A New World Order

2013-09-07-spritual-life-photoIn these dream images, John is confronted by the idea of reaching a point of no return. At that point, how do we make the leap into the unknown? Letting go of what we hold to be true about physical life is at the core of any spiritual pursuit, yet by definition we have to enter a realm we know nothing about. How can we develop the inner trust needed for such a leap of faith? Perhaps it is connected with the strength of our belief in what we are pursuing. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Well my dream’s kind of influenced by linear aspects of things in which I’m sensing things that are askew. And of course I’m looking at how the askew nature is reflected by mannerisms and traits and decisions that are made to try to straighten things out, to try to at least buy time or to drag it out.

As far as I can tell in terms of what’s going on is a breaking down in terms of all of these approaches that are being used to ultimately lead to some sort of greater catastrophe, because the approach doesn’t take into account the undulation or overall effect. It just takes into account something immediate, that’s very linear, that can be justified for the moment, but not in terms of the bigger picture.

And so that being like a scenario that disturbs me and keeps me off a little bit, I had to take a look at what this linearity does. What the linearity is trying to do is it’s trying to find an energetic that sits above an abyss, that doesn’t fall off into the abyss, so as you move towards something that can fall into a darkness, or a hole, or an emptiness, or an unknown space, as you move to the edge of that, the edge is actually, in terms of the two linear ways of looking at it, it’s actually more magnetized. 

In other words, because it’s more magnetized it’s almost as if it has a natural way that keeps things from falling over the edge. This is kind of like a conceptual belief that things can’t get beyond a particular point and then they’re going right themselves. 

And so it’s almost as if humanity believes that it can go right up to that edge, and that there is like an energetic barrier or magnetism that keeps something from going over the edge. It can go over the edge, but it’s because you know that there’s a magnetism that tries to keep things from coming completely unglued and falling apart that that’s going to engage at that particular point, and so you get so that you rely upon that, and you can trust in that and, in fact, you can use that and you can manipulate things accordingly in terms of this principle of things trying to stay intact and not go over into a point of complete delirium and unconsciousness. 

You can actually recognize that there’s this principle or order to things and try to trust that, you know try to play off of that. So that’s the pretense of the dream that I had initially. In other words, when you reach that point what that point is it’s a point that you know that is a final threshold in which you’ve come to a point where this is it. In other words, you can’t go beyond that point because then from a human being standpoint nothing then has an order to it, or a balance to it, that you’re familiar with. 

You can come up to that point. So it’s almost like a type of musical competition. And the reason why I say it’s musical is because in its linearity it almost has a sound quality in the way that it creates as you get to this point and then it holds and then you back away. You can kind of detect an ebb and flow almost like a rhythm to it, like music always has kind of a rhythm. 

So this is what I first saw as this whole thing, but I did not delve into what the abyss was like. Then I had this dream in which I’m with a few other people perhaps and I mention that I need to leave, and as I head out, as I go to wherever I think I need to go to, there’s this guy that follows me and he just wants to go with me. 

Now I suppose I may have thought he was gay or something like that, I don’t know I just blanked it out. Whatever I thought it was strange that this guy wants to go with me, is what I thought, but if he wants to go, no big deal because I know he’s not going to be able to keep up with me.

But his comment is that he wants to share a room with me. Well, he’s not going to be able to keep up with me so he tries to follow me and by and large, you know, whatever that quality is of him thinking he could follow me that’s fine, but I know he’s not going to be able to keep up because the route that I’m taking and whatnot I know where to place my steps. You know there’s treacherous parts of this journey that I’m taking and he hasn’t been on this journey. He doesn’t know the footing of this. 

I can’t imagine how he’s going to possibly be thinking that he’s going to be tailing or keeping up with me without tripping up in some fashion. And to my surprise, however, he somehow is able to follow me and I go all the way to a point where I’m at the edge of an embankment, and he’s somewhere close by and I’ve never had that happen before.

And so I figure, okay, I can take a step now that I know he’s not going to be able to follow, that’s my opinion, if I time this because I’m at this dock or whatever it is, a waterway, and there is a barge-like pile of lumber, and it’s floating by going out to sea. 

Now I know that if I jump on that, because I will barely be able to get a hold of that myself, but there’s no way I can see him being able to follow because I’ll just barely make it. So rather than do this, I just imagine that I’m going to do this. 

