Greater Purity

purelightSpiritual development is often described as illumination. Yet it is all an aspect of energy. When we connect to higher things, we connect to a purer energy than when we are in the coarser realms of everyday issues, or worse, feeling anger or being critical. And energy is a type of food for us. So what food are we processing through us? Coarse energetic food, or refined, clear, bright energetic food? It’s an important contemplation because that food affects the world around us, and our very cellular structure as well – and thus our well being. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the first part of the dream, it’s like someone like Steve Wynn or somebody at one of the casinos has a runway show that’s going on. And as people walk down the runway, at first things are going fine, but then it feels like some of the girls speak, and they speak in sentences that are written in dark ink. You know, you can see the words.

And as they do that, it causes something to start to unravel, like they get sick, and they can’t keep their walk, and they start getting quite sick. And that’s really upsetting because Wynn doesn’t like anything that doesn’t go real smoothly.

Well then as they try to get it started, they get the girls to be, if they talk they talk in sentences that are written in blonde ink. But whatever happened with what was falling apart with the dark ink it seems to have contaminated even that now, so they can’t get it together.

And it feels like I’m brought in to kind of do an autopsy, or an evaluation or forensic study of why this happened. I just can’t remember the rest of the dream or go back to it.

John: What you’re looking at is a principle that we’ve been talking about, which has to do with being able to speak and talk something into existence. And actually, how you talk and how you think, you’re always creating. It just may not be as noticeable as it typically is. 

And so you actually create through sound. And sound is like a vibration that you feel inside of you, which you can function with connectively through the heart, and you’re closest to that aspect of the light, and its conversion into sound, in your dream world, in your sleep.

In your outer world you’re usually too connected to the senses and to the mind, so that what you do tends to have a very limited effect. It’s not as transcendent in terms of taking into account the big picture of things.

In your sleep, when you catch up to the light that you don’t see with the naked eye, and you don’t perceive in the outer, and have the ability to work with that in terms of embodying it to such and such a degree that you can carry that down into matter, in that state, what you’re able to feel and experience and transmute, it’s like a light.

In other words you’re working with chakras of light, and the red is the densest and it’s generally the state in which you’re most caught up in things, and so if you are in a negative bent you create dark, negative things – especially if you have any presence or power in your nature.

Usually it’s really really dumbed-down and really slowed down and you don’t typically notice it. And you don’t really recognize that your actions, your conduct, and your mannerism is supporting something in the outer that’s in the negative – it being your neurosis or your condition or whatever.

And then when you’re in the inner where you drop the senses and your mind activity and such, and you’re embodying or closer to the soul and its quality that is more light, and yet at the same time you have the physical body, then what you dream comes through with more of a purity. And comes across and creates and causes something to happen in life that is without the contamination of your mind/senses.

See the first thing to understand in a dream like this, is how is it that something is created? What creates? Well, when you’re in your mind/senses exclusively, and your just functioning with your thoughts, the effect that you have is pretty dense.

So over the course of a lifetime you can look and see that how you thought and how you conducted yourself does shape what you become and how you are. And how you’re able to relate is pretty well dulled out by the collective of everything else because you don’t really have any real sense of presence and power.

But after you connect to the inner qualities of yourself, to the soul quality of yourself, and like a part of you is on the other side more all the time, in terms of this spatiality that is more than just the mind/senses but has a linkage to something of your higher self that carries a certain knowingness and mannerism about it, then you’re more in the natural dream state of your being.

In other words you’re not the human being that has the personal motif and whatnot that causes things to get blotted or blurred out. When you’re like that, then how you function and how you act causes something to change. And it changes more purely as opposed to more densely with ugly characteristics that have to do with the neurosis of your personal motif and such.

What’s interesting is you recognize and you define this in relationship to color. In other words, a quality of the light.

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