Tuned to the Heart

-heart-chakraWhat is natural for a human being? It may seem that anything we do is a “human” act – but that’s not true.  As Jeane’s dream shows, if we listen to the heart we know when something is right or wrong, and if we are in connection with things, or separate. It’s not a territory that the brain handles. We need to feel it, and then we know. And when we resonate with the planet, and universe, and other humans, we can feel that vibration in our hearts – and that is a human act. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In this first dream I’m a tall young woman and I’ve gone to this house, and the house is kind of a training camp for a football team. And the football team has decided to allow a certain number of women to be on the team, so I’m one of them.

And I have a male cousin who kind of objects to this; he just feels like women don’t belong there. I’m also aware that I’m not sure how they’ll use us on the team. But I’ve gone to the house and we must be going through a certain number of tests because another woman walks me into a room and has me stand up against something so she can measure me.

And then she has me hit a… I don’t know what you call them, like when you’re boxing you have that hanging ball you hit? She has me hit that a certain number of times, so I do. And I feel like  my family has come to visit because they’re curious about how all of this is going to work out.

And I’m kind of curious about how it’s going to work out, too, and I’m aware of my male cousin’s disapproval, but I’m kind of going upstairs and walking outside. 

Then there’s a slight shift where I leave the house and I seem to go over a little bit of water, and I go to an island, and it feels like there are Native Americans on the island, but I just don’t remember what happens in the dream after that.

John: The theme of the dreaming is that it has to do with the person finding the right flow. You would call it “placement,” in your dream. Flow, placement, I guess they’re the same thing, in terms of what is appropriate or meant to be.

In other words, how to look, and see, and recognize and feel when something is out of flow, or out of balance, or is worn out, or has run it’s course.

And in your dream, instead of having to feel the specific aspects or vibrations of a scenario, you’re just presented something that, in terms of basic overallness, and how you absorb or takes things in overall. But you should be able to tell when something is out of place, that doesn’t belong, or doesn’t fit. 

So the reason for dreaming this, in this sort of way, is so that you can distinguish, so that you can sort out that which is appropriate or meant to be, from that which isn’t. And you don’t finish that shifted part, but that’s what you’re doing, is you’re going from a set of conditions in which you’re trying to pull together something that is going to have all kinds of difficulties in trying to make it work because it’s not natural.

And then you shift, to where you go across to the island where there are Native Americans and all of that, which means you’re going back to the echo inside of yourself that you have a clear understanding of, and therein you’re going to find what is of value.

And you did this, dream wise, opposite of what I did. In other words, I had kind of a dream that showed that there’s a semblance of sanity to things, in terms of how they can make sense, in terms of one being able to find the thread in relationship to a scenario that is important and is meaningful – that can emerge like a phoenix from the ashes of things.

I had that as my meditation dream. You, as your initial dream, you had the state which was a lot like the three images I had afterwards, where something is washed up but doesn’t quite know that it’s washed up. In other words, you can’t be trying to do that which you’re not natural for.

So you did this in reverse, then you shifted from that back to something that had the cadence and naturalness to it. In other words there’s a quality that one has to be able to denote, in terms of what is right and not right.

And you denote this with the heart, not with the mind, in terms of how the heart embraces it, in terms of a type of sensation maybe is a word to use, that it just has this knowingness that knows the distinction as to whether something is workable or not.

So, the reason for dreaming like we dreamt last night is to sharpen the attunement to a heart that can tell the difference, even though, on an outward, mental level, you could get all carried away – just based upon some notionality or something.

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