No Longer Ignorant

universegrowsJeane’s dreams continue their theme from earlier in the night (see Getting Involved), adding further clarification to the idea that a spiritual path needs to have its expression in the outer world. What awakens on the inner is then meant to be brought through us as we live our lives, as a process of continually bringing the higher-self energetic aspects into the lower, physical world. It is a two-way street, in which we humans are the meeting point and conduit for what is higher to gain access here. Then the question becomes, once we know, what will we do about it? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The next dream it’s like I’m with a childhood friend, someone I knew in childhood. It’s like I’ve gone over to an apartment, or place where she’s staying, and she suddenly announces that we need to go to some concert or event at the park. 

Well, maybe we’d taken off our outer clothes when we were sitting around, so now we have to put them on again and they’re all in a jumble. And the keys are in one pocket, and I’m not sure where that is. It’s like we’re putting on sweat pants and stuff over what we were wearing or something, because we’re going out.

And so we have to spend a certain amount of time just sorting all of this out. There’s a guy there too, and he’s kind of rushing us along, and I’m not sure I’ve actually got the keys and everything I need. 

And then it feels like when she goes on a little bit ahead and I turn around, I can see at one point the lock to her apartment had been broken. It’s kind of an odd lock too, because it has little gold bars that go over and fit in the slots, like three or four of them, and yet part of it’s carved out around it so people can see that so it may look like they’re resting in the slots and the door is locked, but I know it’s not.

Actually if you go over and press it, it swings open. I don’t have her keys, but I’m trying to juggle it so that those will fit in such that the place is locked, but I can’t get it to really lock. I can only get it to look like it locks.

And then I have to go because we’re in a rush, and even when I catch up with her there’s a young woman who comes over to me, and she’s apparently a high school or college student, who has been assigned to me to work with me on a presentation of some facts about a project, a building project. 

We’re reporting on some building and people living there, I think after the weekend, and I didn’t even know I was going to have someone assigned to me and she’s coming to get the information. 

I don’t even have the information yet, and someone else is doing the same thing with my friend. I’m telling her that right now we’re going to the park, we’re late for this event that’s happening or at least we have to rush to be on time, and now she’s asking me about something on Monday, which is kind of a blindside to me that I’m going to have to make an appointment time to meet with her then because I don’t have the information yet.  

John: So, you’re summing up all of those minuets in this one dream. In other words, you’re realizing that in order to go somewhere you have to live in the outer. 

You can’t just strip yourself down to where there’s nothing but what you would perceive or conceptualize to be your essence, in other words with everything taken off, because then when you go out into the outer you’re going to then find, to your surprise, that you don’t really go into the outer in the outer way, either.

But that is a process by which you untangle things and figure out how the locks to the chemistry of how things work. You learn it that way, almost by, in one sense, doing that which you would rather not do. 

You know, you had to put the clothes back on and go back out into the outer. You would rather not do that, but by being engaged in some regard in the outer you come to find out, to realize, that the locks that exist that hold you back, you somehow or another learn how to open those locks up. You somehow learn how the key to finding out your way of awakening happens in this regard. 

And when you start to realize and start to play with this element of awakening, in other words not sitting dormant but actually now have done something that your conceptualization probably told you not to do, in terms of going back into the swing and things of life in the outer. When you do that, a kind of quickening or awakening starts to happen.

That is when you realize that something more is looking for your attention. And so now you’re looking at the two parts of yourself. You’re looking at the part of yourself where it makes sense that that something else is looking for your attention, you having messed with and figured out and dealt with the lock. 

While this other part of you is just throwing itself out into the outer, and didn’t step back and do that or understand the locks. And it still also has this sort of thing happening. So what you’re having to feel and sort out, or the Rubik Cube question you’re having to put to yourself is, what is there about you having probed the depths of something inside of yourself to unlock an understanding or recognition that is important in relationship to who you really are.

What is that element that’s trying to catch up or float around or sensate in your being? It sensates as a result of you probing a particular depth inside yourself, going into the lock, and it sensates as well when you are out in the outer. How do you put all of that together? 

In other words, what you’re showing here is a kind of quality process action dream, and the thing that’s different about the conceptualization of a dream like this is, or I should say what is different about what had been the prevailing conceptualization of what a dream should be doing, is that this dream is indicating that there comes a point in time when you can’t strip yourself anymore, and you have to put your clothes on and deal with the teacher of the outer.

And in doing so, then the locks, the veils of your nature, awaken because you have already shaken and jarred those to take place so that they are in the process. You are no longer functioning in ignorance. 

You’re functioning with a type of consciousness from a connection in some capacity, and that’s this other thing that is sitting there, haunting both you and this other part of you, as if it needs to get your attention. It gets your attention only in this particular process, you’re describing a process, only in this approach or process way. 

So you have set forth a number of specifics. Number one is you reached a point of having let go, or a type of nakedness, to where now something can be put on – or like the glass can be filled, so to speak is another imagery, once it has been properly emptied.

So then you put on those clothes, you go out into the outer, you have dealt with the locks, there’s still a part of yourself that may not have dealt with the veils, but still that outer part and then the part that has brought forth an inner, both of them somehow or another are shadowed or connected to something that is coming forth at the same time to get one’s attention.

And when all of that is carried as a matrix of wholeness is when the whole alchemical process of life comes into its fullness. 

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