An Energetic Pulse

Apo_Energy PulseThis dream image shows Jeane representing two sides of herself, the counselor trying to help a patient, and the patient trying to learn how to be more vulnerable. This is a conversation between two aspects of Jeane’s inner life – as we are all the characters in our dreams. In the same way, sometimes our dreams show us unraveling, sometimes they show us putting things together. It is all part of the ebb and flow of energy as we learn to awaken deeper aspects and find a new sense of balance. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I just remember the second dream I was having, and there’s a woman that’s coming to me for counseling and she has company at her house. And then she leaves the house and she comes to where I am and she sits kind of like on a daybed or something near the door of the room, and I’m sitting across from her.

And it feels like I’m trying to work with her on being more comfortable being vulnerable. She seems to get scared easily, but she doesn’t really quite understand it. And as I’m talking to her she feels like to be more vulnerable means she has to take her clothes off, because she comes in wearing a little kimono.

So she starts to take off her kimono, so it’s like she feels like that’s what being vulnerable is. And I’m kind of saying, no, that’s not what she has to do. And then I notice that she has a spider web that actually goes from her hand to her side or something, and there’s this fuzzy little spider on it that’s pink and black.

And she sees that I’m disturbed by the spider, so she reaches over and she kills it. That wasn’t quite what she had to do, either. It’s like I’m trying to talk to her about what she needs to do to be vulnerable, but we’re not quite communicating yet.

John: What this dream was doing was it was bringing back and providing a sense of balance to you. In other words, this was a recovery dream in that there was the flip side going on last night in that you were actually speeded up and were not holding the kundalini energy properly. 

This dream was an attempt to try to get you back into holding the energy properly. And I noticed you racing about energetically, and it was interesting because in contrast I was fine. I didn’t bother to write up a dream even, because all that I reported, if I’d have wrote up as a sensation, was how I was in this spatiality that had this kind of ability to absorb and to be okay with whatever was going on around me in the environment.

And so while I was like that, you were all over the place with your energy, not handling the kundalini energy. And it was almost like in this deep space I was almost trying to communicate to you that what you needed to do, to try to slow yourself down, would be to try to lean into me or merge into me, to get into the space so maybe you could attune to the space I was in, and that would help.

But, you know, that’s just an idea, of course, because that idea of me trying to do that yesterday when I was in this kind of condition didn’t work. It was like I still stayed speeded up and distraught and strung out.

So what your dream was doing, your dream was like a corrective healing kind of dream because your dream was just throwing out things to you that would enable you to pull yourself back together. 

And so you had the part of you that was out of whack, out of order, killing spiders and stuff like that. And you had the other part of you that knew what was appropriate or proper, that was trying to hold the course.

In your sleep that one part got completely out of control and got overwhelmed by whatever it was that it had been experiencing. And so it caused me, even as I was sleeping before the alarm went off, what I was looking at and what I was pondering was, how do you take and describe this other aspect or element that dreams have?

Or do you dare, because not everyone can be privy to something like this. How does that person who’s not in a relationship be privy to something like this? But I guess it works because you just have to see that one night you can be one way, and put yourself back together, the next night you can be another way and see yourself fall apart. 

And, of course, then it’s even more cute or interesting when, if you’re in a relationship, the one night you’re together, and the other person is scattered and overwhelmed by the kundalini energy. The next night that person takes and has a composure or a balance in some deep space, and it’s you that’s out of whack. 

Now the thing of it is, is when I was out of whack yesterday when I woke up I had been putting myself together in some capacity. So the dream you remembered was the dream in which you were putting yourself back together, where you had the part that was still in disarray, that wasn’t getting the memo, that was over the top, that couldn’t hear, that was going to kill a spider anyway.

And the part that knew that it just had to let go, it had to be totally vulnerable. It’s this wild idea of being able to have something pulse through you energetically that is diametrically opposed to what pulses through you the night before, kind of diametrically opposed from the standpoint that one night you’re able to handle it, and the next night you’re all over the place.

It’s interesting that that’s the peculiar game plan. 

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