A Vibrational Transmission

vibrations2The discussion of the relationship between the dreamer and the dreamed continues here (see The Dreamer and the Dreamed), with John delving into the details of the vibrational exchange between the two. The dreamer can’t affect outer life, except through the dreamed. So it is part of our human response, and responsibility, to get the transmission from our higher self and bring it through into manifestation – through what we think and do.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I went into great detail describing this, plus I also had something very similar to your knife dream, only I used it as feathers instead of knives, but it’s slightly subtler almost, in one sense, but still saying the same thing.

In the meditation dream, there is the sense that what is meant to be exists in a kind of knowingness way, or a so-called inner Book of Life, like the dreamer. I never seem to avail myself of it in the dream world. 

In other words, in the dream world I see an outer part of myself, too, and so I know this in my bones, or in my sleep so to speak, in the dreamer part of myself – on the level of the dreamer, that is – aware of what is meant to be. 

Now when I say “meant to be” I mean in terms of the general vibe of something that’s meant to change, or take place, or come to pass. I don’t know the details, but I know the general vibe. That’s where one could get carried away, in terms of that kind of catching up with an insight can be a type of burning, like light, and one can have a collateral reactive way of perceiving it and that can be haywire. 

So there’s always the danger of the dreamer and the dreamed, because the dreamer is in more of a body of light. And because the dreamer is more in a body of light, and the dreamed is more in an essence of kind of manifestation, or of sound, the dreamer in light does not have the same access. In other words, the light is not seen by the dreamed. 

Only the onlooking dreamer, who cannot communicate what is known to the dreamed, you know has to do it by way of vibration and hints, knows. And so as a consequence of how the dreamer is I know that a change is coming, and that it is going to unfold in a general way, in other words as the dreamer I know this. It’s going to unfold in a general way that I can see and feel in my bones.

But when it comes to the dreamer, wherein I want to influence but cannot, and the dreamed, the unfoldment is just acted out. In other words, it’s acted out in a type of denseness outer – and I am not able to relate to the dreamed. In other words, there’s the dreamer knowingness, and then there’s the dreamed outer. 

So as a dreamer I support the dreamed vibrationally – and that’s all. And that seems to be the way it is as an unconscious gap between what I sense, see in my bones so to speak, because in this dream I’m the dreamer, and the dreamed is known secondary part of myself, and that which unfolds in the outer in a slower capacity. The general motif is discernible to the dreamer, but to the dreamed it is acted out in the outer in kind of a symbolic, generic way, with greater particularities of the unfoldment, but at a much slower pace. 

So in the dream it is repetitive imagery to note what I note. In other words, from that I see the general effect as a sense of myself, and I am observing that something is breaking down. But what takes place because of the aspect of the dreamed, is much slower in manifestation than it is having to contend with the light converted to sound as a type of vibrationally influenced manner. 

Because the influence is general, there is no attention to the detail, the very specific detail. It’s not presented, just the general motif. So the specific effect is reflected back by the dreamed to the dreamer. The dreamer has impacted or carried across the vibration, and it’s felt or known to some capacity as kind of like a higher-self energy or something, and then the dreamed, to the degree that the dreamed acts it out, how that is acted out gets reflected back and therefore you’re having the fluid end of the detail of that which is seen from the inner. 

So I can take on the vibrational transmission, and somehow because I’m connected to the dreamed, there is a reflection in some capacity. It is hard on the dreamed, however, who can only access the inflection as a kind of focus manneristic potentiality. How they see what can’t be seen is kind of hard to say.

And so there is a quality of the attention that gets played out as the vibration of the dreamed reflects back to the dreamer that which, in a general way, I am able to feel in my bones as kind of an onlooker on the inner. 

So what seems to exist is I am able to feel in my bones on some inner level what is unfolding vibrationally, but when I am acting things out in the outer there is a general amnesia. This is how the drama of inner into outer is being played out. 

On the inner it is mind boggling and my doom and gloom side has a lot to flinch over, yet in the outer the motion is acted out with subtle changes and effects that are kind of a surprise, or they may not be a surprise. It depends upon how well you take it. I mean maybe it’s better than you expected; maybe it’s worse than you expected if you were overly optimistic. It depends on how well you’re polished in regard of the dreamer, even. 

So in the dream, what I see and sense is that in the unfoldment of the vibration there is going to be a collapse – yet how this plays out falls upon the dreamed. 

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