An Evolved Part

spiritual-energyIn this dream scenario, Jeane finds herself at a wedding. While there, there is an effort to get something to spin. This imagery speaks of the speeding-up required to awaken certain aspects of our inner lives. If we consider that the spiritual aspects of life are at a higher vibration than everyday life, it makes sense that connecting to higher things requires us to elevate our vibration to be able to experience these higher planes. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the first dream it’s like I’m watching a wedding that’s kind of a formal wedding. It’s a black couple, and the men are all wearing suits and the bride’s wearing white, and all the bridesmaids have these coordinated pink dresses and they’re taking photographs.

And then it feels like they come down over to where there’s something that looks like a very large, old 78 record on the floor, and it has spots on it, like little shimmery spots, like probably about three inches, circular spots and they’re colored. They have some kind of design on them.

And it’s like if you can kind of catch one of these spots and put your hand on it, and press it into the record, it causes things to spin. And as these spots show up on this disc on the floor, if you press down on it, it causes a spinning, which then causes some kind of a result in the outer group.

So they’re doing this to produce a certain result. I don’t remember what the result is they wanted, so they’re trying to get this result and maybe it’s not quite happening yet. Because then you come along to press down one of the spots – it’s almost like you think you can get the result faster. 

It feels like I’m a little annoyed with you at that, it’s like, you know, they were working on it

John: So they’re working on it, but there’s no sense that there’s a breakthrough or anything. It’s a process. What you’re describing is that there is a light or something?

Jeane: It’s a light that’s on the disc on the floor. It moves, but if you press it down like that then it causes a result somewhere else.

John: But you’re kind of at a wedding, which is bright, and where something is sparking through – right?

Jeane: Well I’m just looking at the wedding and how it’s all coordinated with the colors.

John: With the colors, okay. And so in order to get it to come through you have to speed something up so that it matches. And so you press on this, on the spots, to try to get it to speed up, to try to draw all of this together. So that it all comes together.

Because there’s something missing about the wedding and, in order for the wedding to be complete and to be more meaningful, it’s one thing for a person to put themselves in the state of that kind of an energy, it’s another thing for it to be something that is powerful enough to penetrate and effect the scenario as well, in a long lasting way.

And so you’re attempting to bring that about, because the setting is ripe. Now it’s just a matter of speeding something up so that what is able to be noticed and assimilated can happen. So you’re pressing on this to try to get things speeded up.

And no matter how hard you try, you’re unable to quite effectuate what you know, or have a sense, is possible. So it’s like you’re probing out inside of yourself to find an evolved part of yourself that is able to take a situational dynamic and cause it to become more conscious, or more aware, or to awaken.

And you’re working with a setting that is already kind of accepting, or is at a certain vibratory state that is receptive – the wedding scenario. People are kind of in a receptive, accepting mood in something like that as an environment.

So you’re working with that. Your guard or defense mechanisms are let down a bit and are taking the opportunity to try to speed or spin things up so that the consequences can be effectuated into the scenario. In other words, with a greater speed or greater sense of knowingness about something.

And, even though you’re compelled to do this, you’re not quite able to pull it off. What’s interesting is that’s a masculine expression. And through the wedding and whatnot scenario is kind of a feminine image. And you’re evoking a change to where that doesn’t just stay as a closeness but then is spurred to evolve or take another step, in terms of awakening.

It’s an interesting image. I don’t know where you got this masculine energy to do that. You don’t quite pull it off, though, either. But you’re on the right idea. You’re accepting the “mission impossible” or something. It’s like a mission impossible, but as with Mission Impossible the movie, it’s not really mission impossible.

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