Forward Into Life

astro-man_It is a common idea in religious and spiritual paths that we merely have to choose to become a part of higher things and it becomes so. That is not the case. Everything has already been done for us humans: we have a body and faculties designed to respond to higher energies, and we live on a planet that provides all the abundance we should need. What remains is for us to do something – to choose something – and that is when we begin to give back for all we have been given and work in service to what created us. It’s not about what we want, it’s about what we can do. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I need to tell the last dream first because of something like your second and third dream – and even your first dream. The first three dreams depicted this process of having to contend with and deal with something that comes down into the outer. 

It’s your last dream that indicates that you’re barely scratching the surface yet, but still is magnificent but barely scratching the surface; there’s so much more. But your first three dreams basically were breaking you out of the amnesia of sitting around or waiting, and realizing that there is something that, on an alchemical level, is not possible if you don’t come down into life. And my last dream kind of suggests the same thing. 

In other words, there is this place that’s kind of like a soda fountain or something where people gather and root beer floats are being made available by this proprietor there. All of a sudden this person decides to stop doing this, and there are still a lot of people gathered around. So as he stops it’s as if he… whether he feels he’s running low on product or whatever the deal is, I don’t know. He just stops. 

But he does raise the question, after stopping, to the rest of us by asking, who would like a float? And just about everyone that’s there wants a float. They stick one finger up in the air, meaning I or something, and so the next thing you know is that we’re in this lineup in a corridor kind of in another place, and this other unattended place is like just kind of down almost like a dark corridor and then it opens up and it’s a room that hasn’t been attended for years.

And there’s a broken down freezer in it, maybe some root beer off to the right side or something, and so we’re lined up there and I’m waiting and waiting, and suddenly I realize that we’re going to run out of time if we just keep waiting for an attendant to come and serve us. 

I also feel that the person who had been at the root beer fountain wouldn’t have asked the question if this idea of us being able to get a root beer float, without him providing it directly, wasn’t possible. 

So something comes over me. I can’t just wait. It’s going to get dark, and we’re running out of time and we all have to do something or whatever, or getting old, or who knows what the reason is, so I decide to probe out and go out into this area. And no one else really follows me except for one other person who is kind of curious, what am I up to kind of thing? Because the concept is you stand in line and you wait

As I go into the area, I first of all start futtering around with what looks like a kind of refrigerator and I find out that it’s actually a freezer and in the top part is a bunch of ice cream that’s been in there for a long, long time. 

This other person has fumbled around and he’s found the root beer. And so the first little square container like you see how the ice creams always come in that little standard size in a little cardboard box, well the first one I pull out is plain vanilla ice cream. Well, that’s pretty old and may even be freezer damaged or something it’s been in there for so long. 

So for whatever particular reason vanilla doesn’t quite grab me, so I dig down underneath that and I pull out one of those little container boxes, and this one is peanut butter ice cream. And I look around there’s only one glass left, and so I take the glass. 

It’s not a big glass, it’s a small glass, but I guess I’m only entitled to a certain size portion. It’ll work. And I’m going to make myself a peanut butter ice cream float. And I say to this other person who is with me that he might have to rinse off some other glasses, not that I even saw some other glasses. I just assumed there must be some dirty ones lying around there yet because there was kind of a sink area too.

So, what’s the meaning of this? To receive that which is being offered, it is important to note the need and to take the necessary steps to facilitate the process. In the dream, to begin with, everyone acts as if they can settle back, after expressing their interest, and wait for something to happen. 

To act like that is to assume that someone else, separate from who we are, is going to be making it happen. To settle back and assume that this is how it works is presumptuous. Maybe not at the beginning because, as was indicated, in your case you have to make yourself empty to a certain degree. In other words, you’ve taken off your clothes

Now it’s ready for you to be able to come forward. And so once you’ve done that and now it’s time to take the next step, and you’re still settling back as if you still have more to scrape away from yourself, or extricate, now you’re being presumptuous. 

So in the dream, because one is presumptuous means then you’re running out of time because you have to have caught up with something so that you can be utilized in some capacity, or can function in a particular quality way, and that’s what it’s like to be of service. 

So the dream is indicating that the process is interactive. And of course that means it’s alchemical. By throwing myself into the scenario, instead of standing around conceptually, I come to find out that the particular root beer float that suits me is not from plain vanilla ice cream. I am connected to that which has a particular quality that I would have never discovered if I hadn’t stepped forward into life, or into the outer. 

This is how the process is designed to work. The outer is our greater teacher when the inner has been awakened. From the inner the appreciation comes when we realize that we can discover in the outer our greater essence. This will not happen if we wait around as if we are in an amnesia thinking something will unfold out of the blue. 

What I find interesting is that the color blue is associated with conceptualizations. It’s the clarity part, our idea of a clarity, which can be a conceptualization if it doesn’t take into account something even more. It was only when I stepped forward, in a state of wonder, that I went beyond this condition.

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