Running Into God

i-feel-the-love-of-god-within-meThe dream analysis continues for Jeane’s dream (see The Haunting), wherein the imagery triggers a deeper perception about the nature of God and human, and the feminine and the masculine natures within us. Yes, a human being is in a physical body, which will always imply a certain limitation, yet in the design itself is the unlimited possibility of being no different than God, of being a co-creator. It is all within us to discover and awaken. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The feminine nature has to do what is necessary to take responsibility in the manifestation of the whole.

But then the feminine nature has a tendency that when something gets to a particular point it says, okay, this is good enough, this is where to do more would be too much, would be outrageous. And that then keeps you in another kind of prison, when you think like that. 

And this is where the woman comes in. She’s actually a wise woman that’s deceived. And she’s coming after you in order to make sure that you only stray so far, that you don’t take on more liberties than what you’re entitled to. 

In other words, it falls under the motif of kind of like, “the pain of love.” 

In other words, you don’t necessarily have all of the beatitudes. You don’t dare take on all of the beatitudes and the wonders of the whole of God, or whatever. You don’t dare take on all of that because you’re just a human being and you still have to deal with a certain, up to a particular point, kind of way of being. 

Well, so when you hit the tornado and whizz by that, you’ve actually done something that has thrown you into a whole other zone, and in this zone you’re actually starting to storm the gates of heaven, or God, or however that is. 

That’s why when you bump into this guy that is like a Christ figure or something, it’s almost as if he no longer has the stigma over you where you have this guilt, and this idea that you can only go so far, and if you stray over a particular line that’s a no-no. In other words, this dream is kind of like telling you that this idea that you have limitations is all in your head, that you’re not really meant to have limitations. 

While you were having this dream I was actually pondering what had happened earlier in my dream, wondering and thinking, you know, is God a type of person who denies a person a particular kind of beatitude or breaking through? Does one have to subject themselves to the pain of love, the annihilation aspect? 

Is there always something that you can’t go beyond? This dream is having you break free and, in doing so, you’re storming some gate. I mean, you’re running into a God-like figure of which your storming of this whole thing has taken on a certain sound and fury, in and of itself, that’s transformed things into the appearance of a whole other… instead of it having a power over you it becomes like a creature. 

Instead of it being God, it becomes something in which you are finding the God in yourself and that then is some other aspect transformed again. You have done something in which you aren’t taking upon yourself the usual limitations that a human being needs to carefully do, or otherwise they’re being blasphemous or outrageous in some sense, and asking for a problem in terms of getting swatted down.

So it actually seems to me that this is kind of like an information dream, too, in that we have our mannerisms and notionalities that we can look at and recognize as having sent us askew in the past – and do we shut those off? In other words, what is the fine line between something that has already been lived and something new that needs to awaken up? And how does one know what that is that needs to wake up? 

The outer and the inner do work together, so somehow or another whatever you do in the outer is reflected as meaningful in terms of what is meant to be on the inner, too. That dynamic is an alchemical chemistry that exists, so if you don’t do much, not much changes. 

If you start to do something, it does look like you are going out on an edge, but isn’t that what you did? You utilized the masculine up to a point to where something got motivated inside of you, and then once you started to take on your role in terms of freeing yourself and moving about in manifestation with the full freedom that you could move about, you then had to fight your own conceptualizations in terms of only being able to go so far, for example.

And somehow or another, in the dream, you were propelled beyond the so far, you were beyond those limitations of what you, in terms of feminine nature, would place upon yourself. In other words, always aspire and reach for more, and more, and more and more.

And when you reach for more, and more, and more, and more you eventually get to the point where you storm the throne. And, along the way of course, even the creatures, the things that are half human and half divine, half God on this whole other level, they can’t even help you. And, somehow or another, you have to have the strength in and of yourself to bring through right directly everything to you. 

In other words, you run right into God only to find out that you have that same power, that that is only an imaginative power over you. You are that. And so this really raises the question, whenever one looks around and ponders whether they should do this, or do that, or if they’re allowed to do this, or can do this. I’m coming slowly to the conclusion that there’s a very interesting flow that needs to transpire. 

It’s more than just putting parameters around things. It’s an involvement that then goes right into it, and those who think that there are limitations, find that there are limitations, and then they have to constantly contend with changes that happen. Like when the teacher’s teacher went through this experience of not being able to go somewhere when they tried to go out the door because something switched. It’s because they were still dealing with the dynamic of an aspect of seeing themselves in a limited way.

