The Dreamer and the Dreamed

lucid-dreamWhat is the correlation between the dreamed and the dreamed? Part of it has to do with the relationship between the higher self, which operates on an inner level, and the lower self, which operates in the outer world. As humans we are meant to bridge this communication gap during our lives, yet whether we do or not, the higher self is always trying to guide and help us – if we choose to listen. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well in this dream I seem to be staying at some kind of a resort setting, kind of a primitive resort setting, with the teacher and a group of people. And then he has someone with him that I identify as his wife in the dream, but she’s kind of quieter and smaller and darker, not quite as visible as his actual wife.

As I’m going around the resort I go into a room where I know he has been but I go up some stairs and I’m obviously going in the anteroom to some kind of a martial arts workout studio, but the martial arts seem to have to do with throwing some kind of curved knives.

So when I go up there I pick up a couple of knives that seem to be mine and they’re… it’s almost like they have a little block handle and I go over to a wall and it’s almost like at that wall there’s almost like little divisions made with boards so you can store these knives, but you can also throw them against the back of the wall.

So it’s like I’m standing quite close and kind of taking my knives and just throwing them. I’m probably just throwing them six inches or so, and how they kind of curve into the wall. I’m getting a little bit of a feel for them, and then I take them and I store them in this same kind of compartment because it’s obviously where I guess people keep their knives when they’re there – I see other people have their knives.

Then I leave that area. I’ve gone downstairs and he’s there and we must be talking about something and then he’s made an appointment with the martial arts master. I never had had an appointment. I’m just kind of exploring and he offers me something. I think it’s a ticket that I could use that he hasn’t used all the… of what’s available on it, like if it’s a meal ticket.

So he offers me this ticket that maybe is a partially used meal ticket that was for him, and I look at it. I pick it up but then I put it back in its folder because it just doesn’t seem like the correct adab to use somebody else’s ticket, even if he offered it, so I say, no thank you. 

I said I’m not sure I can do that. And he makes some comment about how he could and I’d say yeah, well you’re a poor teacher but, you know, he can get away with things I can’t get away with you know. So I’m not just sure what the adab is there. I’m just kind of joking. 

Then he’s gone up for his appointment with the teacher and I’m noticing this dark woman that’s by him I think during this whole exchange, and then I think she or another person has come in. They make some comments about like how he has suggested that we sign up for different times to go up and use the showers. I guess it would be the showers in the martial arts studio because I guess that would be more efficient use of the water before we all went to bed.

But I’m thinking that requires pajamas doesn’t it? Apparently because you’d take the shower and you’d put on your pajamas, and I hadn’t brought any pajamas so I say well, I think I’ll just use the one in my room. 

There was another person that had come in to the room where his wife was, a woman, and I’m inviting her to maybe go outside because there are some horses there, and I don’t know if we can ride them yet, or if we just want to play with the horses. It’s like that dream was fading at that time. 

Then when I tried to get back into the dream I suddenly had this image of like I had opened the door and walked into this pharmacy, and there’s a couple pharmacists in bright light and they’re wearing red jackets. And for some reason my mind is suddenly correlating the difference between one would do something one way, which is kind of bold and bright, and a way in which one does things in tiny little segments like when I was listening to different little images of journeys last night on the tape. 

That’s all I pulled out.

John: The last image was the fact that you were actually ill, only it’s an illness when seen in this particular way that you don’t necessarily identify with as an illness, because what was going on was a dreamer and dreamed state. That was the theme of the dreaming. 

We are now having to catch up with the fact that there is an aspect of our higher self that, for me, is felt like in the bones, and in the feeling of that you have an awareness of something that is meant to be, or that hasn’t yet come across, and that’s the dreamer state.

And the dream state is the dumbed-down state in which you function in the outer. And how you function in the outer is affected by the dreamer state, even though you don’t make the one-to-one correspondence. 

You can have a greater sense of it when you’re asleep than you can have in the outer world, but everything you do then in the outer world, after you have reached a particular point of alignment in yourself, so that it’s no longer dealing with all kinds of aspects of yourself that do nothing. Then everything is meaningful. 

In your particular case, the whole main part of the dream went along and was unfolding in a way in which everything was meaningful, except for the very final part in which you actually went into a shadow effect, as opposed to corresponding reflective effects of dreamer and dreamed, or inner and outer.

And that’s why you had to approach the pharmacy and seek to be aligned, or readjusted, or put back into a cadence again so that you were then continuing in the dreamer/dreamed sense.

So the dreamer is the masculine quality, and the dreamed is the feminine quality in life. And the woman who was with the teacher, who was shorter and darker and whatnot, that was like his wife is creation in the symbolic aspect of the dreaming, and the dreamer is the teacher. 

So you have that as a split image to catch up with, to recognize that it works that way, and that you then progress to you going into this martial arts room, or whatever it was, and a martial arts room is in and of itself an area that is activated by the dreamer.

And so then the dreamed part of yourself takes and throws knives that stick in a wall in a particular way, that are actually stored that way, too. And how those knives and the way that that all goes into the wall reflects something from the dreamer. 

But you being the dreamed aren’t aware that you’re doing that, just like in the first part where you have the woman who is shorter and darker and whatnot that is meant to be the teacher’s wife, you could easily conclude in a certain naïvety that that’s suddenly his new wife or something.

But instead, she is creation, she is the dreamed element of him being the dreamer. And that the thing that he is giving that he can give, the tickets or whatever that you’re reluctant to accept, that’s the dreamer affecting the dreamed – and you are the dreamed.

When you refuse to shower in the place that is meant to shower, or to stay in the flow or the process of what’s unfolding, then that’s when you drop or lose the contango. You do something that breaks the dreamer dreamed correlation.

And that’s why you end up in the pharmacy – to be healed again. In other words, this sort of dreaming, or this sort of catching up with yourself, is a very difficult, or is a very unusual mystical way of looking at things. Because there comes a point in time when a level is reached in which neither the wayfarer nor the teacher can specifically state what there is that needs to be annihilated.

Because the dreamer and dream state is such a huge dimension of things, because it’s an aspect of how God works in the inner and the outer and, thusly, does not violate freedom of choice. 

To begin with, yes, you’re all over the place and things have to be done to be absorbed, or set aside, or however that is in order for you to be able to become invoked in this process of inner and outer, dreamer and dreamed. Once that process is evoked, things that you do that may look peculiar cannot necessarily be annihilated anymore either by yourself, or by the teacher, because the dimensionality of God is so incredible, revealing himself in ways that are all new each and every time, that even the teacher has to be careful of the fact that the teacher may be forming a concept.

The teacher has to determine if what he recognizes is… you know, what is the shift that needs to be made, or how is it to be perceived? The teacher can always tell when something needs tweaking or adjusting in some capacity.

And so to invoke that whole process, it was an alignment, a projection, and the dreamer state was activated as the teacher spun the energy. And as he spun the energy it’s faster, and when one’s in the dream state they never are at that speed to catch up with it, so then what reflects is the degree to which the speeded up, and the less, the wayfarer and teacher come together energetically.

Or another way of saying it, where the dreamer, which is inner, and the dreamed, which is all outer, correlate.

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