The Illusory Barrier

green_handThe higher self and lower self, the inner and outer worlds, the universe and the human being. Each of these are in co-relation and seek a greater merging. Humans are the conduit at the heart of these fundamental universal processes, if we choose to respond to our design. Yet we must do so by our own freedom of choice. The unfolding of the universe is not determined by robotic response, but by our choosing to respond. It makes it harder for us, but it offers so much more possibility for us and for It. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So in the meditation dream, I seem to be going back and dealing with the polarities of being in the outer, versus what it’s like in the inner.

And from the meditation dream I can see that on the inner level there’s this area that is subtle and flexible. It’s able to handle a lot of change and diversity and, as a consequence, there’s a fluidity there that seems to undulate with life.

And then, by contrast, if I look at how it is that I look at things and relate to things in the physical, or in manifestation, that seems very linear, or I don’t seem to appreciate or adapt to outer changes quickly enough. As a result, I experience life in a way that is more slowed down and narrower.

It seems that, over time, a gap has formed between these two states, my higher self and my lower self, you might say, or the inner and the outer. You could say that the density of the outer in the physical is functioning at a slower speed, and maybe one way of saying that slower speed is it’s accessing life as if it was created just out of sound, and therefore it’s not seeing behind that the true light.

And you could say that on this other inner level, the veils lift somewhat and so that there is a greater perception, a greater attunement to what is meant to be. I guess you could say then that this is akin to a greater speed, and a freedom, because you get glimpses that aren’t possible, or so it seems, when you’re in the veils of manifestation. 

However, I also can’t help but recognize that the two states are reflective of each other, but it’s at what feels like different points in time. I was trying to figure out how it is that I can explain this, for I have a sense of knowingness about what’s about to take place, yet in the physical you can blank all of that out and act as if nothing is that big of a deal.

And so I can’t help but notice that the experiences in the outer narrow down or, in other words, are more drawn out, and have this sense of greater proximity, or more hands on. Yet on the inner the experiences approach a kind of central unfolding overall vibration that kind of emanates throughout everything, as if you’re gaining some sort of access to something that permeates or intertwines with everything, as if it’s in light, I guess is the way you’d say it. 

Because sound is manifestation, and light would be something that could traverse a greater domain. In that there is a quality of a potential and intended destiny. So when you try to reconcile the two states, you end up with kind of a condition as a person that’s a little ominous, because in the outer there’s just a sense if you force yourself to look at things more closely, there’s a sense in the bones of a bigger picture unfolding from the inner – that is, if you have some sense of that awakening. 

Otherwise, you don’t have that connection at all, and you just go about as if everything is going to be okay. But to the higher self, to the degree to which there is this inner connection at this time, which is creating a shift, you can’t pretend anymore. You can’t get lost in the minute detail of the outer that keeps you from seeing a bigger picture. 

So as things unfold laboriously in the outer, that pace that you see when you have a more speeded-up quality of the inner is kind of nauseating because it’s acting delusional.

So there’s this peculiar dilemma of, how do you cope with both? Because when the higher self can surrender and accept the outer, instead of seeing it as nauseating, and slowed down, and dulled out, and full of veils, and estranged from what needs to be, if the higher self can accept the outer, a wonderful receptivity is possible as the impulses that come out of the light into a physical manifestation make for a more direct, even though it’s slowed down, experience of the divine, which may be more veiled, however, because of the denseness of things but, because of the immanence, in another way it’s almost more graspable.

So, for those who can bring the two states closer together by bridging the illusory barrier between light and sound, there is the heightened and greater aliveness of an intertwined universe. 

To become more intertwined is to become nearer and dearer to the essence of the self where nothing is going on. This is where the beginning and the end are One, as this is where pure experience is at rest.

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