Going Back to Go Forward

letting go of the pastDreaming of an iPhone or talking to Siri may seem a standard image in today’s world, yet here we can see how the unconscious has taken a very normal image and used it to show something at a much deeper level. We all have stigmas from our past, yet to move forward in our lives we often need to become aware of where they are and how they are holding us back – from making a shift, or a change, or just opening up something that has been blocked. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My dream seems to have been influenced by having gone to take a class on the iPhone yesterday. And one of the things we did was I used Siri for the first time, where you speak into the iPhone and you have a feminine voice that speaks back to you.

So in my dream it’s as though a similar situation is occurring where I have something that’s somewhat at a distance to me, which has a feminine voice, that can do a lot of things. I actually think of it in this case though, as a bird. It’s a bird but it can do things like a computer does.

However, someone has kind of messed with this bird and it isn’t operating right. But they won’t take it back because it’s not operating right, even though they did something to make it go off. I have a feeling that if I give it time that it will correct itself.

So I’m just contemplating that I need to wait a while before I ask it to do anything where it might fix itself, or ask it to do other complex things, because it seem like essentially this is what I have now, but it’s not ready yet. I have to try to figure this out.

The the dream shifts and later I come back to the bird. When the dream shifts I seem to be again I’m kind of like in my twenties or something. I have moved into a kind of run-down apartment, the kind of place I lived when I was a student in New York. 

And I’ve gone over to visit a family and their son, who’s about my age, they’re kind of pushing to move out from home, also, although I’m not sure if they really want him to succeed in moving out on his own, because instead of moving him into my building, which might be kind of poor and run-down but is safe, they seem to have moved him in to a place where I know some of the people smoke crack and do other things like that. 

And they’re trying to help furnish it or whatever. I wonder if that isn’t the setup for failure in a way, but he seems to be going along with it. 

And then the dream shifts again and I’m back looking at Siri, as I’ll call her, the bird, and I feel like I can kind of tell from the energy around her now that maybe she can start operating now. I can kind of see a large energy around her and I’m thinking that if I start out with just simple commands that she’ll actually be doing something now that can not only do what I’ve asked, but that she’ll kind of self-repair if I just start out with little simple steps, one at a time, and build up.

John: The dream is indicating that you’ve actually reached a point where you’re on the verge, and are partly hearing what is important to open up inside of you – almost as a listening center, an understanding center, a clarity center, which naturally is meant to be part of you.

However, it’s not coming through as you know that it’s supposed to function and come through. And so you have to probe out. The problem is, and the problem has to do with a kind of karma or mannerism in the past, so you have to go back to where it was that you got stigmatized, as if you are still carrying remnants of that energetic vibration.

It’s still affecting the way that this is meant to be able to unfold. Because in one sense you were able to hear, and you have high hopes for it, but then this process doesn’t quite come through with the expectations. And then you have to try to understand why.

And so you shift backwards to look, and you recognize that there was a way that you conducted yourself in some fashion in the past that still has an effect or influence upon how you’re able to catch up with your energies now. 

So after looking at that, and apparently dealing with that, and resolving that, you then come back now to move forward. But you had to take a step back and contend with that before you were able to break through, in terms of this way of getting attuned to the point where you could actually hear and see what is meant or intended to be – in terms of what is to now shift and open up as a way of being.

It’s influenced of course by the outer image, in the symbolic sense, but for that outer image to work it was used as fodder, or prima materia, to find out that there are certain aspects of you that still muck up the transition, or the flow.

And you’re nearly through that, or you’re working on that. I mean you seem to have access to know how to go back and look at whatever it was that is in the way. Ordinarily you would have a tendency, based upon the stigmas of the past, to give up or not follow through.

But you seem to have gotten beyond that. You’ve gone back and given all of that a good going over, so that now when you shift back to the present, you’re able to now proceed again.

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