The Full Linkage

energy_imgThis dream follows up the theme from our last dream (see Greater Purity), where Jeane found that what she was working with was contaminated. As humans we are meant to bring higher connections, or energies, through us in to physical life. Yet we have to offer clean and safe passage to those energies, otherwise we put them into manifestation with a bit of contamination – a bit of our personal biases and ego. The goal is to become a pure conduit, where we are facilitators of higher aspects of life into this planetary level. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the rest of this dream I seem to be at this house that might be owned by a wealthy woman I never see. There’s a bunch of us staying there and we’ve partied the night before.

I’ve gone in the house and a lot of us sleep there, and my bed is right next to a door, and on the other side of it is a couple who are probably help out around the place or something and they seem kind of poor and everything. She’s almost nine months pregnant. 

And their room is right near the foot of my bed, so I kind of keep an eye on them. So on this particular day, I kind of have two things on my mind. One is I wonder if the couple is going to need help when she goes in to labor.

They think they have it all covered – it’s their first baby and he’s going to drive her to the hospital and stuff, but I’m thinking I should offer my help and whether they would be open to that because I would be the one that would hear them, their door’s right near the foot of my bed.

But while I’m thinking about this, what I’m doing is I’ve gone over in the living room and there’s an area where a bunch of plants have all kind of been pushed together to create a decorative effect. 

But I realize that the plants have been pushed so tightly together they haven’t been pruned in terms of some of the leaves that are dying. And so I seem to have a relationship with these plants, and I go over and I have a sack and I’m culling off some of the leaves that have died.

At the same time I realize that other leaves that have turned gold and should be left on because they create a really pretty effect, but some need to go just so you can see what’s there – it’s way too bunched together.

I’m filling my sack with leaves and it’s a surprise that behind the other plants was a kind of interesting plant that had been hidden because everything was so crammed together. So I’m just very busy.

At the same I’m aware that the kids think they have it all handled about getting to the hospital in time, but now they’re beginning to reconsider and maybe they’ll let me help if it’s needed.

John: So what you’re portraying is the catching up of a part of a depth inside of yourself. You’re in the presence of it, so can you catch up with it? 

In other words, you’re in the house of a person whom you never see, who probably is fabulously wealthy or who knows what, because she holds parties and causes things to happen that are popular and have tremendous effect at her place.

But you don’t directly connect with her as far as you realize, yet you’re staying in this place, you have a bed in this place and from the foot of the bed, from an extension again of yourself, is this room, and access to the room of something that is coming into being, that is being born, that is being nurtured.

So what you have is an image of a connection that comes through this part of your higher self, this woman, all the way down through you, across through you, and into life, and into manifestation, so to speak, or through the door, or through a room, where something then is able to be born.

But that part is kind of trying to be independent, doesn’t necessarily associate or identify with the linkage. And yet you are in a position where you can hear, and now you’re using the quality that’s creative, in other words, you feel it in your bones so you create with this.

And when your heart is in the right place, your focus and attention is in the right place, things bleed through. In other words the leaves, which can be all dried out because they’re ineffective in terms of coming across, can have a quality of unfoldment to them. 

In other words, some of the leaves that are dried out that don’t get utilized or manifested, which fall away because something didn’t consciously come through, well you pick those up or pull those off – they’re yellow, yellow is a color that’s an inner light, a recognition on the inner. And the full inner of course comes from the grandmother.

So you don’t see that light, or her, but somehow or another you’re affected by that. And that affect creates a quality of presence about your nature as a focus and attention that’s sincere to your being, so that then that which is happening which you are also aware of is a further extension, right down toward life, or where life is created, where something is born.

In this dream you’re able to win over the acceptance of what you have to offer in that area, to create the full linkage. To begin with it doesn’t look like maybe they necessarily need your help, but then they come to recognize, or something comes to recognize, that all of that ties together.

So you’re working with a frame of reference where you start off in your dreaming, you set the tempo of something by depicting that what you do isn’t necessarily effective – still there’s a deleterious effect, because even though you start in an emptiness there still can tend to be a contamination.

Then you carry that into an overall dream that comes down and shows, okay, where you have the creative part, but because maybe there’s a bit of overindulgence or involvement, something isn’t as purely linked as it could be, initially it’s rejected.

And of course I suppose a part of you can understand why it would be rejected because in the earlier dream you started to create a process and in the end what resulted was not good. It did create a degree of shock to you. But then the dream shows that you’re meant to be able to help and to assist.

