The Instant of Time

man-in-the-universeIn Jeane’s dream, a huge wave threatens to crash on the beach and sweep away a young girl. Yet it is not as dire a situation as it may seem. But it is showing how we have a choice, in every moment, to expand and be part of the universal, or, because of some fear of loss of our identity, shrink back into our separateness and limit our experience of the whole. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I was really lost last night. I have this dream where I’ve gone with Dad and these four boys I seem to be… Wait a minute, part of the first dream, another dream came back. 

Yeah, the dream that’s come back it’s like I’m near the… it’s almost like a seashore, and I’m in a house with my sister and there’s some young girls around and some other people. There’s some guys, too, and it feels like when I go outside this little girl and I both get fascinated by the fact that the waves will come up and suddenly they’ll form into really huge waves. 

Except suddenly I see this wave form that looks more like a wave that is as tall as a house, and the little girl has gone out and is standing right next to it, and I think it’s going to crash down and sweep her away. But instead it just stays there and then it recedes.

But I go and get her because I don’t feel like she should stay there in case the wave had gone the other way it would’ve taken her, so we were going to go to our next place but I’m talking to her that she has to stay closer to me. 

We’re both kind of fascinated by going down in the water and seeing a big wave come, and maybe it breaks over us and then it goes back out, but I need to keep her closer now so that, you know, we don’t get swept away.

And that’s all I remember of that first dream.

John: Well the fact that your mind started working really quick and shut off the vibration, so that you nearly forgot it, was actually part of the dream. In other words, the way that it’s part of the dream is that it has to do with how you become, or what you do, or the way that you turn your attention when you fail to acknowledge something that needs to be taken into account. 

In other words, you have a capacity, a part of you has the means by which it is able to stretch out and experience the depth and degree to which something is being affected, or that’s being put to some extreme state or condition. And that can be fearful. And that you can come to the conclusion that you need to step back and hide from that. 

Part of you that feels it should step back and hide from that is like the part that wants to remain safe and secure. When you do things that keep yourself safe and secure, that’s when you give credence to the mind and the vibration of that which keeps you from experiencing the greater overall quality of everything that is all around you. 

If you don’t do that, then you’re confronted as if you can be destroyed, or overwhelmed. A part of you can just naturally stand there in the face of that, but another part of you considers that to be something that one shouldn’t do. 

Now the part of you that can just stand in the face of that also has what’s necessary inside to be able to just stand there in the face of that and see, observe, and watch that – and doesn’t get hurt. 

But the part of you that tries to work with the principles in the way that it controls, feels that that should not occur, that you should remain separate and away from all of that. So when you pull yourself separate and away from all of that, that is when you lower the energetic vibration to the point where you get the effect that can block out your ability to remember. 

In other words, you’re presented with an option of being able to stand in the face of all that there is, and being able to absorb, and to handle, and take it all in as a greater part of yourself. And in the dream you choose the alternative. And by choosing the alternative, you take yourself out of a magnificence of life and, as a consequence, when you take yourself out and you go back to the energetic of security and safety, that is a place where your mind comes up actively again and then it snuffs out, or obliterates, your ability to recognize, and appreciate, and be part of what is real. 

What is real always appears to be on this edge in which it’s taking into account, and is part of, and is quite present with that which is unfolding in the instant of time. And there is nothing that it needs to hide from. It only hides from things when it seeks a security.

And, in this particular case, like I said the thoughts and the process that nearly wiped it out is an aspect of this whole dumbing-down process of trying to step back, when you have this whole capacity that needs to stay the course.

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