An Up and Down Nature

6059526As we progress on our journey, we learn a certain degree of dexterity – as this dream illustrates. Humans experience time and, therefore, almost everything else, in a linear way – one thing after another. Yet the universe works as one thing, all together all the time. Part of what our journey entails is becoming more like It, in the sense that we learn Its ways and adapt them to our life. This is the ebb and flow of being part of something greater than ourselves. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My dreams last night were influenced by watching The X-Factor, so it’s as though I was watching the competition. I was identified with a man who was in the competition who was older. He was almost like the age of Michael Jackson’s father, but he seemed to have the ability to kind of divide a song in some way where it’s almost like it would keep dividing and shifting and becoming the song that it needed to be.

And then he would go out in the audience to sit and watch, at first he started to sit behind the children, but that felt wrong, so he moved in front of them and that worked better. But the age didn’t matter as long as he had something which divided and pulled something out of a song the right way. 

Then that changed later into an image of where it’s like I’m standing and I think I have a couple socks that are kind of, I usually fold them in on each other, so I have to unfold them to take the two apart. But when I do that, then I suddenly find that I have three or four other things that have stuck to the socks so I have more than I thought again, where something is just peeling off from the other – which is how I felt like the songs did.

John: What you’re doing is, is you’re incorporating an image of how things layer and fold together. So what you’re doing is you’re breaking a certain kind of linear way of looking at things. 

Normally like for example if you look at the younger kids and the older, you would have something like maybe of your younger self coming around to bring something new into your nature, and yet at the same time then you’d have your older self that’s there bringing something from an ancient past back into existence.

And so you have these undulations going on, but usually they appear in kind of a linear way whereby you’d be having in a dream maybe a younger person, and then you’d be looking at the younger quality trait of something trying to emerge with a freshness, or you’d have the grandfather or grandmother quality which should be something of wisdom in an ancient, dormant state that’s very advanced inside of yourself that is coming back into its own. 

Usually this sort of thing kind of is put together in kind of a linear way. You usually don’t have it going through layers and, in other words, having a certain degree of ebb and flow. You usually don’t have the degree of rolling flow that you’re depicting here, where you have one minute you’re behind the kids, the next minute you’re in front of the kids.

And then you repeat the image where it’s like socks, which is a way of wearing something. You wear socks, not the shoes but the socks themselves, and the socks are folded in a particular way that the way they’re folded they unravel or un-peel and there are other socks, more socks. It all kind of unravels or entwines to where there is more there. 

But it’s a way of experiencing inside with a use of your faculties. Usually your mind only works in one way because dreams have to work with the fact that we are in manifestation and we utilize tools in manifestations that are fairly linear – with our senses, and the way our mind works in terms of understanding things that are brought to us through our senses, in relationship to how we sort that out then mentally.

That’s a fairly linear approach. And yet as a composite human being, we have not just the out-breath where something is coming down and kept in a linear way. We also have something that is opening up and giving back, which is the in-breath. So we have both the up and the down. 

We have the process going one way and also the other way almost simultaneously. The breath is that quick. And yet the mental faculties tend to try to put things in just one way or the other. You create the fold, you create the undulation, you create the one minute in front and one minute behind, when you are more capable of taking and accessing the clarity and understanding and flow of yourself in both an up and a down fashion. In other words, you don’t just go clockwise. You can go counterclockwise. You can go in both directions. 

It is said that this is an important tool for hammering the heart into the mind, because the heart tends to approach things just one way and, in its linearity, it holds a particular trait or pattern to an extreme and lets go of it slowly. 

And if it is compelled to have to go both up and down with its nature, it can’t do that, and it chooses to go first either one direction or the other in terms of how it sorts things out. And if it’s required to go in both directions it tends to crisscross itself in some fashion and almost stop. It can stop itself. 

It’s kind of like the tradeoff of one’s sensations in which you experience introvertive and extrovertive at the same time. In that process you can both have the subjective side which can have a mood element, and you can have the objective side, which can have the optimism. And you can be confused about both and they can cross themselves off and you’re just left in a trance. You’re left in a bewilderment – and the same works with the mind. 

The mind can go either one way linearly, or the other way linearly, but if it’s required to go both ways in order to take in a greater aspect of what is actually going on as opposed to just filtering it in that one fashion only with the tools that are very dense, which only tend to look at things in a black-and-white way, it’s required to go both ways, then you get the undulation.

Thus you get the images of yourself progressed first in front of the kids, then behind the kids, and then when you’re dealing with the unfoldment you have things just kind of coming out of the layers of things. As opposed to that having a common sense formatted way, it has all this undulated quality to it. 

It’s an unusual way of dreaming that actually shows that you’re developing a certain greater degree of dexterity. It’d be something that I would expect the feminine capable of doing more so than the masculine, which tends to have to try to make sense out of things, that tends to stay kind of on a linear tangent more. 

A dreaming like this, you know, when you let go to it, gives you a sensation of more of an overall general peace. When you’re compelled to having to dream in more of a linear way, oh, it’s actually a horrible kind of pain you’re kind of subjecting yourself to because you’re still imprisoning yourself and you know it. You can feel the pinch on the heart, as opposed to a heart that can free flow and go and undulate everything, which is a way or quality, too, of being able to take in a greater whole.

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