And so when they saw themselves in a limited way, they would have a herky-jerky universe. But if you are able to see yourself as having everything presented to you, given to you, it’s like when Adam and Eve were created and they were handed everything, they were told that they had everything – providing they didn’t do something that would cause them to veil themselves from what was presented to them. 

And they proceeded, because it seemed too much and they didn’t seem to have the capacity to take on the full thrust of it, they proceeded to try to do things to veil themselves and, therefore, that created the separation, or the denial. 

But I’m beginning to think that we can do anything and everything. We’re not denied from anything. It’s that we have to do it in a way in which, if we’re doing anything and everything, it has to take everything into account in an intertwined way. 

In other words, one’s constantly going above and beyond the idea that one has set parameters. Whenever you see yourself with having set parameters, that’s like code word for the fact that they even have to go away, because those parameters may be important up to a particular point to kind of keep you within a way of being that is cope-able, but at some point they even have to go.

And the idea that one has to stay so simple that you always have parameters, so that you then have an appreciation and this whole pain of love thing, your dream seems to run counter to that. It has you breaking loose, and breaking loose of those conceptualizations that the feminine would have in which she could only rise up so far kind of thing, all the way to the point where the depths of her knowingness can take her right to the throne. 

She has to get that sort of thing invoked. Maybe it takes a masculine spark, but then once it hits she has to trust herself, but then it’s pretty hard to trust herself because at some point, when she is in charge of manifestation and the masculine is not very good at helping because it’s a little aloof, then she has the haunts of her own guilt and ideas that she can only go so far.

Then when she breaks beyond that, breaks through that zone past the eye of the tornado, she finds herself in a whole other dimension and she can’t even lean on anything in that dimension. In other words, she can’t get help from that, because that is something still foreign, and still separate, and still different until she gets all the way up to the point where she realizes that she is everything, that she runs into God and he has no power, she has the power. That’s pretty interesting.

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The Haunting

Girl FlyingJeane’s dream has it all: prisoners, a chase sequence, the ability to fly, a Christ figure and more. Yet as John shows, if we strip it down to its bare essentials, it is the story of a man and a woman, together at first and then separated, who are trying to reconcile their situation. Said another way, the masculine and feminine aspects of us in the dream world can depict a struggle for integration amidst great resistance. This is another instance where letting go would allow the two to come together more peacefully. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: This is a dream I had while I was getting a long distance treatment and, initially, I’ve gone with a man who seems like you, to a distant kingdom we don’t know much about, to kind of investigate what’s going on there.

We’re in this huge structure in this kind of stone-like room. It’s while we’re there suddenly I realize that they plan on taking us prisoner. So we have to decide how to both find out a little bit more about what’s going on, but to get away. And as they go to take us prisoner, that’s when you and I get separated and I don’t see you anymore in the rest of the dream.

But initially I get on the outside of the structure and I climbed way up on the sloping stone roof area, and I come across an area where there are other prisoners, kind of dressed like you would see people dressed in the holy land and with the women with the robe partly up over their head and kind of indigo colored.

And I ask these women if they’re also prisoners, and they say yes. Then I see a man at one area climbing a bit, and I start climbing on this stone wall. And I get to a place where I feel like I could fall. I’m very high, but I can find handholds that have been carved into the wall. And I realize I just have to trust the next handhold is there, because obviously these people have been trying to figure out how to escape for a long time, and if there was one carved smooth handhold, there will be another one. 

I just have to trust that. So I’m doing that and then I get over and I can peek around an area to see where the guards are down below, and then I get inside the structure somewhere but now I have to figure how to get out.

Now I’m up above where they put us where they were trying to keep us prisoner. It’s high. And now I’ve gotten down inside the building. I’m still trapped so I have to get out of the building. So I’m very quietly going through these huge stone corridors and I see a door slightly open to the right, but I realize that leads further into the building so that would be like a trap.

And then there are these very shimmery turquoise cloths, almost like veils, kind of overlapping in the hallway in front of me. But I see that if I slide under them there are some glass doors there that are a few inches open so I slide under, I go through the glass doors, and then I’m in this bare room that’s like an anteroom.