So I take and I visualize it as something that I could do, and then I realize that, boy, that’s going to be kind of awkward for quite some time because I’m going to be clinging to the side of this pile of lumber. I won’t be on it, I’ll be at the side, and then I notice that as it goes out to sea for some reason the waters get rougher out there, and it’ll be harder to hold on.

And then I see a most unusual thing happen. This whole pile of lumber suddenly gets grabbed and pulled down, you know lumber should float, and it gets pulled down under the water in the middle of the sea, and that’s like a type of unconsciousness. And I had playacted like I was going to do this, and this is what would’ve happened. 

And so what does this mean? Well, first of all there are two ways of understanding this dream. One is that I still do not believe that everything that I do is visible in some deeper aspect of myself. In other words, I somehow don’t believe that things can follow me. 

In other words, there’s the up and down quality. The thing that my dream did that your dream did is the part of myself that is heading out that’s faster that thinks it knows where to put its footsteps and whatnot is faster than this other part that’s following. I see myself as that part that’s heading out but now lets run it in reverse, the up and down and up and down. 

In other words, lets take the linearity out, and this time I am like the teacher and this part that’s following me is the other part of me that’s trying to keep up and it can’t keep up because there’s a part of me that’s faster. But all of a sudden let’s assume that it does keep up, and if it keeps up what will happen is the time will come when a threshold will be reached. And if a threshold is reached and there’s still something that haunts me at this time, if I jump from there to try and get free I will find myself first clinging to an untenable position which is destined to be plunged into an unconscious abyss. 

When this image is put together with the first dream image, this indicates that I am being taken to an edge where there is the energetic appearance of hope – as if this is a place of safety. From the second dream, what I experience when I jump upon the pile of lumber being floated out to sea is that this building material is a form of elusive consciousness, beyond my comprehension, because I am shown that it’s like this when I’m plunged to an unconscious depth beneath the surface. 

If I am on this pile, in other words, or if I take and make this plunge, or if I jump off of the treadmill of the path that I’m on where there are things that are trying to wake up and keep up and whatnot, and then all of a sudden I go into this greater spatiality, that greater spatiality has a nature about it in which I will go down with it. I will actually experience something that I am not prepared to handle. 

Is this a warning dream? Well, in the first dream things are being taken from two sides. It’s like the polarity has a magnetism that’s identified in two big spots around this abyss. In other words, from two sides to a polarity above an abyss, and the two polarities above the abyss seem safe because it is unimaginable what will happen if one goes over the edge. 

To go over the edge is beyond comprehension, In other words because you have no way of gauging what that could result in or the consequences could be. But in the second dream this dream indicates that my idea of jumping off may seem okay on the surface, but that will only take me to a place that is even more formidable than my current state of consciousness. I will be even more unconscious there. 

Where I am at now I am simply confused, or at least I pretend that I know what I am doing even though deep down I know that everything is out of my sense of control. So that’s like the first way of looking at it.

There’s also another way of looking at it because you have to recognize as I recognize that things are undulating and your pattern of dreaming pointed out this wrinkle where you’re going both up and down simultaneously, so if you’re going up and down simultaneously then you have to look at this as if, okay, the part that’s me is like the teacher and the part of myself that is trying to keep up is like a latent part that is slower and more caught in manifestation and still has things to let go of to keep up.

And if that’s the case, then another interpretation is that the path I am following is going off a cliff and into a depth where there is no return. In this second dream I am a person acting as if another part of myself cannot keep up. That part just keeps following and is reaching a point where the energetic hope, as shown in the first dream, the energetic hope faces an abyss. From there one can’t turn back. 

In the second dream, I am shown that this state is also not sustainable. I really have no choice but to go over the edge. The second dream reveals the end result. I merge with that part of myself, that like the me I am following in going to a place beyond my comprehension, that is far away from any nearby shore that I am familiar with, goes to a depth where all I know is lost and there is no return from that. 

Something is about to happen in which you’re compelled to have to go forward. If you don’t go forward my, oh my, could it be miserable, or confusing, or lost, or dense. And yet is this going to be a mass insanity for everybody if they don’t take this step? It is strange. This is a strange thing. 

In other words, things are breaking down in which a person cannot keep an order to it in terms of how they’re accustomed to having to see life, and yet at the same time it creates the great possibility for a person to flip to the other side of what’s going on and recognize a whole other way of being.

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