A Soldier in Two Worlds

A-Bridge Between Two Worlds-Judith ShawIn her second dream (see Feeding the Whole), Jeane again is wrestling with the concept of dying to this life, seen in the form of a soldier who dies. As John describes, it is not the life of manifestation that we seek to let go of, it is the aspects of our personal life that keep us forever separate from the natural connections to manifestation and, indeed, everything.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Then it feels like when the dream shifts that there’s been a soldier who can do a certain maneuver, like sometimes they do marching maneuvers with their rifle and everything, and he does a particularly interesting set of maneuvers. And we want access to that, or to be able to observe it, or learn it, or something.

And the there’s someone in authority who doesn’t want us to do that. So as a result we’ve gone to court to get access. Because we know that it’s been almost like a tradition that if you were in a certain place and time and you were observing that that was allowed, but then there’s somebody that doesn’t want to allow it anymore. So we’ve gone to court.

And while we’re in the courtroom I’m thinking that tradition is on our side, but still, someone in authority will decide this, it’s like I learn that the soldier has died. So then I’m wondering about whether the whole court proceeding is respectful, or how do you keep it respectful, because you can still learn about the maneuver because it can be done by other people like us.

But still, how do you do all that respectfully? And I’m just kind of wondering about how this changes things.

John: That component is pretty rebellious. It’s rebellious because you actually are putting in question a statement, which is incomplete, that at some particular point you storm the gates. You storm heaven, so to speak.

And that statement implies that in doing so, you’re leaving something behind – in terms of creation. However, if life is really the macrocosm and the microcosm, and manifestation is actually the microcosm and the macrocosm, then you don’t completely die to what exists on this plane, either. You hold both levels. You actually are, using another statement, a soldier of the two worlds. 

And that you find yourself having to struggle to stay grounded in order to sustain that because there is the “as above, so below” quality that can never get lost. If you take and expunge yourself from what is going on in the surroundings, then you end up not actually being spiritually well. In other words, you can’t really take in the expansiveness of God in a state that exists on this whole other level.

You can’t really take that in the way that it is meant to be taken in, which means that, from the perspective of God, there has to be the eyes and the ears of everything on all levels. And that man is like a person who is in creation, in manifestation, working with the energy of, say, sound more than light, who really doesn’t see the true light, but understands somehow the sound being a contracted version of the light, the same-sameness from the standpoint of the microcosm, so that the two become one, and are one, and the same.

So, in your dream, you have the soldier to have access to, and a person who is in creation, or in manifestation, is like a soldier in life, and yet this soldier has died. And so then you wonder, what’s all the hoopla of having to struggle and go to court or, in other words, go through the price of admission of contending with what this soldier’s energetically, in his loudness, was all about in manifestation.

So what you’re basically saying is that you’re going to die to that quality or that effect. You’re going to purge that because you realize that that mannerism has come to an end – it’s not really real.

Thus you hold on to what exists in manifestation and creation.You don’t go beyond it. So this shows another level of paradox to the saying that you die before you die. Yes you do, but you don’t do it in such a way that you go into an amnesic condition. You always try to get more and more grounded. You keep trying to come down and keep trying to come down.

Because if you truly die, in the sense that the mind wants to grab this, then what you’re doing is you’re denying the virtue of this plane of existence in terms of the macrocosm that it represents – a form or a manner through which you can get close to God. You can’t get really closer to God just aspiring to something that is transcendent. You can’t hold that transcendent without the rapport of the immanence.

And so your dream was throwing you a conundrum and, as you indicated, you wanted to maintain the honor, the appreciation, and the recognition of the soldier. And so to put it in slightly other words, in terms of the other aspect of the dream, it had to do with being able to recognize the flip-side of all that there is, that you are part of everything that’s created.

And that the biggest spiritual illusion is to think that you can leave this behind. That you don’t really go anywhere, that this stuff becomes one and the same. It’s just at, so to speak, different energetics, or different speeds, or there maybe appear to be veils because of the difference between light and sound. But it’s all one and the same.

And to think that you drop one to get to the other – yes, to a kind of a degree to which you are misaligned you kind of do, but ultimately you come to recognize that you can’t annihilate anything.

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