An Impossible Condition

44-3_Our dreams can offer answers to our questions, as shown in John’s dream. Frustration with the way things are can trigger images that give us a view as seen from our higher self – a view that is often surprising, yet has a certain pure logic to it. In this scenario, the concept of being a change agent in a world gone mad is looked at. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The alarm caused me to drill down, and pinpoint what it was that I was noodling with when I woke up, or otherwise I might have stayed in this malaise because I was at a level inside myself that I had to shift. I had to do a shift inside of myself in order to understand something. 

I was raising questions inside myself in terms of how to cause something to move forward, or to get it. And, as circumstances would have it, I am bombarded in multiple ways on the same imbalances no matter how I look, in whatever direction I look, whether I look at the economics in life, whether I look at how things can change to fix the ecology that is breaking down, and the planet that is falling apart.

I can’t even pick up the paper without coming up with new things that are going awry. The economic world and the order in the world is off. The way Congress works Congress no longer follows the law, or the courts no longer follow the law anymore. They follow what gets things by – in their opinion. 

In other words, they’re acting as if everything is in a state of emergency, and therefore you’re left to your own scrambled imagination as opposed to holding on to any kind of system or structure. And, therefore, chaos tends to reign. And as a consequence everyone, if they really got down to it and started feeling in their own bones how things are, they would realize that everything has gone parabolic.

How long does it take when something gets to the point where it is breaking down in every direction that you look – how long does it take before it swamps things? In other words, the one drop of water dropped into a stadium, one drop at a time, doubling every minute floods the stadium in 50 minutes – and yet after 45 minutes it’s still 97 ½% empty of water. 

In the last five minutes it swamps the whole thing. It’s the condition that we seem to be in in almost every aspect that you look at, and the consequences of this kind of pressure or direness has caused common sense to be thrown out the window. So I seem to be dreaming about this, which was kind of a surprise to me because it’s a strange subject to dream about. 

In the dream, the way that I am functioning, in a system that has an established order to it, is that I am quietly acquiring the consensus that I need to effectuate a switch when the timing is right. 

I do not oppose an established order on its terms, because the established order is set in its nature and is inseparable and incapable of making a change. The reason why it is like that now in life is because everything is so broken that man no longer is able to access his consciousness of the heart. 

When it gets like that there isn’t much that can be done unless a direct switch is made. The forces that be are so confident in their being lost, in other words, in the power that they hold and the position that they sit with that is awkward and confused, in other words they’re inflexible, they’ve gotten even more entrenched as things are broken down, that they do not see how a switch is possible and also they do not have a response that is pre-established to counter with. 

In other words, they sit in a delirium entrenched in their mannerisms, frozen and unwilling and unable to change, having shut off even their own mind or heart or everything – a state in which you’re completely and totally overwhelmed. 

They’ve turned off their capacity to know the difference between right and wrong. This is how things get in the end of times, when a person is overwhelmed, before a switch to something new is possible. 

The change is effectuated by back-dooring the issue in a way that is not expected. In fact, when you do that you might think that you create opposition, but you actually don’t because when something is like that it almost like doesn’t care what happens. Something is better than nothing at all and that something that it is maintaining is not breaking through.

And so under ordinary circumstances you would expect when something comes up that’s frictious or a change agent that it would be opposed, but not really. It is at that point where in the past, yes, maybe that would be the case, but now it just crumbles if a slight little shift is made.

But opposing it, directly opposing it in any fashion is futile because there is no heart or conscience during a time when confusion and bewilderment and the clutching at false hope is the order of the day.

In my dream, I raised the question of, how is it that I am able to accomplish what is important when the powers that be are inflexible? The response I received is that I have to treat it as an alive organism that is only able to respond when there is a shift in the presence. Right now we live at a point in time when the presence is dominated by the whims of the powers that be that act only in their own best self-interest. 

In other words, they don’t take into account the big picture. They are only able to step aside when the shift occurs, but until then they remain frozen, intransigent, and shut off from the heart and from the whole. 

The image along with the vibration that I looked at that brought the understanding of this being, how it works now, was seeing a body of influence losing the elective powers it had come to accept and acquiesce when a change occurred. Otherwise, it was business as usual. 

In the dream, I went out and quietly procured the vote I needed to create a shift. What surprised me is that as soon as I did this, and I did it very secretively because you don’t do anything to directly oppose these forces because then they fight in their intransigence, the forces that oppose me just simply fell away. It actually surprised me. I had expected them to struggle more or something. I hadn’t expected that to happen. 

What this proved to me is that they are hanging on, trying to carry on business as usual because they don’t have, or know, any other way. They just maintain what is and justify it and rationalize it. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t make any sense. 

So it is how it is with everything that has gone awry and you can see and recognize the depiction of something awry because if you were to graph it in terms of the way it’s unfolding, it would have a parabolic look to it, which portrays the impossible condition it finds itself in.

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