.

That’s the image of transformation where you transformed the black into the white, but there’s still, because of manifestation, there’s still the tip that is still black. That tip being still black is essential for there to be a manifestation, but it’s a manifestation that is catalytic now.

To the degree that it affects you and touches you sets in motion a stream flow of energy, or the perception of a streamed flow of energy, coming from the essence, in order to take into account, in order to maintain, or to flood or to bring through – that’s the eyes and ears motion.

And so it’s like 90% on the other side, and then the outer is just there as a catalytic spark. And you don’t put any identity. In other words, it’s the exact opposite of the very first step where it’s 10% maybe inflection, 90% outer, and you’re constantly consumed by the outer.

Now the outer is kind of something that catches you by surprise. It’s like a catalytic peculiarity that doesn’t really hold onto you because you’re flooded with this inner. That’s the third step, and in the third step there are a number of dilemmas that now open up in that the third step is now you can kind of see a sequential unfoldment.

In other words, let’s say you’re on a path and you can see the sequential unfoldment from this point to that point. But okay, if you’re at point A trying to get to point B, you don’t know how to do it – timing wise. You might overshoot point B. You don’t know the timing of it. So now you’re fighting with, and struggling with, the aspect of speed.

And you look at the speed in different ways. Imagine that you have in your left hand a whole bunch of flashcards, and in your right hand you have a whole bunch of flashcards. In the left hand are the flashcards in the outer. In the right hand are the flashcards in the inner.

Now the flashcards of the inner are what are effectuating and stimulating the flashcards that happen reflectively in the left hand – or in the outer. And so what happens is if you’re looking at the flashcards in the outer, you will notice that you don’t quite perfectly match them across to the flashcards on the inner, because the flashcards of the inner are faster.

And let’s say you have five flashcards that you’re aware of in the outer. They’re going to correspond to three of the flashcards on the inner, but there are still two more flashcards on the inner – because it’s streaming in. And what’s the timing of that? You know, what’s the timing of that?

And so you’ve heard the teacher talk about being able to look at the Book of Life. Well, the way this works if you’re looking at the Book of Life is, you can take and have a grasp of the outer images, and then you can have a sense, and you do this with the heart. It’s an inflection of the heart.

You do this with the heart and you can have an inflection of where this is coming from on the inner, and then you can actually jump to the next flashcard. And you can find out, okay, am I getting to that flashcard, or am I contaminated and off in some capacity? You can actually sense that.

So let’s say you’re putting it into practice. So let’s say you’re doing something in your world, and you have a dream. And in the dream you’re trying to make it feel right. And so when you wake up in the dream, you will notice that maybe something isn’t quite right. And you could sense on a heart level inside of yourself something that is missing that would make it right.

You can actually turn those into flashcards, and they’re like sparks. Let’s say you have a focus and attention that’s well meaning in a particular way, and you have a dream. And your dream pats you on the back so to speak. It shows how those flashcards come pretty close to lining up with the flashcards on the inner.

So onward you go. And things come to you to unfold and you hit another critical point, and then you have another dream. And in that dream you will have the flashcards on the outer, but all of a sudden they don’t quite match up on the flashcards on the inner. What did you do to contaminate that? The focus and attention started out right, but what happened?

In other words, the end result is not going to be quite… it’s detoured somehow. It’s been affected in some way. So this is the ability to see the light that you can’t see. This is done through the heart.

Ann: Boy, that’s interesting.

John: This is the third level of the new energy, is to be able to relate that way. Now you’re shaping things – or you’re becoming a problem. If the focus and attention is right to begin with, and then as it’s progressed all of a sudden another dream hits and the flashcards of what is in the outer unfolding aren’t corresponding like they had been showing that something was okay and destined to go this way, you’re askew when you look again in terms of the flashcards of the inner.

If you then don’t fall back to try to figure this out in terms of the outer, you’re going to go astray again. You’re going to go backwards. You’re going to be taking steps backwards. You’re going to be blurring yourself.

But if you can keep yielding to wanting to connect with the will flowing through of inner into outer, and you listen intently and intently and intently with the heart, it is the heart that hears it. It hears it as an inflection of some sort. It’s the mind that confuses it. And even on something like this now you’re still 90% wrong and 10% inflection.

In other words, you’re starting all over in the third level of the new energy, and that’s when you have to contend with something known as timing. Which is speed. And so you can have a sense of this. but you don’t have the timing or the speed for it.

So how do you get the timing and speed? You get the timing and speed on having to work with something that I don’t work with very well yet, which is the quietness, the silence, that is a heartfulness. When you really are touched, the mind stops, the silence is there and that’s the speed.

As soon as the mind comes into it, everything goes into a slow motion – the more and more and more that the mind comes into it. So, you know, I’m seeing that, okay, now that I am experiencing a bit of this, I now need more speed.

Now if I need more speed, I need more light. If I need more light then the points that I see between A and B, I’m actually almost seeing the light I don’t see! Instead of it being a “in the bone” sense, vibrationally in the bone so to speak sense of the A and the B and how do I assimilate it because I know that there’s going to be the breakdown? A breakdown of the outer, because the inner is coming in, and so the sensation is that the outer is breaking down.

How do I do that? Well, I have to have more speed, and you get more speed by the way that your heart can be touched and can be softened. Isn’t that interesting?

Ann: Fascinating.

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