A Spellbound Condition

spiral1There are many dream images that could arise to symbolize what it means to break through our cultural and identity programming. Here it is strawberry ice cream desserts. It’s interesting to see that these desserts are what “John” is entitled to, but they do require an effort on his part. If we only knew for sure what we would enter into if we aligned ourselves to the purposes of creation, no barrier would seem too high. Yet because we can’t truly know until we are there, we need to trust, believe, and have faith in the process itself.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And so consequently, now I have to take it into kind of an alchemical effect in terms of dealing with the scenario.

So in this regular dream now, I’m outside of the building, but I have been inside the building, and I’ve seen inside the building a place where I can get a strawberry ice cream dessert. And if I want to get the strawberry ice cream dessert, in order for it to be sufficient, or enough, there is one that I can straightaway partake of, and then there’s another in which I have to reach around kind of an awkward glass container, which is possible. 

I mean, it’s not like it’s blocked or anything. It just requires a tiny bit of effort, and I’m reluctant to do that, but once it’s done then I can have that second, on the other side, strawberry ice cream dessert. 

So that’s what it looks like inside. I’m aware of that inside, but I find myself not in the building in this dream. That’s like a flashback image that I can see inside myself. I don’t want to be in the building because it’s kind of a bit of a hoity-toity building. The people who stay here are a bit eccentric, and maybe full of themselves and everything else, and so I’d rather be outside.

But I have been inside the place so I know where to go and what to do to access the two ice cream desserts that, if I were inside, I’m entitled to enjoy. However, because I’m outside and I realize that there is kind of a price of admission to go inside, because they are hoity-toity and they’re different than the way things are in the outside, and that difference is made up over the idea that I realize that it needs to have a key to go inside. 

Well, the place is also like a casino. It’s like a mix of things where it does try to invite you inside, so that means there is an entrance that the public can go into that doesn’t require a key. And I have seemed to have somehow in the dream slowly shifted to where I am near that entrance.

And out of this entrance a woman comes whom I know, and I realize that if she were to see me she would be encouraging me to quit procrastinating before it is too late, that I need to go inside and claim what is mine.

And I wake up. Seeing her was enough to get me out of some sort of stigma trance I was in, in which I was not taking the step and was acting like I was insipid. See, that’s the alchemical effect of having to be brought up to a point, to reach a type of crescendo, where you have to then break through and step out of whatever it is that’s been holding a malaise.

So the meaning of the dream is that there is something in life that is at my disposal, and I just need to step through, and unlock doorways, and inside this place I am able to put together what I am drawn to enjoy that exists on both inner and outer levels of this world. 

And you might say it’s also like a third world, whatever that means. I’m not even sure what a third world is, based upon yesterday’s or maybe it was the day before’s dream where I have an alchemical connection to a place within where a side of myself has an access that is meant to be able to absolve mental energetic projections that who knows how far back they go, absolve them or use this alchemical way where they no longer continue to create things that continue to continue in a reverb. 

In other words, it lifts the malingering spells of that, that in some instances, may have existed for millennia, that maintain the illusory spellbound condition that affects manifestation. So, there is that.

Then I tend to kind of go back at this at an angle into the dream, or like a type of parallel, as a question kind of arises inside of me as if this is actually something new. And my response is, that when this gets all put together like it’s meant to be, and is kind of like responding to someone who has one opinion about it, and then I see it more for what it’s intended, and I say it’s going to be, when it’s put together in terms of its catalytic nature, it’s going to have a lookalike like Billy Graham. 

And this is what I said in my dream, but I’m thinking I was probably visualizing Thomas Edison, but the word Billy Graham came out instead. And so I have to ponder why Billy Graham came out instead of Thomas Edison, because that’s what I actually said inside myself.

Because Billy Graham was the type of person who could actually, by his presence, create a kind of stigma, a trance. He could kind of put people into a difference world, that if they were left to thinking on their own they wouldn’t fall for it because they would realize that what he was saying was not necessarily in the Bible or something. 

And he, by his auric presence, could get away with saying things. And in the nature of what he was saying people would just kind of go into a trance and they would swallow it. They would believe it. And maybe it is that kind of effect, in a way, that you shift something alchemically, because you hold the space in such a way that the other just gets transformed, or falls away, and doesn’t stay there noodling in its conceptualization. 

It just takes something in. In other words, he was like a special kind of salesman in a way, a really good salesman or really good pitch can get you to believe anything. And what we have in the outer is these really good pitches that keep people contangled, and disturbed, and out of shape, and out of balance because it’s all based upon having built a built-in quality that works in relationship to things of the past, and distortions of the past, that it can flip and manipulate.

And this is a kind of alchemical process in which there is a way of backdooring, or going behind all of that, so it just sits there and it fails to continue to function like you would expect it to function. It just shifts.

And, of course, I always complained about what Billy Graham did because I thought that he was a master charlatan of being able to get people who would sit in front of him to just go into some sort of la-la-land trance. And there was something to it. 

He could somehow or another have a gift of healing because people would get put into a transported belief center that was different than what they actually were aware of, and knew as, existing. 

In other words, they would stop conditioning their life in such a way so that it kept and held them back, and they would go into this state where it doesn’t really necessarily make sense kind of over belief, and that that could be healing. Because there is a certain power that can be brought to focus, and this is like an alchemical kind of peculiar way of praying. So, maybe Billy Graham was the right word.

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