A Tenuous Situation

3651-frantisek-drtikol-the-soulThis dream imagery looks at the relationship between a part and the whole. As humans we are always aware of, and tending to, our insulated view of life. Yet, as this scenario portrays, no matter how beautiful that small plot of life may be, it is being cared for to the exclusion of the whole. Can that state of affairs continue as the energetic changes unfold now and into the future? Well, perhaps it’s risky to believe so.

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John: So in my meditation dream, I was noting how I’m able to observe how the soul moves around in me. It’s almost like, I have had this concept, I’ve known about it, but now I’m actually observing it, I’m noting it where it goes greater and more into the outer, or at least it moves around a bit. It doesn’t just sit in a set way.

I considered this so banal when I was sleeping that I didn’t know that there was anything that should be reported, but then all of a sudden when I’m writing it up I realized, wow, that’s a fairly profound thing to realize, to be able to sense an awareness of how this depth part of one’s self moves around.

And that you don’t just dismiss it as fairly natural, but it did look and feel pretty natural as if it was a fairly benign observation. And so it left me with a sense that if there was some unusual activity, or something that needed to be perceived, that the energy would cause that to be revealed to me. 

It had me pondering that, that that’s how it would be because it seemed okay and ordinary and fairly benign. I guess I would have expected, in noticing it, that that would have been a greater big deal but it wasn’t. And I guess I suppose I would have expected that part to have an attitude, or a tone, or a mood about it, the fact that it expands and contracts, but it didn’t seem to have any sense like that at all.

And in the next dream, I am talking to my brother who takes care of kind of a grocery area. No, not a grocery area, takes care of like a grassy area on a campus which is like a center of learning.

And, of course, campuses are all concrete and whatnot and, in this one building that might have two entrances, there was an area in between in which you had grass. Everything else was concrete. 

This is where the grass was planted, and it wasn’t the type of grass that you used to expect like a long grass that’s well mowed and manicured and whatnot. Because of the nature of this area, it’s hard to get this grass to grow in there, and you have to constantly tend to it, and you have to find a special kind of grass. 

Well, what he discovered was he could make a grass that had real long stems to it and could be a little more dried out, but was more of a bunch grass that grew taller and everything, and it only occupied maybe 20% of the area. The rest of it wasn’t planted. 

It only took up a small area, but it was pretty neat what he had discovered, and so he’s excited about it. Well, I can’t help but notice that he’s just covering a fraction of the area, not that the area was that big anyway. 

And he likes how it looks, but he hasn’t been able to get it to multiply and extend itself out to cover the entire area, but the area it covers is pretty interesting and magnificent. And it works under the severe conditions that exist up to this point. And you can tend to it when otherwise it might be too much for the area, and could die out if you tried to do it over the whole area, yet a small patch is workable.

And I know however that if it was not for him and his tending of this, and being excited about it, it would die off because no one has shown the attention over this spot like he has.

And the meaning is, is I am in a position of having to be centered upon a scenario which could change at any moment. In other words, if it’s not tended to, it won’t hold up. For this to change, or if I was to also be shifted to tend to something else, what there is here would just naturally die out. 

This image is portraying a tenuous situation which could change at any moment, although it is very workable when the attention is placed upon it. And if this were to happen and I in were pulled from tending over the space, which exists as a small accomplishment because I take care of it, something is going to happen.

And I foresee a paradigm that had existed, is if I was to shift, it’s going to be left to fend, and have to tend, to itself. And what is that going to be like? Or said another way, I believe that under the circumstances that currently exist on the campus that, should change occur and happen to the space, that something could actually shift, or collapse.

And it’s pretty hard to tell which. It really looks like it would collapse, that in and of itself it is a beginning, but it requires a lot of attendance. It’s not like it has to be looked after constantly. As it is, it’s not taking in the whole space. What it has done is quite interesting. 

Because I believe that the conditions have to change, are meant to change, because it isn’t holding the whole space, I’m not feeling good over what I anticipate the situation to be, or what is apt to transpire in the near future.

So to put the dream together, I guess I am expecting the way the soul currently is able to function, because I observed the soul moving around in the beginning, in which it is able to come into life as it currently exists, and move about in the cosmos as well, that the time could come when the relationship the soul has with manifestation that is tenuous, could come to an end in the way it is currently able to be. In other words, this is something as a dynamic. 

In other words, that’s an ominous foreboding. The soul moves around in a type of amnesia, and something about the chemistry of all of that sits in motion and awareness to something more, and yet how that is tended to and dealt with in the physical requires something more to be brought through.

That what is there is wonderful in its own way, and exciting, but unless it takes on a greater overallness, it is vulnerable. And if it’s vulnerable, it could die out under certain circumstances. It’s just tenuous as it is, and so there is a foreboding that exists 

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