A Greater Dimensionality

Divine-GoddessIt’s always interesting to have a dream about moving into a new space, because on the inner realms, a new space can be a significant change. Here, the new space being looked at seems a bit seedy, yet even that aspect is a clue to what is being portrayed. As we develop, we often have to clean up and integrate the unconscious aspects of ourselves in order to make a progressive step forward. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I lost my main dream, but then as I was trying to remember it, I drifted into a dream where I’m somewhere with a lady, and I must like something I see, and then she turns around and she wants to give it to me as gift. But she gives me some cash for it instead, so I could buy it, but because she’s offering that as a gift I accept the cash and put it in my purse.

And then I see it’s more than I think she should have given me, but it’s too late because I’ve accepted it. Then I’ve gone to meet you, and it seems like we’re going to be stationed somewhere for a year or two, and so we’re looking for a place to buy or rent while we’re there.

Well we go out and of course the first place that we’re shown is this home that’s really more like kind of a dumpy apartment that maybe college students would move into when they’re on campus. And I can’t see us buying that, because it’s not really a home and you like a home. It’s really not even a good apartment.

But in one area of the apartment I’ve sat down in this chair, it’s almost like we don’t want to insult the lady that has the place by telling her this place is pretty dumpy, so it seems like you kind of like the chair. Meanwhile I’ve gone outside, realizing there’s nothing we really want there – even the chair.

And I’ve gone down where the yard is. In the front yard, kind of sunken a little bit is an area where they have a lawn chair, and it has water around its feet even, but it’s comfortable to sit in. So, I tell you if we got anything – actually I’m not really serious about it – you know, we should get this chair because at least it’s comfortable. 

The woman’s husband has shown up by then and then he’s thinking seriously of selling us this chair. Well I’m looking closer at this chair and it’s actually in pretty bad shape once I pulled it up out of the water; its feet were a little bit in the water. 

And I notice that the upholstery is pulled away on top. Even though it is comfortable, so I’m thinking if we got the chair maybe I could use the money I got from the lady to buy a book on how you reupholster a chair because there’s something about the chair that has good bones, it would just need to be completely reupholstered in order to really work.

John: The theme of the dreaming has to do with a certain type of connectivity that brings or causes something that isn’t typically expected or anticipated. In other words, it’s not part of what you actually go ahead and naturally unfold.

It’s like choices and distinctions that are made based upon likenesses that have to be integrated in ways and in areas that aren’t as one might conceptually think, but it’s still important that it is established there.

The dream indicates, for me it shows that it has to come together in a particular way, as a type of wholeness that then accentuates, based upon the traits of itself developing a greater potency in terms of an integration and intertwining with other qualities that also get it, or are meant to get it.

Your dream has you – it’s like you just see yourself, in other words it just is. In other words the idea that the lady gives you money, and gives you more than what you need, she is someone in the dream who carries a like-minded principle of a quality of flow and expression that is important to an intertwined whole.

And her means or ways of being like that she shares. And because she shares more than what she necessarily needed to provide, indicates an understanding in terms of, you’re going to have to stretch to take in and take on a different spatiality than you had anticipated, or saw yourself as doing.

In other words, you don’t think and go ahead and prearrange and do all of the stuff that the masculine does that’s almost like preparatory for a change. You just suddenly find yourself in a different space, and then it makes sense. You know, just kind of coincidental.

The feminine works a lot more with the synchronicities and meaningful coincidences and things like that; they’re just there. The masculine still is involved in the energetics of things, and is less inclined for it to just be that way. The feminine, because it’s a natural container, is just that way when she’s in her proper element with herself.

She just happens to give you even more than what is required because that extra amount is what you’re going to actually need to suddenly find yourself in this new space, and so, coincidentally, all of that is able to kind of come together.

And in this new space you are having to confront, or situate yourself, differently. In other words, the way you’re able to hold the place is what I kind of mean, in terms of situate or seat yourself, still has things that have to be contended with. They’re aspects that are unbalanced and unconscious that are meant to be dealt with, or integrated, or intertwined in this place.

And you have what is needed, working with the principles of bringing the inner into the outer. You have what is needed by working with a quality, a potency is maybe a better word, working with a potency that you didn’t realize was readily at your disposal.

But because you’re intertwined and she is intertwined with you, and in that intertwining is this additional aspect, that additional aspect then is drawn upon as you then take on a greater dimensionality that involves awakening and contending with a part that you’re to integrate, that is a little seedy and a little unconscious.

But by the potency of the connectivity in the group – she’s like a group effect for you – she has some aspect of light or something, that is like an energy, which is like a money, which is like a power, that is important to you being able to take this next little step.

You could apply this in a lot of ways, it could be how all of those features tie in to a greater expression that can touch the whole in a better way. You can apply that vibration to any number of things that can enable you to take something that had been a little remiss of dormant, a little unconscious or a little out of it, that is meant to be able to settle back, to situate itself anew, or in a greater wholeness way.

Your dream is portraying that sort of thing as a merging. And of course it portrays it as if you are going to a new place because technically you are shifting and it is like a new place – it is like a new energetic when it suddenly comes in to your comprehension the ability to take on even more, or to deal with something even more in an intertwined way than you would have seen yourself as able to do a short while ago.

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