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iryw_excalibursoulsSo much of what we do in life, in the outer, can be seen as an indulgence. Why? Because everything we do falls into two categories – it’s either toward the whole, or toward separation. We are meant to live our lives always moving toward greater connection – that’s where our freedom of choice comes in. Still, what’s most important is why we do what we do – we are powered by our conscious intention. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So in the next dream, I see myself getting into a car and there are two guys that I am with, who ask me if I want to go running with them. I’m about to say no, and one of them says, okay grandpa, or starts to say that, but before he can actually do that kind of dismissing, I suddenly change my mind and say, okay.

But I will need to go home and basically change and be ready to go out with them running. And apparently they’re going to run up some trail slope or something. And where I need to go is somewhere downhill.

So one of them decides, because I’ve gotten into the passenger side, and initially it was like they were both going to get into the car, but then they were going to go running, and so then one of them is going to go over and stay by the trailhead or something, and the other one is to get into the driver’s seat and take me back to where I can get what I need to get so that I can then proceed to go running with them.

The guy who stays behind, it’s as is he shifts the car to back out or to back up or to try to start this process of getting me situated with whatever I need so that I can go running with them. And these are two guys who really identify and are natural in the outer. And like I said I’m just sitting in the passenger seat. But as he shifts he hasn’t quite gotten into the car, it starts going backwards. And all of a sudden it’s rolling backwards so fast that he can’t keep up or jump in.

And so now I have a heck of a mess on my hands because the car’s going faster and he’s been left behind and we’re just rolling backwards. And so from the passenger seat I just kind of lean over and reach down and try to put my hand on the brake. At the same time I have to somehow or other try to navigate that I don’t go backwards and don’t run into things. 

Well I can’t seem to do it. I can’t slow this thing down. This isn’t going to work. So I have to shift and jump over into the driver’s seat and use my foot instead of my hand to press on the brake, and by the time I effectuate this I’ve run right through a stop sign, so I’m lucky I didn’t get smashed in the intersection.

And I’m able to push on the brake to finally get it to stop, and the car stops rolling backwards, and of course I’m able to steer it a little bit so it doesn’t run into anything along the way and keeps going backwards down this street. And I get it to stop just before it would have gone into a lake.

Isn’t that a strange image? Well the meaning is, is the activities of the outer that are done for our physical well being are not going to get us there. In other words, you just don’t do it that way. These others are really into it and they have a lot of brightness about them, but the essence of life involves having to integrate the grandpa side of creation.

This is a direction that goes back to the source from within. This is usually unconscious. To access this space we must let go of our nuances and get fully grounded. Our indulgences in unconsciousness, like grounded is being able to step on the brake instead of with the hand, and you have to let go of the nuance, meaning you can’t just sit in the passenger’s seat you have to jump in the driver’s seat, and you have to have to steer this thing a little bit because you can’t sit in the passenger seat and steer it and try to push on the brake at the same time – it’s just not going to work.

And then the other things that are like indulgences that have to do with things that you then do in the outer, those things that you just go along with kind of in a collective this-is-what-you-do kind of thing to feel a little better about yourself, health-wise or however you want to put that, is not necessarily what it’s about either.

And so there’s the part that wants to have the indulgences. And then as a consequence there’s an unconsciousness that remains like that until we go into ourselves in a direct, grounded way. The outer nuances may look and feel good up to a point, but do not do anything for us other than satisfy our direct physical needs.

The satisfaction is only up to a point because the focus is upon the outer sensation only. This dream is also depicting the current state of affairs that I am in. I am not connected to the inner as needed, nor am I finding my way in the outer. 

This is like a suggestion that is being presented. It’s an adjustment, one can even say, that’s being shown or revealed. And to take on life more directly is one way of looking at it. To be more grounded is an upfront way, as another aspect. An escapism into the outer, like the idea of running, is correlated to being conscious in terms of my intention, but that same kind of unconsciousness, as reflected somewhere else, is also like driving into a lake.

From deep within, there is an inner essence that needs to come from the inner into the outer, if I am to break free of the illusory outer means of this whiplash kind of indulgence. 

I’m starting to have these dreams that ordinarily there has been a part of me that if I don’t kind of understand it on an inner level, I forget the dream. I just pass over it, just like it’s mind wanderings or something.

But now I’m remembering them, and then I write them up, not knowing what to expect, and then I understand them. So it’s almost as if something awakens in an outer capacity, as opposed to just strictly in an inner capacity. In other words it’s dreamt in an inner way, but it’s still going through the symbolic references of whatever it is in my nature that it has to utilize to create the imagery.

But I don’t quite catch up with it. But then when I take the imagery back, and the imagery can be so different from how I actually am, that all of a sudden I can reconcile that in the outer, too. That’s kind of interesting.

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