Being Pulled Together

alchemical-hands-together-male-femaleJohn’s dream comes from the same night as Jeane’s (see A Greater Dimensionality), and sees him struggling with the same issue of being intertwined with the whole, yet his struggle comes from a masculine perspective and that reflects in how the dream unfolds. In both scenarios, the inner is trying to bring something into the outer, and that requires the connection, and intertwined-ness, to bring it through in a balanced way. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Well it’s an interesting theme of the dream. It causes me to want to do my last dream first, which kind of has the same chemistry.

I’m at a conference of inner into outer. It is the middle of the day, and the conference is ready to break for lunch. And there’s a woman moderator, or speaker or whatever, who’s conducting this, and so she suddenly asks the question, who, in the group, would like to go to lunch?

Apparently she’s asking this question because there must be spaces available at this conference meal. And most of the attendees have already paid, but there are others who haven’t paid who are there, too, and from those can be invitations to bring them closer together – to pull things closer together.

Now this woman is somehow familiar with those who have paid, or are more directly involved based upon having paid, because she doesn’t distinguish when she asks who would like to go to lunch. She doesn’t distinguish between those who might like to go who hadn’t paid, plus those who have paid that automatically go to lunch.

But, after asking the question, she’s now going to involve or bring others into the equation. And so, to start off with, somehow I know that there are 32 spaces, potential possibility. And I don’t know how many hadn’t paid or how all of that is, because I’m not privy to that. But she then turns to two people who are up near the front that she naturally knows haven’t paid for lunch and asks them to step forward.

She would like to meet them and ask them a few questions. I guess you could say she isn’t just going to hand out the lunch passes without making sure that they are worthy of going to the conference lunch. Well, I am one of those two. The other is a woman.

I know I am going to be selected – I can just kind of feel that. But I also have the feeling this other woman is probably going to get selected as well. In other words, it’s a formality, and what’s this formality about?

The meaning is, by asking questions in front of the group, in other words by being brought in front of the group, and by something being pulled out to a focus and attention in front of everything, this causes a greater intertwinement with others who are like ourselves.

Now apparently, I mean we’re at this conference, we belong at this conference, we belong with the group, but we didn’t take and get involved with the conference meal, which means the additional quality of a type of letting go that’s necessary.

So you might say, energetically speaking, that it’s as if we have both been too much on our own.  And now we are being pulled together. But it’s not just the feminine and masculine features that are being pulled together – because together we are the whole – but also to accentuate the potentiality of the whole, the integration is intertwined with others who are ready to be intertwined, or are intertwine-able, with the whole.

See that was interesting. See that’s what happened in your case. In other words it was like the feminine principle doesn’t take and have to evaluate and penetrate, it just finds itself right there in the scenario. And in the scenario, out of the blue, this woman hands you something. You know she’s meant to give you something, but you felt that she overpaid or gave you too much power or energy.

Because from your perspective in the whole, you felt that this was over the top. But then you suddenly find yourself in a situation in which you’re having to pull together, intertwine with, and need that additional amount to bring it through.

To bring what through? In this new place to bring through a quality of the whole that needs attention applied to it, which requires the power and the potency so that it comes more out of the unconscious and isn’t as seedy. See that’s what the dream meant, that’s the short way of saying it, and shows how it intertwines with mine.

Mine of course has the peculiarities of something kind of coming into being, and yours is kind of seemingly having what is needed there actually provided so that it just seems to happen and you just kind of take it in stride.

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