The Hidden Thread

swirls-2In this dream imagery, John has a knowing that he can’t quite hold onto. What was so clear to him in the dream is a struggle to describe in words. Yet that is where the importance of the symbolism of dreams lies: they hold a depth of information that can be brought out through contemplation. As he works through it, what becomes clear is that the path that seems most normal in external life is not the right path to choose for a spiritual endeavor. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So in my particular case, my first dream shows me the motif of something that is meant to awaken. The second dream shows me how all of it can get fouled up if you allow the stigma of your past to dominate. And when you get beyond that, then you can make a major breakthrough.

I took aspects of my first dream where I was struggling to bring it all through and could hear what was necessary to be heard, and could see what was necessary to be seen inside of myself, that could go through and into life, in spite of how life was, that was like a new formula and nothing could stop it.

But if I could just see it and hear it, and that was the dilemma, and so I was only able to describe bits and pieces of what that function is like, knowing that this whole thing is something that I am catching up with that is incredible. But then the limitations of my mannerism, in my particular case, it’s the need to still want to indulge. 

And I am basically shown that I get slimed or stigmatized if I do it. That otherwise everything is fine as it is, unfolding just as it needs to unfold. So like yesterday, this is another dream that is telling me not to do something.

The first dream is indicating that pent up, building up, wanting to break free is a sight and an understanding that works in its own unique magical way, but can’t reveal itself in terms of how it unwinds and becomes visible as a sound and a sight in creation, as the way the inner comes in to all of this.

It can’t do this, it can’t make this happen, if one continues to get around, or be affected, or influenced by that which hurts the heart, or stigmatizes, or slimes, or does anything to take out a certain aspect of this quality which is meant to be joyful.

So the first thing I note when I wake up is that there’s a breakthrough use of energy that undulates through the life that I am meant to understand. And so there is the obviousness of a person walking into a building where she lives. This seems so normal that this is a flow to go with. As far as consciousness goes, however, this is seen as being too obvious, and is also an energy not to follow. 

Instead I am directed to a hidden thread, that no one is paying attention to, that is there as well. This is seen as being like going to a food court instead, and appreciating what is there. In other words, something just in the very simple, not making it complicated. It is as if the energetic is more practical and is, therefore, more tangible. 

The energetic difference I’m trying to denote is to an insight of how the inner is currently flowing into life. The pattern has a rhythm about it that I am trying to recognize through various images. I am also told how this works in a point blank way. I’m seeing the symbolism, in other words, of it, and I’m struggling because I’m also told in a point blank way inside myself.

In other words, it’s like being in a lecture hall, I’m told something that’s just mind-boggling in terms of how the sight and the hearing and all of that is there in the outer, but I can’t come right out and repeat that or articulate that.

I can hear it, I know that it is true, I know that it’s something that can be seen and heard, but I can’t open my eyes and bring it back, and so I’m flooded with images to symbolically try to hold on to it. I’m not doing that very well at all, either.

I have to somehow thread this in-between because I can’t pull either of them out directly. So yes I have been told in a point blank way, but I can’t seem to retain the distinction. Because it is like this, I require references to the symbolic imagery to reflect upon.

What I can say indirectly about this unfoldment is that it is not conforming to conventional thinking. Conventionality is a prescription for disaster. The flow sidesteps the obvious and goes into another pattern that very few are noticing. I have a ticket to how this works in terms of having it portrayed for me as follows.

If there is an older grandfather or grandmother quality behind this energy, that is where my attention needs to be. That is where the unfoldment is happening. It is the one place that is least expected. In other words nobody pays any attention to that, they’re all looking at the current nuance of things and don’t realize there’s something deeper behind it all.

It is a journey that happens a split-second slower than the pace everyone else notices. In other words everyone else is always going too fast and therefore they don’t know how to stop and smell the roses, or however the statement goes.

What others react to is like a collective flow that is more reactive than conscious. And then I get it, we’re talking about how the kundalini energy, which is part of how things awaken, is jumping around. That’s that whole agitation and stuff that I even feel inside.

I’m still having to sort thing kind of thing out because I’m feeling it pent-up. And the kundalini energy, to the established norm, is like an afterwards recognition – assuming you can catch up with it that way, you never can.

You have to let go of the established norm, and then it kind of becomes the flow, and it becomes the hearing and the seeing – or leads to all of that as it builds in its magnitude of the inner. The first impulse is a blowing off of excess energy, that’s the impulse that one has in the outer.

And we do this all the time. You go along and all of a sudden you feel like you have a little energy and you’re felling pretty good today, and so then you go off and you indulge. And you never then keep it in a way that can be used more potently. 

And the delayed response of composure is holding on to the essence therein. If you can hold it, it’s there. In other words this is actually a magical energy; a little extra something to break through a consciousness.

Another way of saying that is I am able to hold on to what is to be, based upon how I feel within, and sort it out as the inner impulse grapples with the way I can feel ominously, in my bones, how life is to be energetically impacted. I am meant to correlate my actions according to that. In other words, not take the vibration and try to use the vibration in the outer, but to take my actions and sit with them, and somehow or another there is a natural knowing center that opens up that is different from any other kind of natural flow that people would naturally be inclined to think. 

You have a sense that goes with it, rather than a reaching. So I am not able to portray, and as a result not able to thread through how this is intended to work as an inner flow that I am shown to make life easier upon myself.

If I am able to recognize this pattern, I can see myself, and that will save a lot of wasted effort. A hint towards being able to follow that which I am not able to open my eyes to see, which is directly articulated but I can’t hear yet, is to retain the potency of the kundalini energy so the loudness therein, that builds and pents up, reaches a crescendo.

That is a build up that is experienced within as foreboding, ominousness, and latency that is not readily tangible in the outer. I know I am clawing at the edges to describe that which is so apparent and simple when seen and heard from within.

I guess I will have to stay tuned for the rest to come through in its own due time, to catch up with a cadence and fluidity that was apparent on some level inside of myself, even though I could not pull it completely through.

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