A Magic World

evolution_amandasageIn these images, John is meeting a wizard, an alchemist, both of which are old symbols of the transformation of a human being from a physically-based life to a spiritually connected life. The spiritually connected life is the true intersection between man and God and creation. We are not born to this state, yet we are all born with this potential. It is through our consciousness and freedom of choice that we can reach a higher state. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: That’s the kind of nature and character – the raw energy wild card of my nature. But there’s still something missing. Where did all of that come from? And that’s what this dream talks about.

In this dream, it starts off where I’m interested in a class. The speaker is an alchemist from the old school. When I met him he even looked like a wizard, but that’s getting ahead of myself. 

First of all, I get detained by a person who is passing out probabilities. There are a number of criteria that get taken into account and then they get added up and summed up and then there is a general overall number or sum that is assigned as the general overall effect. 

Most numbers are fairly low, but when I step forward I see a 21. But I stand there for a second and it disappears, or someone else grabs it or whatever, so then from there I somehow or another it slowed me up, and I’m in a rush, and I arrive where this talk is to be held and I get there just barely on time. I look inside and no one is there. 

As I feel the elements of the magic world I am in, as if I am in an altered state, others start to show up; they’re gathering outside. So I look back inside the speaker room and there is the woman I had seen earlier who had been passing out these probabilities, and she’s a little shocked that I caught her like this, almost as if she was trying to distract me on purpose or something, who says that she is there to invite the wizard alchemist, when he shows up, to speak so that his presence doesn’t get lost because he has something to offer. 

She’s there to catch up with him and invite him and bring him across to a lecture that is happening at the same time. Suddenly I see this guy coming, because I have stepped back outside, and there he is coming and he’s going amongst some tables and whatnot that are outside now like maybe what people had sat around and he is coming to where this lecture hall or speaker hall is off by itself. 

So something very strange happens. Just the mere sight of him, it’s as if somehow some part of my over-body races over to where he is to make his acquaintance, but the physical part of me stands back. All I can make out of that is, it’s like there’s a connection, or an excitement, or a magnetism, or recognition that does that. 

And so I’m still there, meaning the physical part is still there by the door, when he comes, and I shake his hand as he’s walking through the door into the lecture room. As soon as he walks in I introduce myself. I also seem to be wearing a name tag with my name on it. 

As soon as he walks inside he turns around to me again, and he asks who I am. And I repeat my name, and he says, “No, I’m not looking for that. When I meet someone I know myself differentiates in terms of an impression that rises up from the third world.” 

What was that impression? In other words, who am I really – on the other side – is kind of what he’s saying, something like that. It is that way with everything. And then he goes on and he says, “A plant reveals this part of themselves as well, but it takes one minute and 38 seconds for a plant to register themselves. A human being can do it much faster.” 

So, in other words, he wants to know who I am. Well, I just don’t know how to respond. And as I ponder what he is asking, I realize that I am veiled in this area from experiencing this interconnectiveness. 

And then I look at myself more closely and realize that whenever I am confronted or before something that is different, or out of the blue, it creates some sort of pressure that exists on my outer senses, my first reaction is to shut down and then what rises as an inflection from that is a negative projection.

So the observation is that the narrow faced, somewhat stooped over guy when he tweaks me to reveal myself anew, his eyes sparkle brightly, there is an effect, a commonness between us. 

Also in the dream, I had to set down a sandwich, which I am never able to find again, to race off to hear the alchemist. Something I suddenly zeroed in on more deeply, when before the sandwich and whatnot kind of happened as an in between process when I was before the woman that was handing out these probability numbers, so that occurred in between. I didn’t get the probability numbers so I indulged on a sandwich, and then the sandwich gets set aside because the sandwich was again going to dull me down and slow me down because there was something in an alchemical way that needed to open. 

So upon seeing him, he looks at me as if I am someone familiar to him and wants me to reveal myself accordingly, or introduce myself accordingly.

The meaning is the dream is indicating that I have a connection within that is able to see the world from a sight and presence not readily apparent in the outer. I am able to do this from a part of myself that is linked to both above and below simultaneously. In other words, the third world is still in the physical in manifestation, and yet it’s in the inner, too, and is therefore able to experience the outer in a whole other way other than that of the outer’s appearances. 

This dream is indicating that what is waking up within is the inner/outer earth magic of the alchemist wizard. Such personages rarely make their presence or acquaintance visible. They have a magical spell-like way with them because they see life as it once was and not as it appears to be now. 

When I go back into the alchemy dream of newfound potentiality that awakens from within, I notice that the composite score of 21 got grabbed by someone else just before I could take it. And almost immediately after this instant, after there was the sandwich and whatnot of confusion, I found myself scrambling to be at the alchemist’s magic tool lecture. And of course that was what this woman said inside too, that she wanted him to bring his tool chest across for the lecture, in other words whatever it was that was magical about him.

The meaning is this image is like a veil where I am not directly perceiving and living an alchemical aliveness because it got cut off in an image that had an awkward dense effect upon me. It is still there, but dormant.

There’s no more time for that anymore. Everyone has got to put their clothes on and get into service now, get into who and whatever they are, so that the greater teacher aspect of what’s breaking down and coming down can all be revealed. 

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