In other words, you can’t just be connected and linked, and then something happens, and then it needs help and you can’t actually help it. And so then the degree to which you’re connected or linked, which can see this sort of stuff, that’s kind of dire and sad when the unfoldment happens, and where help is needed, like bringing forth life into manifestation, and it needs something in order to fulfill that for timing and such like that, and you’re denied or rejected. 

That’s got a bit of a vibration about it that’s the effect of, yes, you can start to create a process but then it has a dire consequence. But in the dream that you had, there may have been the rejection, but ultimately it became something that surrendered or let go and allowed that process to occur, a connective process to occur, that helped to be there so that then the giving birth through the process could be assisted or supported from top to bottom.

You, of course, being a representative person that had a connection from somewhere else, which wasn’t yet quite fully conscious, I mean you’re aware of some of the ways and mannerisms that this thing could exude itself into life, meaning in the house which can put on these parties that had quite a flair to them, and yet that isn’t there – you’re just there in the vibration of something that has a resonance of that kind of quality or characteristic or trait.

And it has it’s meaningfulness in terms of what that was all about, and you’re able to catch up with that because that somehow is important in terms, then, of the spark of life, and the shift, and the change.

You’re seeing yourself in a unique way and if it’s aiming toward something, or whether it’s just pure, straightforward just the way creation is best facilitated, and actually is facilitated, through some sort of linkage that flows through man. But to what degree does that go from top to bottom, all the way through?

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Greater Purity

purelightSpiritual development is often described as illumination. Yet it is all an aspect of energy. When we connect to higher things, we connect to a purer energy than when we are in the coarser realms of everyday issues, or worse, feeling anger or being critical. And energy is a type of food for us. So what food are we processing through us? Coarse energetic food, or refined, clear, bright energetic food? It’s an important contemplation because that food affects the world around us, and our very cellular structure as well – and thus our well being. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the first part of the dream, it’s like someone like Steve Wynn or somebody at one of the casinos has a runway show that’s going on. And as people walk down the runway, at first things are going fine, but then it feels like some of the girls speak, and they speak in sentences that are written in dark ink. You know, you can see the words.

And as they do that, it causes something to start to unravel, like they get sick, and they can’t keep their walk, and they start getting quite sick. And that’s really upsetting because Wynn doesn’t like anything that doesn’t go real smoothly.

Well then as they try to get it started, they get the girls to be, if they talk they talk in sentences that are written in blonde ink. But whatever happened with what was falling apart with the dark ink it seems to have contaminated even that now, so they can’t get it together.

And it feels like I’m brought in to kind of do an autopsy, or an evaluation or forensic study of why this happened. I just can’t remember the rest of the dream or go back to it.

John: What you’re looking at is a principle that we’ve been talking about, which has to do with being able to speak and talk something into existence. And actually, how you talk and how you think, you’re always creating. It just may not be as noticeable as it typically is. 

And so you actually create through sound. And sound is like a vibration that you feel inside of you, which you can function with connectively through the heart, and you’re closest to that aspect of the light, and its conversion into sound, in your dream world, in your sleep.

In your outer world you’re usually too connected to the senses and to the mind, so that what you do tends to have a very limited effect. It’s not as transcendent in terms of taking into account the big picture of things.

In your sleep, when you catch up to the light that you don’t see with the naked eye, and you don’t perceive in the outer, and have the ability to work with that in terms of embodying it to such and such a degree that you can carry that down into matter, in that state, what you’re able to feel and experience and transmute, it’s like a light.

In other words you’re working with chakras of light, and the red is the densest and it’s generally the state in which you’re most caught up in things, and so if you are in a negative bent you create dark, negative things – especially if you have any presence or power in your nature.

Usually it’s really really dumbed-down and really slowed down and you don’t typically notice it. And you don’t really recognize that your actions, your conduct, and your mannerism is supporting something in the outer that’s in the negative – it being your neurosis or your condition or whatever.

And then when you’re in the inner where you drop the senses and your mind activity and such, and you’re embodying or closer to the soul and its quality that is more light, and yet at the same time you have the physical body, then what you dream comes through with more of a purity. And comes across and creates and causes something to happen in life that is without the contamination of your mind/senses.

See the first thing to understand in a dream like this, is how is it that something is created? What creates? Well, when you’re in your mind/senses exclusively, and your just functioning with your thoughts, the effect that you have is pretty dense.

So over the course of a lifetime you can look and see that how you thought and how you conducted yourself does shape what you become and how you are. And how you’re able to relate is pretty well dulled out by the collective of everything else because you don’t really have any real sense of presence and power.

