A Fraction of What is Possible

yinyang-009This dream shows the importance of understanding relationships between the characters in our dreams. We are all the characters in our dreams, masculine and feminine, so how those characters interact, and what their ages are in relationship to us, and if they are family or further removed, all have a bearing on what’s being shown to us. Here Jeane sees that she can’t keep track of the father energy, which tells her that she is, as yet, unable to contain that energy. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In this last dream I’ve gone to visit – I don’t know if I’m living there – anyway, I’m in this old house. It’s a really big, old house type structure, on a certain floor of it, and you and I and I think it’s your aunt, maybe your aunt and uncle, and my dad are around.

We’re all going to go somewhere together and Dad has left first, and I go down to see, I think he’s taken off and I’m not sure if he knows where he’s going. Anyway, so I go back to tell the rest of you that we’re going to have to try to figure out where Dad has gone and catch up with him.

But as I’m going back in the building, I’m kind of walking along this wide hallway into it, and I’m realizing that the hallway is kind of scuffed up and marked up, and I realize that your aunt apparently has bought the building, and I can see that even though it’s scuffed up and it’s older, not in very good shape to the eye, it actually has marvelous bones. And I can see that once your aunt starts polishing and fixing up this house it’s really going to be an amazing residence. 

It has lots of space and breadth to it, and I’m thinking that, and then that was kind of I think when I woke up.

John: The dream is showing how all the various parts of yourself work. There’s the part that’s your father, and it’s the part that you need to learn or to understand better because he can disappear on you in some fashion. There’s some depth about him that you’re not able to quite fully appreciate. 

However, what you do appreciate is a type of feminine on a quality of the father’s side – indirectly. In other words, it’s my father’s side. A type of feminine that is awakened as a result of a type of masculine father energy, a feminine that can appreciate the magnificence of something more in the outer. 

What you’ve done is you’ve made this very complicated. In other words, you’re not directly getting it and appreciating it from your father. Your father still carries a wonder, and there is still a type of indulgence or something in terms of your amazement of who and what it is that he truly reflects. 

He can up and disappear and be a bit of a mystery somewhere else and, in that regard, he comes across in terms of your perspective as something that you don’t quite have a good container of yet, a full proper container of, even though he has a quality that should be closer to you as a part of yourself, than this other part of yourself, or at least so that seems. 

He is more of a reflection of something in a deeper level of the inner. And then there is the sister, or the feminine, an aspect of the feminine on a father’s side, or on the other side, an aspect that has come into life, that has come into manifestation, and to the degree to which you have caught up with that part what unfolds is truly spectacular and magnificent.

And so what this dream is doing is it’s showing, or trying to indicate, that the process that you’re on, you’re getting some of the process because the degree to which you have caught up with something in terms of an aspect of a manifestation unfoldment is truly spectacular. 

But it’s almost like whatever it is that you’re catching up with is somewhere outside of or beyond. In other words, it’s at another level more removed. It’s just a tiny fraction of what is possible, because the part that you’re more directly blood-line connected to open up and capture and realize as a greater essence of something that awakens, or quickens, or is meaningful for you in terms of your aliveness, above and below, comes actually from your father.

So you have awoken to one part of the masculine and its magnificence in a manifestation, but that’s just a pittance of what’s possible.

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