Where Life Is Most Real

SONY DSCFreedom of choice is a birthright for every human, whether we realize it or not. Many might say that it has been denied to them by the culture as it is, but that is an easy way to avoid the responsibility that freedom of choice requires. No one can change the way we view the world, or events, or change our intentions and beliefs – but us. If we are working for a higher purpose, then it is our internal choices that are of utmost importance. They will ultimately change the way we act and live. When it comes down to the energy we process, no one can take that choice away from us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So one has to jockey this loose. To begin with one got to get the download, so to speak, and so the download comes from the meditation dream. 

And in the meditation dream, I am in a setting in which all of the possible options, as far as choice goes, are available to me to try. It would have been easy to take the easy way out. In other words, because all is available there’s things I could do that would have been really simple, and then there are others that are more complicated but deeper, more in depth. 

And of course the easier ones are the ones that everyone wants, are those that fit with the collective imagination. The others can be askew from that, but that doesn’t mean they’re worse, they might be better. The key is to understand. Do you do what the collective would easily do, or do you do something different? 

So I see myself as settling for one of the least popular approaches, which doesn’t help my self image before others because I’m not doing what they would like one to do. I am not here to please, however. I am here to challenge myself by doing what is best for my overall character and nature. 

And so where the issue is tenuous is that it would be very easy to make the decision based upon avoiding a result that is going to be uncomfortable, miserable. In other words, if I take the easy way out I can avoid the immediate result that’s going to be uncomfortable and miserable. 

If I take the hard way out, it’s going to be uncomfortable and miserable straight away, and I’m going to have everybody in the collective around me thinking that I’ve gone mad, disagreeing because they want to keep things kind of lilting along. So I do not do that because that is a decision that merits and warrants something else. So I’m trying to make a decision that won’t merit or warrant something else. 

So in the dream, I sit at a kind of crossroad. Which do I do? Do I do what everyone wants me to do, or do I do this other? I choose to do that which is a decision that has a more meaningful consequence in the long run. 

However, in the near term, I am going to be experiencing a lot of reaction from what I did. And what makes matters even worse, I am not capable of knowing what’s going to take place because of the sight that I have is limited around me and therefore it is something that I only can sense that this other that is more complicated it makes more sense because the limited sight around me doesn’t make sense. 

I can see that that’s just postponing the problem. And so to explain this in a way that is acceptable to everyone else why it is that I made the decision I made is kind of impossible because they’re refusing to look at that tomorrowism kind of effect. They’re only looking at what it’s going to be like today if one keeps making the simple decisions. 

So this is the vibratory scenario that I find myself in in the outer, and the dream is causing me to take stock of that condition. I feel that because I know that everything is under a presence to fall even further apart, in other words under a pressure there is something that exists that is dominating the energetic, that I do not do the world any favor by dragging out the process and taking the easy way out. The effect would have delayed the inevitable by, so to speak, kicking the can down the road. That’s the scenario.

And the meaning is if this dream is taken literally in terms of describing what is about to take place in the outer, then I would have to conclude that things are about to come unglued straightaway. By that in the outer there could be a breakdown of the economic system that catches a lot of people by surprise and causes a bit of second guessing by nearly everyone who is drawn to trying to find the easy way out. 

Those drawn to this easy way out are only fooling themselves by thinking like this, and to go in this direction only makes the matter worse later on. In other words, this doesn’t solve anything.

And then as an epilogue of the dream, I am presented with the scenario that takes into account the atmosphere I am living in. The atmosphere that I am living in is a gentler atmosphere. It is a water-like environment. It’s like a softer atmosphere and you just kind of settle back and expect something to just change in its due course. 

The tendency in such an atmosphere is to forestall the inevitable, but this is not my nature. I would like to see things laid out there on the line, even though it is taken as the least popular choice. It is living and being where life is most real in as direct a way as possible.

Okay, so what we’ve done in the first two dreams is we have taken and pointed out a kind of condition that is shaken a bit. There is a certain shaking that is happening in the first two dreams, not the easy way out. There is something more and you have to get more direct in something, in terms of yourself, for it to happen. 

If you’re going to have to get more direct inside yourself for something to happen, I guess that could suggest having to come down into life differently in some fashion as your dreams were describing. But it also involves discovering something else out about yourself that you weren’t finding. 

In the first dream I was finding something that didn’t put a label of understanding upon what that was. When I came out of the line, quit just waiting as if something is going to just come to me, and went out and checked out of this area where if something’s promised it must be there. And sure enough, there was the ice cream, there was the root beer, there was a glass.

And yet then to my surprise I’m not just a plain vanilla ice cream, that I’m a peanut butter ice cream. That’s the kind of nature and character – the raw energy wild card of my nature. But there’s still something missing. Where did all of that come from?

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