The Seeds of Limitation

feng_shui_water_ripplesIn this image, John pays a fee to settle an issue, yet he’s still angry about the scenario. This speaks about how what we don’t let go of can continue to play out in our lives, whether it’s a stigma held onto from generations past, or from yesterday. Everything has an effect, so it is essential to get clean in ourselves about our feelings and intentions, otherwise, like a tiny splinter it becomes a huge irritant over time, ultimately compromising what is possible. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my next dream, a nonprofit organization was set up to carry forth a benefit into life. This dream is very similar to yours where things reverb and reverb and reverb. 

And somehow some confusion comes up as an insurance claim that gets placed against a future event that has yet to occur, as if it is imagined that that could happen, and it’s something that I didn’t even consider to be an issue. In fact, I know that it’s not an issue. 

That’s a negative, insuring something that hasn’t yet happened, insuring against it when it’s not even likely to happen. That somehow limits this whole thing from unfolding. And this negative attitude thinking contaminates the interconnectivity by placing a stigma on the flow.

So I’m wondering what is it going to take to reverse this effect, because it’s keeping what could naturally occur from occurring because you’ve adopted this other as a mannerism that’s possible. And I’m told that it is going to take $50 because that’s the amount of money that was laid out for this whole thing, and so I have to now return it to make it whole.

So I produce the $50 to clear up the flow, but I’m uptight about this. I produce this money begrudgingly because it shouldn’t have happened. And I’m angry about the whole thing and, as a result, a damage remains. 

The return of the money should have, if I could have totally let go, would have ended the issue and left everything clean and free again. And it would have been a total letting go of forget and forgiven. But because I have an issue that I’m not letting go, I’m solving it but not letting go of the energetic vibration, not changing that, I’m not putting an end to the perceived stigma, or putting it into a state of rest as if it no longer existed. 

So the effect is that allowing this stigma to still be intertwined, so to speak, because I haven’t completely wiped it out of the energetic, affects people’s thoughts and interferes with the flow in creation, as if a spell and a stigma haunts the issue and its potentiality. 

This is an unexpected consequence because of undefined debts and the responsibilities that I am continuing to hold onto as a malingering past. Whenever that exists there are complications that continuously occur or malinger and, as long as this past, this quality of not letting go, exists, these issues affect things energetically. 

What is interesting is that the effect, because it is energetic, affects the unfoldment in ways that reach beyond the perspective of the given situation, or the given outer scenario. All over an errant deviation that has put a limit upon what can be done as a revelational intentionality. 

And in your case you were showing this to be something that you no longer even had memories about, and now you are in a whole other setting and you were going through the setting and it wasn’t working out, and you weren’t finding any answers no matter how you looked at that setting because you were no longer making the correspondence in an alchemical, vibrational way, of going back and realizing that it was because you were irresponsible, or had poor adab or whatever from before.

And, of course, like we described in your dream, it gets so subtle because how can you totally go back and recount things that have occurred hundreds of years ago even, that are still part of you?

So as a consequence, I foster in my makeup the seeds of limitation, and this is a cancerousness, and a consequence, that is put in place from an imbalanced energetic that hasn’t been released. 

This energetic is like an ego imbalance. It’s an imbalance and is an ego style that continues to preside. The energetic progresses, or has an effect upon a person, as they go about their every day life. And because of this unfinished energetic, there’s like a bruise in life that exists as not having been properly taken care of in a timely manner. And so it continues and is carried by the, well, it’s carried by the river’s current into more treacherous waters. 

In other words, what I saw there was an image of myself in water, and then I went by the point where you should have dealt with something, and then you did not deal with something, and so that then left you then affected by that energetic spell, or trait, that still has a life of its own that’s affecting you from who knows when, and how far back, or whatever.

And so as a consequence, that not being resolved, the next thing you know I’m out there going down swimming, or floating, or however it is, in this river, going into more and more rapid and treacherous waters. And how do you look at that? You say, “Oh gosh, this shouldn’t have happened, this is bad luck.” 

Or do you realize that that’s an image, and the way something lives itself out, that has to do with an energetic stigma, or qualm, that you have built up inside of yourself from way back when, that hasn’t yet run its course?

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