The Fullness of Time

time-spiritThroughout the same night as yesterday’s dream (see Taken Into the Heart), these two dreams continue the exploration and offer deeper insight into what is at play. As humans, we often expect change to be dramatic and complete, but universally things seldom happen that way. Things happen when they are ready, when things have combined just so. So it is with us and our development – we can only make the steps that we are ready and fit to take on. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Then I have a little image where I’m actually shopping. I’ve gone down into a store and they’re having sales on, so the clothes are kind of piled on tables and you have to go over to the table and maybe try something on. I seem to be looking for a pair of pants initially, like long pants, and I’m wearing a pair of long kind of beige pants.

The pants on sale all have kind of interesting patterns or colors associated with them. There’s another women there who points out a pair that maybe I want to try on, so I’ve taken my own pants and laid them on the corner of one of the tables and I try on the others. 

But it feels like, to my surprise, they’re too large. And I realize suddenly that I’m kind of in-between sizes, so that what I try on is probably not going to fit. So then I have to look around and make sure I haven’t misplaced my own pants and find them and put them on. 

Because I kind of realize I need to let go of finding another pair that day, even though it’s kind of tempting because they’re new and modern, because it’s almost like I’ve dropped a half a size or something. Things are just not going to fit right in the store right now.

John: That was true of what I saw too – things just aren’t quite in place yet. In other words, the first dream it still has the quality of the little boy who is still maturing.

And in the second dream, any shift or change, it’s not quite there. You’re in-between yet. You still have to hold back, you still have to wait. There is something yet, before you can step out, or before you can change or get new clothes or whatever, or adopt a new way of being, or another shift in terms of your way of being, it’s just not quite ripe and timely yet for that to happen. 

It’s an awkward state. It’s an awkward state. For me it is, anyway, because I don’t like being dormant.

Jeane: Then I’ve gone to a university to study. But as I’m studying there I realize maybe classes have suddenly shifted, and normally you have four classes and the university has only given me three, and I’m not even sure what the fourth is, or where it is.

I walk down the hallway and then I realize that actually I already have a Masters degree, and at the university right now, yes, I’m getting a second Masters degree. But the university itself, because it just likes to collect tuition from students, would let you study forever, but it doesn’t really know exactly what you need at this point when you already have the degree.

And so there’s not that much point in continuing to go there right now. I feel I kind of need to let go of that. And so I am walking off campus, and as I walk past a student union place I realize that this is the place that on certain evenings a friend of mine who’s from another country used to like to come and go – even after he’d graduated a long time, because the foreign students would gather there and dance, and that was fun.

But I seem to be walking away from that, too. And then, because I’ve walked away from there I’ve shifted a little bit, and it’s almost as if I’m in more of an outer space area. And there are two pickup trucks there like there were in the first dream.

And I have the sense the little boy is there, and I have the sense that I’ve kind of lowered the little boy almost into a kind of space in the ground, almost like if you lowered someone into a space that was beneath a manhole.

And that everybody would think of this, because I can see his father’s there too, the initial thing is that people would think of this as something that’s suddenly is very tight and contained, but I feel like what’s happened is that I’ve lowered him in there, that this is a space where something merges and actually expands out.

So I almost feel like I’m in outer space now. And I’m in outer space with these two pickups, one of which is yellow, it’s a very old-fashioned pickup but it’s yellow, and it feels like it has its shadow pickup next to it that’s kind of a midnight blue.

And I feel like the space the little boy is in is actually quite expansive. It’s just like people wouldn’t guess that to begin with.

John: So this part is letting you know that you are complete in and of your self, you know you already have a Masters degree. Of course we get ourselves into trouble because we keep wanting more to happen, or for things to keep flowing in a way that keeps us, and our synapses, and our energetics engaged.

However, everything and anything that continues along that line is meaningless, because how you are, and what is meant and able to open up for you, is something that you will come to know in the fullness of time. 

And that is revealed by the fact that you suddenly see that the little boy that was better staying with you, was more connected as an aspect of you that has been sitting in a kind of dormancy, the time wasn’t ready for it to come into its own, that you are the little boy and the little boy is you.

And just like in the first dream where you don’t quite notice that about yourself, and you are kind of asleep to that fact and are just off to one side nurturing that aspect of development, in its quality of independence almost, even though it’s intertwined.

In the final dream, you come to know that by holding the space that you’re meant to hold, in which you’re not required to have to do anything even though you’re nature is inclined to think that you have to develop further credentials or something, to keep trying to advance or progress yourself, that just by holding that space you come to recognize that what is designed to eventually cycle around that, that being again parts of you, is going to be very expansive and very magnificent.

And that it’s designed and destined to all occur in the fullness of time. 

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