The Threshold of Complexity

Fractal-DragonIn this series of images, Jeane is trying to keep something hidden, and it’s something of value. In terms of spiritual awakening, however, something of value comes from the inner, and it is meant to be brought into life and “worn,” or to become part of your energetic radiation. That requires accountability and responsibility from us. Because anything higher that gains access through us is something we have given a kind of birth to – it is only the beginning of the process and relationship.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my first dream there’s like a man nearby, and I’m observing, it’s almost like a bank area, and within the bank there are different kinds of gold coins. 

So there are larger coins that are worth more, and then smaller coins. The larger coins that are worth more, if you buy them they put them into these little decorated boxes. They almost look like they have design on them, and they’re fairly large little boxes. They’re in black, and gold design on them, I think. 

And the smaller coins, if you buy them, they put them either in a smaller container, or just maybe in a little transparent baggie or whatever you call it, and I’m curious about this. It’s like I’ve gone outside and I’m talking to the man, because if you wanted to travel with the coins and have them inconspicuous, I find it strange that they put the most expensive coins in these kind of conspicuous little containers, boxes, and they put the less valuable coins in the ones that would be most easy to conceal or hide. 

I find that strange. As I’m standing with him out there, I’m also aware that he has done some kind of training to become a personal assistant and that’s kind of what makes him ideal for carrying the coins if you want to kind of smuggle them in, or carry them in, kind of innocuously without people knowing that you have them. 

That’s the first part of that dream.

John: So it seems to be a dream about accessing something that has great value, but becomes a matter of degree in which it gets to a point where that value can no longer be concealed. That as long as you stay in a small capacity way you can transport and function in a concealed way. But if you acquire that which has writing and stuff on it right? The bigger ones do.

The bigger ones have that. So, the more of this thing of value, gold is a type of completion, the more that that comes across, the more it kind of reflects something because of its having writing and pictures, so the larger coins can’t be hidden and they stand out.

And the whole idea of something being hidden is while it is smaller. So where are you going with this dream, do you think?

Well, the only thing I could think of that the dream could be similar to is it’s the idea of having discovered something inside one’s self that one is able to nurture and develop, in a quiet capacity way. But then what is it going to be like when that grows and becomes something? 

That there isn’t anything that you can do about keeping it under wraps, because it becomes so big, or takes on such a dynamic that you can’t really conceal it anymore. It makes itself known. 

And as long as it’s small, and stays within certain parameters, it functions in a hiddenness. But the same thing, once it develops to the point where it is recognized, or where it reaches or extends out into life to where the treasure is apparent, as opposed to hidden, that this sets in motion that which keeps things from being hidden. 

It brings it out into the open. That’s the only thing I can think of – that would be my guess, but we’ll see what the rest of your images say.

Jeane: So in the next image, the same man seems to be in the background with me. I’ve gone to the house of a woman who maybe has some older children, I mean you feel like everyone’s somewhat grown, and she’s been baking. 

And she’s made these, they’re almost like pies, but then she’s put in the pie something that you can take out – like some necklaces. And I’ve gone over to one of them, and I start to reach in and take it out, but then I feel like I can’t really reach in and take out one of the necklaces and wear it because I’m not a member of the family. 

I’m a little confused that you would put something like that in a pie that you had baked. And then it feels like I’ve gone back to the outside of the bank to discuss the situation with that man again.

John: So whatever it is that you’re catching up with, one of the aspects about it is that it’s guarded in some capacity. That’s the idea of the masculine, that even though it is something that you have access to, something about that access is kept in a type of overview of a masculine quality, which gives it the sense that your parameters are in place for this to be there.

In the second image, even though this is being cooked, or baked up, or coming through or coming into a type of awareness, in the second image that which is baked and coming into a type of awareness is something that has to be worn, or has to be taken on, or you have to become that. And you’re reluctant to do that.

Jeane: So in this next scene, it’s like I have recovered from surgery and I’m laying on the surgery table. And there are some stairs from the surgery table that go down below, and the surgeon is down below, and I hear him say something about how he’s going to have to go in again and do something to the ovary.

And I’m alarmed by that, so I get up off the table and I actually walk downstairs, kind of holding onto the railing because it’s just after surgery, but then I see that downstairs he’s actually talking to another woman he had done surgery on, and then he makes clear he realizes I think what he said was for me and it wasn’t for me, that it had to do with her surgery.

And he has someone come and get me and actually take me to like another room downstairs which is just a recovery room.

John: This is all starting to put itself together now. 

Because what this is suggesting and indicating is that what has to be lived it has to come through, or it’s essential or necessary for it to come through, because it’s already within your psyche or within your synapses of your nature.

And for it to remain pent up, or to remain out of reach for you, that it actually affects your physical condition. And there’s something that I have kind of wondered about, too, that there’s this expression that for something that is meant to awaken, or is intended to become something more, there’s a lot expected of it. 

It’s almost like the resistances and the dilemmas that stand in the face of something like this are intensified. It’s almost like this is a peculiar joke: for that in which the step is less, it is treated differently. In fact, it might even be treated kinder, and gentler, and the whole bit. And yet it takes a small step. 

And for that which is meant to take a bigger step, in terms of some sort of bringing something through, or consciousness or something, it’s treated more rudely, it has entanglements, and dangers, and physical limitations, and all kinds of things that it has to contend with. 

It’s as if the threshold of complexity, in terms of health and everything else that you can think of, is intensified as well. And so it’s like in your dream, you are going along and you’re dealing with something that is developed, first of all as a hiddenness, and then as a hiddenness it, at some phase, has to progress into something more that becomes more obvious, that can’t be quite kept hidden.

And when it can’t quite be kept hidden, that requires you to have to be different, too, because it no longer can be quite hidden, so now you have to be accountable for that which isn’t quite hidden, which means you have to know, and be able to wear it.

And to be able to sit back in a hiddenness and not have to wear it is still the selected choice, in terms of the evolvement, but the danger of staying in this kind of condition is that it has a dynamic that’s still pent up – and that can have a reverberation. That can have physical qualms or characteristics that sit there and churn away. 

It’s a strange way of looking at the kundalini energy transformed into something different. And the kundalini energy is considered dangerous, but it is also considered essential to something developing. And the kundalini energy is something that can drive a person’s psyche completely haywire, but it also does more than just that. It also throws around the physical body. 

It can have that kind of a reverberation. It could cause something that is supposed to, and is intended to, and the potentiality of it is that it’s to be in the past, but if one doesn’t take on the ownership of the quality of a way of being that is meant and intended, then something remains still pent up.

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