And I see that it has another glass door to the outside, so I sneak out. And then I’m hightailing it back towards home and I realize that I have to move faster than I am, and that’s when I remember that I can fly. But this time I’m going to have to kind of fly because I can feel that I’m being pursued.

But when I get to where I can actually see where I came from – there’s just this road between me and where I came from – and I can see it and I know I’ll be safe there. I glance behind me and there’s this woman, brown hair wearing a long white dress. But I realize that in order to get that close behind me without my noticing that she must also have some powers and be able to fly.

So even though it looks like I can just about run up the road to get home that I actually need to kind of divert a bit to stay ahead of her. So I go over the embankment there – I feel like she’s one of them. She’s going to catch me. 

So when I go over the embankment I see an orchard down below, and now I have to really fly because everything drops out from underneath me, and I’m flying kind of in the direction of home over where people are cultivating an orchard trying to not be visible, and suddenly it’s like there’s a huge tornado that started on the ground and I’m going right towards it, and it’s coming towards me. 

I’m trying to stay out of the way and, as I get there, it just misses me by an inch and it uproots the last thing it’s uprooting and it goes by me, just whizzes by me inches away. And so then I go off to the left and there seems to be a desert there with some caravans in it.

And these people are very large. They have like little gypsy caravans. There are just two of them and one of them is on something that looks, I don’t know, it’s some type of a cross between a camel and a horse the way it moves.

And they’re very large people compared to me, like giants. And I’m moving towards them, but they’re too far away, if I holler, for them to hear me if I cry out for help. But I see them turning away so they have too seen something that scares them a bit.

So I cry out for help, but I’m sure they can’t hear me because I’m so small compared to them. And then suddenly, whew, it feels like something hits me. I’m standing still and I look down and there’s a figure pinned down under like a partly collapsed shed, almost like a vineyard-type shed that fell on them.

And, at first glance, you look at this figure and you think that it looks almost like – I call it El Rey, which in Spanish means “the king” – it looks like a cross between a Christ figure or a king except without the energy. And I look at that and I almost want to make a step over to help, but then I stop and I remind myself that no, we’re not supposed to have kings anymore.

And when I get clear on that thought, it suddenly turns into this large furry creature. It’s all fur, kind of reddish brown fur, and it just is large. And then it just, poof, fades away. That’s when the dream ends.

John: Essentially what you’re saying, it’s kind of a bit of new information even, it’s like if you take the feminine nature and say that it carries something inside of itself that has a way of knowing, even though it can’t catch up with it, and then you take that nature and you realize that it has to get hit with some sort of masculine energy in order to get something to implement or to flow. 

Then when that implements and flows and takes on an action, which means a responsibility in manifestation in terms of the scenario of manifestation, then it has to contend with its own idea of what is copacetic, in other words what are the comforts that make sense to it? 

In other words, it’s still going to have conceptualizations. And this is like a dilemma. You have the masculine not able to help work through these conceptualizations anymore. The feminine it may have been responsible to help get something going in terms of being able to try to find a sense of freedom, so in trying to then deal and address and work with your environment around you, you still are largely trapped. 

You’re primarily trapped or haunted, however, by conceptualizations that you still carry. In other words, that’s why there is this other woman who is pursuing you. And so as you’re fleeing along, when you see these giants out ahead, that are like gypsies, they are like a cross between the divine and a human. 

In other words, they’re monsters in a sense. They’re neither human, nor are they divine. And what you’re doing is you’re trying to break through kind of like a barrier, even to get to where they’re at you had to go through a tornado right, or by a tornado?

And that’s like breaking through a sound barrier. Sound is what created creation or manifestation. It’s like breaking through, so now you’re actually visualizing on some inner world dimension where you have this sort of thing that is flowing, so what you have technically done is you’ve broken beyond the haunts of your own idea of limitations in terms of what you can and can’t do. 

So what is really strange is the feminine condition carries a repressed quality of sight that the masculine nature sets in motion. But then the masculine nature steps back a bit as the feminine nature then has to order it out or do what is necessary to take responsibility in the manifestation of the whole.

But then the feminine nature has a tendency that when something gets to a particular point it says, okay, this is good enough, this is where to do more would be too much, would be outrageous. And that then keeps you in another kind of prison, when you think like that. 

