Part of the Experience

thebridgebrothersIn this image, John, reaches an awareness that is fundamental to human purpose and, therefore, fundamental to a spiritual journey. That awareness is that we are not meant to be casual observers of the world around us – we are meant to experience it – but in a special way. We are designed to help manifestation improve and evolve. We do that by letting go of what is not so good and improving what is good. But we do it energetically, not just physically. We do it by bringing higher energy into the coarseness of the physical, and helping it to elevate, through our intention. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: My initial meditation dream was kind of hard to write up because it was like a repeat pattern, to which I then had to take it into other phases again.

The image I see in the dream has me looking at a world where there is just an assortment of chaotic conditions, which affect things in manifestation. In other words they affect it in a chaotic way, there’s no order to it. There’s nothing that’s clear-cut, it’s just like a kind of a type of turmoil almost, gotten in breakdown conditions. 

And so I am trying to sort through the energetics, as if I can reason out the energetic impact and reach a conclusion, by sorting through it, in which I balance things out. I seem to support the idea, or alternative, in all of that, in other words an aspect of that as if there’s a part of it that has its priority in terms of taking place.

And if I go along with that priority of what has to take place, I’m on a path then to be able to make sense of a whole lot of things. But if I don’t accept the basic theme, then I’m apt to get lost in the fact that this is affecting creation, and not realize that it does have an intended purpose to be doing that.

The significance is that I am seeking to experience what the energetic effects are in order to probe for resolutions. In the past I simply accepted the conditions around me, but now I am more balanced and better able to make reasoned decisions. So I don’t just ignore the conditions, I let the chaotic affairs around me prevail, or at least be part of what I experience. 

Normally I couldn’t do that. So that aspect of letting something be like that, actually I come to learn through this next dream, is part of a consciousness or aliveness – a connection to the creator. I have never thought of it that way.

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