At Home With It All

light-99Life is full of distractions and indulgences. And mostly we just see this as part of the process. But if we are talking about a spiritual process, then resistance to those distractions is what keeps us developing. Why would that be so? Because when we drift, we tend to be more unconscious in our actions which causes us to lose the deeper, or higher, connections. In the end, consciousness matters, and we need to stay conscious of that. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So in my dream, I go through the mannerisms and aspects of life that normally distract people into losing a focus and attention, but somehow or another, rather than getting distracted I’m lucky enough to be able to do that and uphold the process, as if I have a sense that goes beyond the fabrication or delusion that is in my surroundings.

That’s very much like your dream where it’s an absorptive quality, but it’s doing with a masculine way.

And I describe exactly how that is: I am a hunter. At first I just take on what lies before me, but eventually I develop a system to the hunting.

I also get to a point where my hunting is also influenced and affected by other like-minded comrades. I notice that it is almost impossible to not indulge in the game. And I could see where I could have a tendency to do that but basically deep down I don’t, I just stay a hunter.

Or, I suppose, to use another kind of term, following the thread wherever it might lead, going to the various levels that being a hunter is like.

So in the dream, because I’m going through the different levels of what it’s like to be a hunter, as if there’s a sophistication that is heating up. I know what it feels like to have the experience, but I’m still holding out for two other challenges in the hunting to manifest.

In other words, the way I see this is it’s like five to seven different stages in the hunting. In other words you can go out and, to begin with, it’s fairly easy to get your game. But then it becomes more sophisticated as you approach a little different this way, and a little different that way, and it’s more subtle or whatever.

And you have to just do this, you can’t take and dwell on what you’re doing, you just have to do it. It’s not a big deal, it’s no different in its way than the hunting that is done when it’s very basic and you just go out and it’s all Simple Simon.

You don’t distinguish one as higher or superior, or there’s no hierarchy or anything like that. It’s all part of an overall process of hunting. And if you get off on a tangent in any aspect of that whole process of hunting, then you don’t get to the overall.

And so most people are consumed by the forces of the outer nature, like for example you get caught up in the way that you hunt, which is distinct from others, and you see yourself as distinct from that, and so then you get lost in the idea of hunting and forget the inner prime directive which is intertwined with why you’re hunting.

Again, I’m describing this as a masculine process that works with trying to bring something down and through as light. In your particular case you’re just holding the virtues and values of creation and causing everything to see itself that way.

The process, in other words, the five, six, seven steps, comes to an end. And when it comes to an end I find myself surprised that I haven’t gotten lost, or indulged, overly indulged in some part  or another that I took a predilection to more than another part.

Which basically means that I’ve made the sojourn, and in the end come to know that everything is elationally energetic. It’s an elation that is energetic as an intertwined existence, which then, when it’s like that, is a freedom that one cherishes. In other words you feel that in your bones.

It’s getting through it all. For the masculine, the masculine gets lost when it gets tied in or caught up in a type of kundalini energy that just gets in the bones and you don’t know what to do with it.

The feminine knows how to absorb that – that’s what your dream was showing. It takes the disconsolate vibrations of flicker light and brings it through into a wholeness.

It’s interesting. It causes me to think about of something said where the masculine energy comes down and it hits the planes of manifestation and sets off a spark. And manifestation can either see that spark, or actually even function as a type of black hole and absorb it. But it’s more than just a black hole, it’s true energy. It’s the dark light, or something, because, in doing that, it enables that to become whole.

It just isn’t some sort of disconsolate energy. In other words, the disconsolate condition that I carry inside, your dream is saying that you can absorb that to something that makes that make sense. Wow!

So the meaning of my dream is that awakening to ourself is filled with innumerable images in which we self-design our reality. And I come to learn what it is like to reach out there with my ill-founded dreams and aspirations.

In the dream, however, it works out so that I seem to be lucky. There were numerous occasions when I could have settled for that which appealed to me in some fashion, but I didn’t, and went through all of that. And, therefore, was able to find life meaningful.

Had I settled with any identifications, I would have veiled myself from that breakthrough. All outer images that one takes and goes through and plays with, and looks at in a masculine way, are just delusional.

The only thing that makes sense is to be able to be a person who is able to be at home with all that there is. I mean that’s what your trying to dream that you can do. And such a person does not get indulgently caught up in the nuances of the outer.

That’s the meditation dream. That was pretty deep, wasn’t it? And I didn’t think that I had it down very well other than the fact of how wonderful it felt to be able to be a hunter that wasn’t struggling in the hunting. I just seemed to be able to go from one phase of the hunting, to the next phase, to the next phase and it all came together and made sense without the indulgence.

And in the end when I was able to do that, without getting tied or caught up in some point of it all, it left me with this huge elation. I mean, I got it. It all was elational as opposed to some aspect that’s a little bit of a nuance deviation.

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