Staying Relevant

As-Above-So-Below -8The theme continues here, as John’s dreams find him wrestling with the idea of removing oneself from the outer world because it seems to have little of value left, and existing only on the inner realms as a safety. Yet as becomes clear, it is the responsibility of a human to be a part of the manifested world. We have a role to play in its unfolding, as much as we are meant to be the eyes and ears of God in this place. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So the object here is to see if you can recognize how your dreams and my dreams are actually talking the same subject, but just in a different way. And that I approach it from a mannerism that just has a different way of trying to shake the bush.

So in the meditation dream, what seems apparent, or obvious, and it’s based upon outer appearances, does not correlate to what I feel is going to happen soon. In other words, what I’m trying to say is, what is happening in manifestation, because it’s working at the speed of sound and I’m accessing something that is its corollary in the speed of light, I’m aware that something is about to take place, even though it hasn’t come completely through in terms of manifestation.

And I can’t state precisely what is going to take place. However, I know it is going to be overwhelming. This ominous sensation feels like there is going to be a tearing away of everything that I had been relying upon as true. Consequently, I am not sure how it is that I should be, I guess.

It’s as if I sense an horrific sequence of events that’s going to be unfolding, and is going to dominate. For some people that I know, they are letting the fear principle dominate. And those people are retracting from the conventional norm and trying to step aside.

But I haven’t done that. Instead, I reside in a state of anticipatory shock, stunned and frozen, unable to determine what course of action I should take to withstand the inevitable. In other words, still, in that motif, it’s just like if you’re presented two alternatives, one is okay, and the other one is a hazard to your health, which are you going to choose?

And most people will select the alternative that’s okay. Why put oneself immediately into harm’s way? So, that seems to be the sensation, yet in terms of what is to take place, what is okay is temporal, because what is coming, the flip side of the sound – meaning the light now – what is coming, in other words we have this illusion that in the light everything is always a certain way.

What is coming is going to shake things up. It could be construed, I suppose, to a person who wants things to be just a certain way, it can be construed as even a type of danger – coming from within. Now if you try to step away from that, that isn’t going to work, either. And yet, what is coming you just feel in your bones.

And so it’s easy to adopt a spiritual illusion where you basically say, okay, nothing is important. Nothing that is happening in the environment that is going on now is going to have any value whatsoever, because a big shift is coming. And so you just hang out in terms of that. And you can’t really do that either, because that also is irresponsible. And the next two dreams explain or show why that is.

Because that is a type of, then, seeking as an escape hatch to go to what you’ve accessed from within, and hanging out there and letting everything sift by. And when everything sifts by, it is like having adopted an attitude that you can let life be and go its own course, and that you’re going to just situate yourself in another center of awareness, separate from all of that.

And if you seek to do that, there will be consequences for doing that. You will become insipid, you will become a sicko, and you don’t really uphold the wholeness. The next two dreams portray two images that depict that.

In the first dream, I am in a family in which I am like the visiting guest or maybe I’m a type of long lost relative or something, and by family I mean there’s a mother and a father and there are kids. And, because I am a bit estranged from things the kids, who initially might relate to how I am, come to ignore me more and more, and relate to the father, and hug the father when he goes to work to work each day, and says goodnight to them.

In other words there is a similitude that exists. But as time progresses, I become more and more of a stranger in this family. And what I notice is, is I am not identifying with things in the environment that this family is identifying with. 

I am simply there, noticing that I cannot truly identify as important or take on as a value that which exists in the outer. And therefore I cannot project what is important to this family role model. In other words, I am separate now, from them. I don’t mean to be but I have gotten that way because I have rejected those things.

I have become more and more of a stranger to the day-to-day affairs of the outer world. The kids look up to the accomplishments of the father, but as for me, I am doing less and less that is memorable. I’m hearing a different drummer. It is not a drummer whose identity comes from accomplishments or mannerisms in the outer world.

So I’ve checked out from the outer world. That’s the first dream. If you were to take and try to evaluate just that dream you might actually make a mistake about what it means. But after the second dream you realize that we’re repeating this pattern again.

This time I’m in a college classroom. I no longer carry the excitement for the studies like I had in the first year of college; that was a year in which I excelled academically. This year I find myself having a hard time applying myself to the curriculum. I seem to be present, but I am no longer applying myself like the other students.

