Spiritual Mountain

The_Spiritual_Path_Up_The_MountainFollowing his dreams from yesterday (see Meditation and Dreams), John carries the image of the masses being at the base of a mountain pleading to the top, or spiritual aspects, for change. This imagery reflects both the need in the outer for the collective to awaken to their higher connections, yet it also portrays the idea of how higher energy, or inner light, is processed through a person into life, into manifestation. That is the higher service to creation that humans are designed to provide. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So in the next dream, by making this a 40% and 20% it’s not quite right, and so the next dream corrects that and says that I see the shift being portrayed as a sort of crescendo effect.

The image is that of forces arrive by whatever means are possible, to the base of a spiritual mountain, to plead their case. In other words you see an image where somehow some part of me on an innerness is up on this mountain. 

And then way down on the valley floor, the masses have gathered, and they are carrying on in their commotion way, pleading at the mountain or something, pleading for some sort of change. And yet you could say, okay, on the mountain is one thing, down below is another thing – there’s like a gap.

Yet high up in the mountain, which is a point beyond where they are able to reach because they’re in manifestation, I am shaken from my quiet state and able to hear the calling. This is a chemistry that effectuates change. 

To bring the other dreams imagery into the matter, high up on the mountain are the 20% that dreams the dream. The masses who press from the ground floor at the base of the spiritual mountain are the 30% whose voices collectively effectuate the shift into manifestation.

The image is a bit over-the-top because what it isn’t able to portray and can cause a sense of higher misconception, is that in the shift the inner and outer are one. And so I found myself needing to discuss this. The dreams are portraying that there are chaotic, misaligned conditions in the outer, which are creating a mayhem in terms of absorbing what is needed to bring a change shift portrayal into life.

I feel the change shift in my body even though I do not know how this is going to translate into an outer effect. I am feeling a lot of external vibratory forces contending back and forth. To sort this out I am in my meditation reaching to an inner clarity and deeper meaning to this outer mayhem.

What I catch up with inside is a conduit to a shift latent in the inner vibration. I close this gap between inner and outer through the dream world, which brings that intangible energy, right down vibrationally, into manifestation via the symbolic imagery that is understood.

This is a form of light into sound. By the same token that the world was formed by sound, the designed shift change is ushered in accordingly. And it is the dream world that bridges the gap between light and sound, inner and outer.

So if this were straightforward and no gap between that which is in the light, vibrationally speaking, and that which is in the sound, as manifestation, there wouldn’t be a tenuousness. I’m thrown around vibrationally between light and sound, seeking to reunite the difference little by little, with my dreams that cut through the separation.

Light emanates from the essence, and brings with it new information, which hits the plane of manifestation as an energetic that causes a shift. When the dream image is brought through, into manifestation, the world of sound is touched. A shift happens when the need is awakened as a human being comes into alignment with the light into sound, which are like commands upon manifestation.

All of this to see what is to manifest next from the nothing but nothingness and the essence that is an eternal stillness. So we’re backing up to the principle of how sound creates manifestation. And yet light is the precursor to the sound that comes from the beyond of the beyond. But it is the sound that takes something right down and makes it manifestation.

It goes all the way back to one of my very first dreams, in which I probably was introduced to this principle to such a degree but didn’t quite, or understood it, who knows how I really understood it at the time.

All I know is that I immediately wanted to see how this worked and I went to the Bible and looked up the Battle of Jericho and how the sound caused the walls to come tumbling down, because it was such a strange principle at the time it was presented to me way, way way back.

And of course at the same time as I was having that happen, I was also dreaming the scope of light, in other words from the ultra-violet which is harmful to the body, which kind of comes from higher chakra levels – the light creates too much of a disturbance in the body so it has to be filtered out.

To something that is too condensed or dense, which is infrared, which is like the x-rays of things, it can denote something more about the physicality of things, and it also has to be filtered out. And I found myself studying that, too.

And now of course this is taking it into another octave of putting it into action.

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