Getting Involved

This series of dreams brings up a fundamental truth in spiritual or religious work: that we, as a human life, must be involved and a contributor to the universal process. Belief is a starting point, yet it is only our actions and intentions – when they are aligned to cosmic principles, not man-made concepts – that make us a co-creator of the universe. And we are designed to be just that, ultimately. But, as they say, there is no free ride. Creation is always doing its part, but how often, or consistently, are we? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The first dream I didn’t pull out as well, but it seemed like it started out with there’s this like milky-colored type substance and it’s almost like I’m pulling something out of it by putting a word together. 

That’s about the most I can tell you. And it was very feminine in nature, whatever I was doing.

John: The pulling something out might have been feminine, in other words, something arising.

Jeane: It was horizontal.

John: Yeah, it’s horizontal. Vertical is not feminine, but then the pulling of something out is horizontal, which is feminine, but the something that caused something to be quickened so that you could pull something out, was masculine.

It’s important because this is a big conception that’s getting in the road. What’s getting in the road is that a person sits back and waits for something to happen, thinking that this is a process where you wait. The idea is that it takes a while to make a soul pregnant or something, and so you wait. And if you wait, you wait forever, because this is also a path of service and you have to be involved and the greater teacher is the outer. 

In other words, every teacher will say that, and so you have to put yourself into the equation of things in order for something to happen. It’s just like Carl Jung in his dream where he saw this yogi sitting under a banyan tree whose face was him, and then he realized that if this yogi woke up he would no longer be in existence, or be alive, or however you would put that. 

In other words, we live in a dreamer/dreamed state, and the inner quality that is quiet, that’s the yogi in the meditation is the dreamer. And all change and everything comes from within, and the dreamer dreams, and the dreamed plays it out. 

Now, if in the dream state you do not keep yourself in the equation of things, because you’re waiting for something to happen, then you are living in a state of conceptualization. You are expecting something to happen out of the blue. 

What happens out of the blue? Blue is a color that’s associated with conceptualization. In other words, it’s a higher-self color associated with conceptualization. When you reach a certain realization that there are parts of yourself that you don’t like, then you don’t know what to make out that – you’re in a state of bewilderment – so you wait for something to happen out of the blue.

But you have to put yourself into an activation, and then you realize what it is that is meant to be. It happens in that kind of chemistry. It’s alchemy. This is a form of alchemy

Jeane: So that dream proceeds to something I just vaguely remember, but the gist of it seemed to be that I was part of people that were being gathered together to serve in the military, and I’m trying to keep a secret.

So it’s like I’m trying to kind of almost hide in the midst of these other people in the military, thinking I won’t have the secret maybe because I’m feminine, or of how I’m dressed maybe they won’t search me and find whatever it is I’m trying to hide.

But that’s all I remember.

John: It’s similar to that other little minuet in that you have something inside that is the aliveness of your being, yet at the same time you’re required to get into the mix of things in life that is complicated, like military service or something.

And yet at the same time you have your attention placed upon, you have something that is secret, that is hidden. Now, you are thinking in the dream of course that it is hidden upon you, but not necessarily, could be hidden within you. 

And you don’t trust yourself with being able to be in the service, along with the secret, and yet that is what you’re required to be and required to do. In other words, that’s how things work. We have moved into alchemy. 

Jeane: Then I have a dream where I’m with you and another person, and we’ve climbed to the top of some kind of structure. By that I mean it’s almost like these steps have been carved in white marble or something like that, marble or something chalky even, and we’re way up at the top. When you look down it can almost make you dizzy. 

And there really aren’t many handrails or anything. And then you can climb down so far and then you get to steps that are easier to go down. Well, you guys have taken off ahead of me and you seem to have made it down. I’m hesitant, because I don’t care too much for heights.

And I notice that if I go on the other side of this little wall that, yeah, there are these tricky steps that go down partway, but then it looks like there’s a trolly or something down there that one can ride in and goes to a wall and through and on down. So I think maybe I’ll try that. 

You guys have already gone down the other side. So I get partway down and I get to where the trolly is but I see that it’s something that doesn’t really work – I can’t take it. So then I turn around to go back up. 

There are really no railings. It’s kind of hard to do and then when I do start to grab something that I could use to help myself get back up it pulls away from the wall. So it’s looking very precarious, but in spite of that I seem to kind of get back up the steps.

But now I kind of have to get it together to kind of have the courage to go down the steps you guys went down.

John: What I can’t tell for sure is if you actually were doing the right idea. 

In other words, something has to come all the way down, that is true, and you were reluctant to come all the way down, but at the same time your perception of what was coming all the way down is fairly linear. It was coming straight down the steps. It involved one boom, boom, boom. 

And what you were looking to do was a process that was more spread out, in other words, a capability of riding, taking a ride on something, being carried. Ahhh, actually you were finding out that it doesn’t work that way – and that is correct. 

You have to keep coming down, and you have to keep coming down, and you have to come down into life and there’s no such thing as being able to go off and think that something can carry you along, that as you come down you awaken to what you awaken to one step at a time.

And the other was a conceptual approach that had a bit to do with the idea that there was something that could just carry you along into it all. That’s a conceptualization I think that exists on this path, that everyone’s thinking there’s something that’s going to carry them along.

And like I indicated at the very first image you pointed out, it is a process and that process involves an involvement. It’s not something that you hang back and expect it to happen out of the blue, because that’s a taking and there is something rude about that. 

There has to be a corresponding balance. And when you take one step at a time you come to meet and grips with things that are meant for you to understand. And, yes, that can appear linear, but then it does open up going through the depths of yourself because the chemistry of coming down is a feminine nature that’s expansive in a way that you wouldn’t ordinarily anticipate.  

And it’s that kind of expanse that enables you to aspire to that which is being purported to have to come down so that the two can connect, alchemy again. 

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