In the dream, the teacher is requiring the students to do homework in which they figure out answers on their own, to an aspect of the curriculum, and everything builds from that because if they don’t do that they will not be able to follow the next step that the teacher is to teach.

And also then directly after all of that there’s going to be a test. And in the dream, I am realizing that I will be hard pressed to get a “C” if I continue with this attitude, when in the past I always did better than that.

The reason is because I am not sure if I have it in me, or if I will take and put myself under the pressure that’s required, and the focus that pushes me into taking this sort of thing on which is a type of east/west energy. In other words, getting into the minutia of the subject and intertwine this into my being.

I have gotten accustomed to just letting be, or letting go, because to delve more deeply puts pressure upon the heart.

And so the meaning is, is like the first dream where if I no longer stay relevant I lose a connection to others and find myself separate from what other human beings find meaningful, in this dream, I’m also losing relevance in that which is making things tick in life.

The dreams are saying, this may look like a path in which everything in the outer is left behind, but if that is what you truly believe, then in the final analysis you lose relatability to others and to the environment that you’re in.

The relatability to others and the environment you’re in is the flip side of the coin. Or, said another way, the outer is the microcosm of the macrocosm. Simply because the energetics are slowed down doesn’t mean that such energetics are no longer relevant to the whole.

The path appears to be a journey in which the soul lets go of the effects of manifestation – that isn’t entirely so. The microcosm is grasped, and more deeply appreciated, when a person seeking a greater consciousness recognizes the importance of creation. Creation is the greater teacher.

The macrocosm cannot be grasped without the eyes of creation awakened. To awaken those eyes, the initiate needs to be intertwined with what is going on in manifestation. A student is a student of all of life, both above and below.

To be in manifestation for the sake of manifestation is to remain spiritually healthy. To extricate oneself so that we shut ourselves off from what is going on with others, and what is going on in the surroundings – the first dream is about with others, and the second dream is about the surroundings – not only makes us insipid, and takes us out of the inner-to-outer flow, but it also shuts us off from the east/west energy described in a prior dream, which makes us irrelevant, insipid, and we come to be seen in the eyes of others as being a bit of a cop-out or sicko.

We also see this being out of touch and a bit of a sicko in our own eyes as well, but tend to justify this by admonishing the importance of this spiritual illusion. The spiritual illusion being that we have to die to this world in order to aspire to something or to take in something more.

Yes, you die before you die, but you’re still a soldier of both worlds. You’re not just situated in one dynamic macrocosm or the microcosm only. You’re situated in both the microcosm and the macrocosm.

And so there are a lot of little sayings that help you stay on track. Like one of them is, “as above, so below.” And there’s also the saying that a human being is the microcosm of the macrocosm. There’s also the saying that we are the eyes and ears of God in manifestation. In other words, if you died to manifestation completely, then how can you be the eyes and ears of God in manifestation?

And there’s also the saying that a human being is inextricably intertwined with all that there is. And there’s also the understanding, as portrayed in the Scriptures, that after God created manifestation, he still had one thing more to do which was to create man out of the substance of everything that existed. So, again showing that we’re intertwined.

And there’s also the saying that a true human being is a soldier of both worlds. In other words you die to what you die to – in terms of your overindulgence, but you awaken to the recognition that you sit in this world in all places.

And to put this together with my meditation dream, which is setting the template, I need to take responsibility for what I feel in my bones is coming, and not act as if what will be, will be. In other words, not the old Haight-Ashbury hippie mentality which is self-destructive and does nothing for manifestation, and is a poison that alienates me from the macrocosm. It alienates me from the microcosm. You’re lost in-between.

To adopt that demeanor is to act as if there is a north/south energy only, and not realize that the heart seems to also breathe in an east/west way as it contends with the condensed energetics of manifestation.

I must never forget that the condensed energies are akin to light in the form of sound. Sound is slower, but when speeded up becomes light. I am in a world of sound – if I ignore the sound and aspire only to the light I will remain estranged. The two are intertwined. 

The north/south energy is likewise intertwined because the heart cannot be whole if it isn’t able to put everything in manifestation, creation, the universe, the cosmos into it. We are part of everything.

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