But after you connect to the inner qualities of yourself, to the soul quality of yourself, and like a part of you is on the other side more all the time, in terms of this spatiality that is more than just the mind/senses but has a linkage to something of your higher self that carries a certain knowingness and mannerism about it, then you’re more in the natural dream state of your being.

In other words you’re not the human being that has the personal motif and whatnot that causes things to get blotted or blurred out. When you’re like that, then how you function and how you act causes something to change. And it changes more purely as opposed to more densely with ugly characteristics that have to do with the neurosis of your personal motif and such.

What’s interesting is you recognize and you define this in relationship to color. In other words, a quality of the light.

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Purposely Lost

Sword_in_the_Stone_by_lady_dieThis dream scenario unfolds like an action movie: a boy separated from his father, a gang that wants to chase him, a switch to the 17th century and then a dramatic last-minute turn of events. Yet this adventure holds a deeper thread, in that when we are on a spiritual journey, we, by definition, have to step into the unknown. How can we go somewhere completely new without leaving our comfort zone? As is shown here, we often find that we have everything we need inside to help us navigate the twists and turns our path with take us through. Learning to trust that inner connection is a huge leap in our story. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So that aspect of letting something be like that, actually I come to learn through this next dream, is part of a consciousness or aliveness – a connection to the creator. I have never thought of it that way.

Instead the fact that I feel that, throws me around; I’m inclined to think that I’m in rebellion. So this next dream has to show that there actually is a linkage that way, it’s not what I think it is.

So in this dream – it’s a long dream – I’m like a sixteen-year-old boy and I have gotten kind of purposely separated from my family who are in this city that I don’t have any familiarity with. And by getting separated, I am deemed lost, and instead of hanging out where it’s possible to be found, I actually go where it’s difficult for my father, who would be looking for me, to catch up and find me.

And the reason I seem to do this is a type of rebellion in me, where I’m feeling rejected or something, where I don’t fit in. So I’m not doing anything to help him out in terms of finding me – I actually go off the beaten track.

And I get hungry. And I find myself in a bazaar where the main item that’s sold there is a very wonderful prime rib. And there is a group that’s there, part of a wedding party or something, and one of the people in the wedding party takes a very large piece of prime rib. And I looked at it and it looked enormously, phenomenally delicious.

And so I ponder it but I don’t really have a lot of money on me, and the problem I have is if I get the side items, like the potatoes and this, that, and the other, I’ll only be able to take in a smaller steak. And in a roundabout way, it’s kind of a specialty to be able to order the large steak, anyway.

And the person who prepares that, the chef, he’s just kind of assuming that I’m part of this wedding party that this is for. I malinger there and malinger there pondering this, and it’s when I choose to get the steak and nothing else is when initially he assumes that I am part of that, and I say that I’m not.

And then the cook says that the steak I want still has to be cooked. And so I act dejected and start to walk away and he says, here, you can have this piece. It will be ready when you get your plate and fill it with the other things you want to eat. 

But I can’t find a fresh plate. So I see this plate on a table where the person who had used it had already eaten one of these really large pieces of prime rib and the grease is all over it. It looks like, as far as I’m concerned, the plate is empty, it’s clean. It’s just greasy prime rib. So that plate’s good enough for me.

So I go over and  grab the plate and so I come back and I get the steak that’s cut, and it doesn’t look the way that that original, wonderful piece looked that I was mouth-watering for, it looks like it’s not as thickly cut. It’s a little bigger, maybe it will be fine if I start eating it, because I notice that it cuts real easy just like it’ll melt in your mouth or something. To begin with it seems okay.

But then when I look at it more closely it’s still sizzling, and the fat inside of it is popping. And I think, omigosh, how am I going to eat all this, this isn’t all meat, it’s all kinds of fat – oh my!

I have to give it a go though, so I’m walking about with this steak, aware that it’s getting later because the whole time I’m feeling the fact that I know my dad’s looking for me and he’s running out of time. It’s starting to get late in the day, and he’s probably getting desperate that he hasn’t found me. And I’m a little bit concerned that I’m not helping him in any regard to find me, in fact still acting peeved or something like I’m on strike.

So it’s kind of like I’m sacrificing my well being. So as I go about looking for a place to sit, I come across where there are these gang members and they’re torturing another person. So I cringe at the sight and look to go elsewhere, but they notice my flinch and decide that there’s something about me that they have to now turn their attention toward.

