Into the Essence

tree-008As Jeane’s dream unfolds, she finds herself next to a naked man, in a drainage ditch. As John explains, being naked, or finding oneself in strange situations in dreams, can often point to an inner effort to bring new energetic aspects into play. The images we create are often seeking to add something new to our understanding, while also finding the new state of balance required for the addition to be comfortably handled by us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: When my dream starts out I’m at a house with people that I know, including one person I know from the past, and it feels like more in the country. We’re all just kind of goofing off and then we’re going to go our ways. 

I’m a little bit interested in the guy, and then there’s a younger guy there too, but everyone kind of goes their way. And then I’ve left, and I’m walking outside and I stop at this area outside where there’s a large, it would have been like a drainage ditch except there’s no water in it now, but you know how it slopes down and then comes back up the other side.

And I’ve sat down there. It’s almost like as I’ve sat there I’ve pulled some kind of a cover over me that seems to stretch over the ditch. Suddenly I find the younger man from the group is underneath that cover with no clothes on, and he’s laughing. And I’m kind of looking at him and think this is a little absurd, too. 

I wouldn’t have minded if it was the older guy that I knew but, you know, this is kind of funny. Just then some other people come walking up, so he has to leave I think or something. And I’ve moved down the drainage ditch now, not down deeper but sideways, so I’ve kind of gone the length of it, and as I’ve done that the cover that seemed to come from the other side is now covering the whole ditch too, and I’ve got it kind of pulled up to my neck I think maybe because I don’t have clothes on or whatever. I talk a little bit to whoever it was that came walking up. 

Then as they leave I have this image where it’s as though something that I can do now is this cover, in my mind, now becomes part of an image that forms where it’s like I have a small globe in my hand, and the globe has different layers on it like mantles. 

Those covers become like one of those mantles and it’s like I can cut the globe right in half, one layer would be like a quarter of an inch of something, and remove it, and that represents a period of time. And I’m thinking that it’s a period of time either like a year or like the month we’ve been down here.

And I can carefully lift it off and I go over to a closet that opens up and then I place it on another globe in there, so it’s as though I’m taking this mantle off a little globe that’s representative on the outside, and going over and placing it in this closet on a little globe in there, but it’ll put another layer on that globe whereas I’ve taken a layer off of the one on the outside.

John: You’re doing something in terms of approaching a semblance of expanse inside of yourself in which you have two contrastive states. 

The one contrastive state you use to cover yourself and to hold yourself back, and the dreams that happen in which you find yourself naked, and you find yourself attracted to something, and you find yourself near where there’s no semblance of flow, and that you are trying to sort out what is necessary to try to create a schematic of balance or reason for yourself, which means you’re trying to pull and locate an energetic in terms of what you need to feel as a type of wholeness. 

If this were described in a masculine sense it would be described as a type of neurosis, or inner chaos, in which an alignment is being sought but isn’t reached. Now what’s interesting is if this were a neurosis of the masculine it would spiral even more into a type of peculiar images and density that would like kind of limit, in some capacity, perception. 

But you seem to have a propensity, a sensitivity propensity that, you know, whenever you do something like this it doesn’t feel that bad. It actually looks almost like you’re holding yourself back from a certain kind of natural expanse that’s possible. 

The holding back has a whole different sensation in your dreaming than it does in mine. It’s actually opposite flows even. In other words, you take and you get to this particular point and then when you kick the door through and you bust out of it that’s when you suddenly find yourself quickened, or awakened, or thrown into a whole different sphere, a whole different dynamic. It’s almost as if a certain type of sensitization in your nature can actually have a propensity to go into that way of being. 

You take and you do something, in other words, it’s almost like you take and you go out and you get into something like this where you seek out a way of trying to ground yourself in the subtleness of the expanse and, somehow or another, it’s as if this is all okay

But the result of what you’re doing is what’s mind-blowing, because you then are able to go out and work within the layers and qualities and mannerisms, the folds, and the undulations of things in kind of a greater cosmic way. And you seem to be able to know how to do that. 

It seems like you’re taking the energy and you’re flowing… ah, let me see. You’re flowing from… ah, that’s right. This is a type of in-breath imagery. You’re coming from a state in which you are tweaked in an in-breath fashion, and going to a state of home that is a balance that has you letting go of things, and into being able to roll with the energy vibrations that come through you.

Almost like carry the energetic winds of every direction so that there is the acknowledged and recognition of something that is connected through you of the folds and undulations of the cosmos. In other words, it’s a closer sense on the in-breath of going back into an essence, or an emptiness, or a nothingness – and you’re able to do that. 

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