Taken Into the Heart

Heart08122012In this dream analysis, we can see how the individual elements play a role in understanding the whole of what the dream is trying to communicate. A cabin behind a main house establishes a separate space for the main character, and the little boy who Jeane is taking responsibility for points to a masculine energy that’s not fully evolved in her. The relationships show that some new space is being created, separate from what has been established in the past – represented by the grandmother energy. In this way, everything can tell us something about what is going on on an inner level. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my first dream, I’m living on my paternal grandmother’s property, it feels like, or at least staying there. And the way her house was built you would have a driveway that came up alongside the house and kind of circled around back and you would go in through a screened porch in the back. 

But instead of going in to the main house I seem to staying in a little cabin that’s on that little driveway in the back. My cousin from Canada is visiting and he has a little boy, and people seem to let the little boy run around kind of unsupervised, so I’ve taken the little boy and I’m letting him sleep in my cabin.

It feels like once I kind of know where he is and that he’s settled, then it’s almost like I can leave. And I go over to, I actually have a pickup, I go to get in the pickup it feels like my cousin comes over to give me a kiss because he’s glad I’m looking after the little boy.

At the same time I’m kind of a little concerned that everyone else never seems to watch after the little boy as much as they should. 

John: The theme of the dreaming, from my perspective, indicates that I was holding a position that was purposefully separate, and that holding that position was important in terms of a bigger picture that wasn’t visible in the immediate scenario, or the way that you would expect something to unfold.

And what you’re doing is, you too are holding a position, but it feels like a comfortable position that you’re holding, as opposed to the position I’m holding, which feels uncomfortable. And that by holding that position you’re able to appreciate or catch up with the little boy quality, so to speak, of yourself. 

Or a type of masculine that is still growing up or in its infancy. You’re able to come and be closer to that. So what is interesting is that, in my dream, there is the idea of being intertwined or merging with an aspect of something at a depth within my lineage. And that by not doing so, or appearing to not do so, because it’s not what the appearances appear to be either because I never really let go of something that I take note of, that this leads to a breakthrough that normally wouldn’t be apparent, which is outside of what you would expect.

In your particular case you have made it natural, or seem natural, that you’re able to live in a cabin, and from this cabin, as opposed to in the house, and that the cabin and the house are associated in that it is the grandmother’s cabin, but you’re not quite living in the house.

But by living in the cabin, you have established and found a space, or an independence, or a quality inside of yourself that can look after and take into the heart something of a nature that is to unfold or awaken in the future.

Where do you think the cousin is staying?

Jeane: I don’t know. It almost feels like we’re all visiting, but when we visit I stay there. 

John: It’s like that part can actually stay in the grandmother’s house, but you have established something more of a space, and in having established something more of a space you’ve also taken on a type of responsibility that ordinarily you wouldn’t reach. 

The cousin and whatnot is still under the care, or the guidance, and the surrender to the space and consciousness and presence of the grandmother. That just denotes that there’s a quality of a connection, I mean it’s still there somehow, but there’s a quality of a connection or a recognition.

The interesting thing, the sensation of the dream is almost a quality of wondrousness and quaintness. There’s something really sweet about this little cabin. It could be considered funky, it could be off to one side, it could have been considered something that is just there second hand or secondarily, but in the dream it doesn’t have that sense, it has the sense that it serves a very useful purpose – the fact that you’re able to be in that cabin.

You’re actually still an extension of that grandmother’s energy, but you are able to function and maintain something to probe out, to take something more into your own heart than those who are staying directly in the grandmother’s house, who are still in a state of more of an initial evolvement.

It just sits with you, this vibration of you being in that cabin as having a wondrousness to it. 

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