And this is where the woman comes in. She’s actually a wise woman that’s deceived. And she’s coming after you in order to make sure that you only stray so far, that you don’t take on more liberties than what you’re entitled to

In other words, it falls under the motif of kind of like, “the pain of love.” 

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A Flashback Effect

reincarnation1In this dream image, Jeane has the feeling of being stuck while on a journey that is moving in two directions. It’s an image that calls to mind the karma of past lives and reincarnation. Yet as John points out, whatever may have been has no true bearing on where we are today, i.e., we still have to let go of it and learn how to be connected to the higher aspect of ourselves. In this sense, the details don’t matter. It’s only about the process of letting go and allowing something higher to be our guide. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So my dreams last night were more of an impression because there was always a motion going on. 

And the motion going on was, first it’s like I’m going forward and I seem to run into people who are in some kind of transition, like maybe they’ve left where I’m just going to. Then when I go there and I’ve left I run into them. Maybe they’re stopped at that point and I’ll have a brief dialogue about where I’m going, or I’ve been, or whether I’m doing some of what they’ve done. 

It’s kind of not specific, but the purpose of it, it seems like I’m trying then to go back in time to a point where my dreams got stuck. And when I go back there, that’s represented by these two little squiggles that are stuck like a valve is stuck. There are two of them. 

I’m looking at what got stuck there, and even having a dialogue with somebody about whether this particular thing got stuck, or that one did or didn’t, and I’m trying to unstick something. And so there’s this flow going on all the time in two directions.

And so it’s not like a dream where I could pull out the details as well, because there was always this kind of movement going on.

John: I had the same kind of dream, and it’s almost as if you’re affected synaptically, as if there’s something still pent up as an energetic to some action, some mannerism, some way that you used to be. 

It’s still somehow or another in your energetic field, or aura, even though things are completely different. It’s as if that was another period of time, like another lifetime even, and yet you still carry around the shadow effect of it.

And you find yourself coming back to that, as if you’re reawakening the synaptic mannerism that you had been involved in from a long time ago. And you have a lot of sight in that particular area from that involvement, and now you are catching back up with that as a faint flicker. 

And as you come back, you’re trying to like reawaken or figure out where you fit in. It’s like finding a long lost home or something in your nature, and that your involvement there, as you come back you’re not sure what your involvement is. If anything you have a sense that whatever it was has ended, but you still carry some faint cognition about it. 

The purpose of a dream like this is to get you to become familiar with the fact that you have lived and been all kinds of different things over the course of your entire growth and evolvement as a person, a soul, having come into a human body. The activities and such that you’ve done have left very vague impressions perhaps that still malinger like as a kind of smoke, or amnesic quality that’s kind of in the air, although you’re not having to do that sort of thing this lifetime. 

That’s over and done with. You’ve worked that through and that’s in the past – but is it completely? Is it totally? Well, the issue is that you still carry some sort of flickering memory to that. 

This is again an alchemical dream because we do carry these flickering memories that can go way, way, way back in time, and that still kind of are part of the fabric of our nature because we went through life in particular ways back then that are different now because all of this got lost in the birth/death cycle. 

But now you’re having some sort of synaptic refamiliarization to some degree or another that’s kind of amnesic in terms of it. The reason why I say this is kind of an alchemical dream is that you can’t go back to those. You can’t do that. You have to let go of those inflections, inflections that are part of you, that are interesting memories because you identified in some way, maybe even had some good memories in terms of that, maybe things worked differently with you in terms of those faint, faint memories, but you have to let go of those. 

In other words, the change that is meant to happen involves you to reconcile all of that sort of thing, too, that you carry as if there has been no passage of time. You have to let go of even that. In other words, you have to be at a point which takes into account other lifetimes even, hundreds of years ago. 

In other words, just like what we did to the American Indian. If things are going to change in the future, we can’t even have that as some sort of qualm because then that qualm, that mannerism, that guilt, that self consciousness, or however all that is, would create a stigma, and an influence, an unfinished-business effect upon that which is destined to be shaped differently.

So you’re having this flashback effect, that’s somewhat pent up synaptically, that conditions or circumstances of your consciousness is causing to come back to the forefront, to have an effect rising up inside of you. And when that sort of thing rises up inside of you, you have a connectivity to it. You have a history with it, and so it can be kind of alluring, and kind of intriguing, and there can be a sense that there’s something left to do. 

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