So I try to act nonchalant, and I go over and I sit down at a table, invite myself to the table like I belong to the table where there are others sitting – but they’re mostly kids – part of a larger family, so they’re no threat to this gang.

And this doesn’t seem to impress this gang leader at all, because he sits down at the table and I have to give him some of my steak. So, I know he’s going to want more, so I’m gobbling down the rest as fast as I can, eating the best parts of it because it wasn’t ideally all meat, like the one that I’d seen before.

And when there’s this kind of peculiar condition, the steak doesn’t seem, you know I’m not as picky about it, it’s not hard to eat at all as I ravenously devour the best portions. And then at some point I get up and I leave the area, leaving what’s left on my plate for him to pick over or something, thinking I need to figure my way back to where I belong with my family.

But I’ve gotten this gang’s attention somehow, and even though I go off to one side away from where I’d think they be paying attention and following me – which is also not in the direction I should go if I expect my father to find me, I’ve actually gone into a worse part instead of a better part. And the gang is following me, as if I am a person that they have to stop.

And so I’m standing at kind of a railing, and the gang is approaching, and they have a knife or something to cut me. And right at the last minute I flip over the railing backwards and I drop down to a lower level.

And that very act of doing that intensifies the image of it being like a 16th of 17th century setting, because where I find myself, it’s different, but no matter what corridor I go up, the rest of the gang members seem to really reside and there are six or seven approaching from all directions.

And so there’s no where that I can go to – I’m essentially trapped. So I realize that there’s no choice but to just pick a direction, accept my fate, there’s no getting away. And so the direction I choose of course is face on into where six or seven are coming as a direct assault. And they all have swords, and I’m unarmed – this whole thing is hopeless.

But just before I get to them, there’s something embedded in the ground that’s like a chain that’s razor sharp like a sword itself. When I pull on it it comes right out of the ground and goes right over in the direction where they are, kind of as a shock to them.

And in pulling on this it shifts me at an angle, instead of head-on it puts me at a 45-degree angle. And this change in the direction in which I’m facing them is the difference that is needed in order for something to change in what had been a hopeless position.

Even though I don’t see a sword, I am aware that I possess a weapon that is formidable. In other words I now feel that I can break through, and it’s supported by a voice that hear that says, “If this is what it took to get me into a position where I’m able to take on fearlessly and confidently what lies before me, I guess it’s all worth it.

At this moment I’m no longer concerned for my well being, which I had been before, because I just know everything is okay.

So what is going on is, because I am not willing to accept the simple conditions I find myself in, the effect is to reject father-figure control and being underneath the umbrella of that. I’m at that slightly rebellious age, but at the same time I need to know better, especially when we’re on this adventure in someplace that I’m not familiar with.

I have purposely run away and hide from detection. In other words, the whole time I am rebelling, I am aware that my father, who is well meaning and good-hearted, and is a guide for my development, is looking for me. 

Because I have some issue with where he is coming from, and am afraid of losing some sort of identity I still want to cling to, I feel I need to find for myself, I purposely stay off any beaten track. This is where the raw energy resides – not staying within the comfort zones. And the neighborhood in this way is full of danger.

And in my conditioning, by myself, I’m bound to draw attention because I don’t have the security or the safety of that which I’m part of, especially because I take more than I can eat and more than what is a fair share.

I’ve chosen this mannerism and I hide it, so it kind of throws me out there a bit on a tangent. I do it on purpose and it causes me to get into even more trouble and become even further lost. Or so is the appearance.

When it is nearly hopeless, that is when I am slightly shifted and able to see that it took all of this to shape me into a force of nature, capable of standing alone upon my own two feet. I come to see that this is what it was all about right from the beginning.

This is how I’m able to be shaped into an inner force, or inner presence, which otherwise wouldn’t wake up. My path is more one of going into a raw energy and figuring my way out in such a mannerism that others would purposely ignore. And by all appearances, take on, or put on my plate, or bite off more than I can chew.

Yet in the end it does come together, because for me it is what it takes to become truly free and real.

And then there’s the deeper meaning: In having to feel that which is trying to be a part of me, but not able to bring it into fruition, as long as I remain purposefully lost in the image of remaining separate from a natural connectedness, I come to know that there I can find a completion. Appearances are only appearances on this path. 

I never really stop feeling the presence of my father within. This doesn’t mean I discontinue the rebellion as it may appear, because I’m still feeling something inside that’s coming from somewhere else and that’s what’s important. 

That is a connection. That connection that one feels as a heart fullness, so I purposely go out on a limb where I have to find the deeper centeredness within the intertwining.

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