Behind the Curtain

behind-the-scenesWaking life and dream life offer us different views on the same energies at play in the universe. Yet, as John points out, if we only look at the information given us by our brain and five senses, we are only understanding the reflection of the energies, not the truth of them. In our journey, we seek to connect with the causing realms, not the realms of what has resulted from those causes. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my meditation dream, I dreamt about an energetic in manifestation that I’m wanting to come closer to. So from the perspective of receptivity, I don’t need proof to make a believer out of myself. 

I notice that I am aware that there is an energetic space that is a bit in-between the essence of a knowingness and a quality of manifestation. I know that for as long as I choose to identify with outer characteristics, that this understanding will elude me. In other words, how the inner and the outer look the same – or are the same.

But when I just look at the outer characteristics, that’s all I am looking at, that’s all I see, and that’s not the picture, that’s not the full space. So from this place within, I am able to notice that I will never figure out how to be in the outer as long as there is the understanding based upon just the outer perspective.

The reflection to the essence – which is what the outer perspective is – is glimpse-able only. In other words you can’t integrate it just by reflection. In other words, you’re looking behind the curtain, so as to take in the essence, somehow you get outside of the reflection that way, and then you’re able to know what exists within. But it’s not physically possible if it’s just purely reflection and you’re just caught in the reflections.

As long as I seek to figure out the secrets of life with a with a perspective flow of outer to inner, in other words it needs to be the other way around, then something just never comes together, and I carry a frustration. The gap narrows when I let go to try to get through.

That is why in my meditation I can glimpse upon this intertwined overallness. But when I wake up and seek to grasp it with external tools, you know, the mind/senses and such, one is immediately veiled. I can drift in to the knowingness to it all when I go somewhere via a subtle, sleep-like letting go of the physical, outer condensed state, where everything is to the point where you can get caught in the density of things.

And also, when I come out of this overallness from within, where the soul’s moved around and has opened something up in the greater capacity within myself, when I come out of this, by opening my eyes in the outer, there is nothing that my eyes see that isn’t reflective. And, therefore, where you had been observing something in terms of the intertwining, you no longer see that. And that creates a real strange peculiarity.

So, what happens is, it’s almost as if in this state in meditation you can actually see something or be somewhere, and affected by somewhere, that takes on this greater, overall natural dimensionality where everything is intertwined. But you don’t naturally see this with the naked eye, the naked physical eye, so when you come out, everything that rapports around you appears to have the characteristic of separation.

So that’s a dichotomy between the meditation and the waking. Or, you might say, it’s a dichotomy that naturally exists between inner versus how things are in the outer. Ultimately, of course, you speed up or effectuate the inner into the outer and you bring them together. That’s how it ultimately comes to pass.

But to begin with, there’s just this huge contrast where you yo-yo back and forth between the inner awareness where it’s obvious and apparent, and the outer in which the impressions and the reflections suggest otherwise. Little by little they come together.

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