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Zodiac circle on star fieldWhen we observe the universe, or nature, we can see that everything happens according to timings. Could humans be any different? No. We have youth, then puberty, then middle age, then old age. We all move to specific timings that are not ours, but creation’s. And so it is with inner energies, where we are meant to understand and be responsible for their use, using just the right amount at the right time. Why? Because humans are meant to learn the ways of creation and to adopt them for their own unfolding life. In that way, we become in concert with the movement of everything. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, in my dream last night I’m with a group of people that were shipwrecked. And we were shipwrecked on, it feels almost like an island in winter. But we go up on the island and we discover these cabins, so we have shelter. The main problem is food.

There’s a little bit of pooling of food initially, probably some people have their own. But at one point I come out and I discovered we came across a box of apples. So some people grab apples and start eating them. And I make them put them back in this bin or something, a box that we have, so we can count the apples and I want someone else to count the people so we know how to divide them up.

And I can’t figure out how many people we have yet, I’m looking at having somebody gather them up so we can get a head count. Well while I’m doing that and while I’m looking away, some people eat some apples. And I’m really upset with them because they should be shared among the whole, or some of us need to not eat. You know, it’s like I’m just really upset with them.

Well then it goes on another day or so. This time we discover some dried meat and some onions even. So now I’m happy because I feel like we can make a stew and then we’ll have a broth and that will be good for everyone. Of course I have my eye on people who ate the apples before, so now I have to know who I can trust with the food, which is okay, I mean it’s just how it is.

I’m busy with figuring out that all of this needs to be saved for the next day so that we can have this big stew for everybody and that we’ll have at least that for now.

And then’s there’s just a slight shift and it feels like a little girl that’s among our group has gone down to an abandoned building that used to be a store in town, and I suddenly discover there’s other people on this island, or who were shipwrecked, too. I don’t know how they got there.

And they seem to be more old-fashioned and go back in time. And she discovers in a freezer down at this house, wrapped in a packet almost like it was being frozen, was a gun. And she’s actually able to unwrap the packet, and it doesn’t seem to have any ammunition. And maybe one of the adults takes it at that point. but I think that was when I woke up.

John: The theme of the dreaming, or part of the theme of the dreaming, was this idea of what one can and can’t do, in relationship to where things are at, and how things are at now. And it’s kind of like the conditions are such that you’re shipwrecked, or in this place, and you contemplate what it is that you need to be doing in this place.

An apple is a little bit symbolic of health – an apple a day – there are all kinds of little sayings about that. And meat is supposed to add something to one’s vitality. What one is looking at is the energetic, in terms of utilizing it now, or holding it and maintaining it for some other purpose in the future.

And so, if it’s used now, the it is undermining a type of trust and capacity that needs to be established to come through in its full potency. When you realize that you’re doing that, then you are more cautious. Because to be carrying on or to be doing too much now is actually unhealthy.

However, there’s a deeper understanding to all of that, because it’s easy to draw the conclusion that it’s talking about something mundane, but it’s not. It’s talking about a certain way of sustaining and maintaining energy for purposes of something yet to come.

And that which is readily available to you, and gets utilized in a readily available capacity, actually is not constructive to the whole. It takes something away from the whole. And so when you are then presented with something that has energy that is preserved, you’re careful with that energy so that it is only utilized when, and as, needed.

In other words is taken in with the respect and recognition, in terms of its vibrancy and potency, as needed. Sometime, but not right now.  

In the other part of the dream, this dream has no clear meaning, it just has potentiality of this or that. In other words, the gun is symbolizing something that’s needed, in your nature, that’s preserved, that’s been frozen, that’s been kept in abeyance.

It’s slightly different than the first dream which has to do with a type of food, or energy, or power and presence, potency, potentiality. In other words held, not dissipated, so that it can be used in its full potency, not dissipated. The first part it’s dissipated, the second part is the realization that it has to be held in its potency because it’s going to be needed for later.

It’s indicating something about how it too is leading to something that’s suspended in time, as a loaded gun, but it’s not meant to be used, or hasn’t been used, to effectuate something, to do something. And whatever it’s going to do, and whatever it can do, a gun stops things and obliterates things. It pulls the trigger on things.

And this is a gun that’s frozen. This is a gun that’s sitting there, and to one’s shock there it is, available to be used in some circumstance yet to come. Just like the first dream had you storing up the potency, I mean the jerky had the energy, the vibration of power within it. It was counterproductive to your well being for those apples to just be eaten. Apples meaning a state of health about things. And meat implying a certain degree of strength and potency of the energy.

So, an apple is subtler, and meat is denser. And so you could even say the subtler energy, it’s being suggested that you don’t just callously go about thinking that what’s at your disposal can readily be taken in. It’s all meaningful toward something, it has consequences in terms of what is to unfold. And on the denser level there’s a potency.

It’s from the misuse of the subtler energy that you knew the potency of the denser energy, because you’re in creation. And there’s something here important, and it’s a potency, and it’s preserved, and it has to be utilized in a way that it is carefully planned for the future.

And then the gun, even though it’s frozen has to do with the pulling of the trigger, of the action. In other words it’s like it’s the trigger, it’s the mechanism upon which something sits in abeyance.

Now the reason why I said it’s hard to understand the meaning of the gun is that a gun can imply both positive and negative. In this particular instance, putting in with the other part of the dream, it’s like the catalyst for taking and effectuating the timing, when the power, energy, latent in beef jerky, in meat, is to be released.

So the thing about the dreaming last night is the dreaming had a quality about it where it directed what was to be done, and what wasn’t to be done. Isn’t that interesting?

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