Feeding the Whole

yin-yang-sym-proj-2When our dreams are guiding us on a spiritual level, a scenario that may appear rooted in outer life – such as a woman seducing a man – takes on the greater meaning of the archetypes they represent. So when Jeane’s character observes her female friends trying to seduce a man who turns out to be gay, what is really being shown is the subtle sorting out of feminine and masculine energies and how they relate inside us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I have kind of vague dreams last night, and the first one it feels like I’m with two other young women – we’re all young – and there’s a man they want to seduce. And the way they do this is that everybody’s going to sleep in a communal room that night, and the two other women and I are actually sharing a bed. So they’re just going to go take off all their clothes and get into bed as kind of a way of seducing the guy whose bed is a little distance away from them.

Well when I come up to the room they’ve already gotten into bed, so I’m going to have to walk around to one side to get in. And then I notice that the guy that comes up to the room that they’re interested in seducing, I recognize him from high school. And I realize he’s gay which I realize they don’t know – he never looked gay.

So I know this plot’s not going to succeed. So I leave my underpants on and get into my side of the bed. And I’m just observing. And I observe that he kind of is a little bit bewildered by how the women have behaved and maybe walks to one corner of the room, and then he walks out of the room into the hallway. 

And I just seem to be following and observing. And then the dream shifts.

John: The theme of the dream has to do with taking on, or taking in, both qualities of light. In other words there’s a quality of the inner, but an inner in creation in which you have the wholeness that you carry as a reference that needs to be awakened.

And the feminine seeks to bring in, or to invoke, that which awakens. And that, in this particular image, you’re sorting out, or having to contend with what that is, which is really a quality that invokes an awakening. In other words, recognizing what serves or satisfies the magnetic need.

In a really, really dense and unconscious world, that sort of thing is something that stays on a very shallow level. And that as person becomes more conscious, they tend to recognize that which awakens them as – especially the feminine recognizes that which makes life more meaningful, but in order to create the cycle of creation – in other words, in breath, out breath taking on the full energetics of what exists, the feminine has to be able to distinguish the difference between that which intertwines and that which goes and remains in a type of density that doesn’t really offer anything more.

The best way to understand the significance of the dream in terms of what it has shown, or explained, or taught, is to look at the theme, a theme in which the point is one of having to get and bring oneself, in terms of a step-by-step or process of awakening, closer and closer to the recognition of both yourself in manifestation, and the greater whole or part of yourself that connects to the macrocosm.

And that there is something about one in their condensed dense, in-the-body form that can sense of feel or aspire to that macrocosm, and can denote the difference between that which feeds the whole and that which doesn’t.

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