A Mystical Connection

113528_900In this dream imagery, Jeane finds herself on a strange planet, with her family held hostage on another planet. As we are all the characters in our dreams, these planets and family members represent different aspects of the dreamer, the inner and outer self, the higher and lower self, and the relationship between the two. What is meant to happen is that these two worlds are bridged and become integrated. In that way we can become integrated with the whole of ourselves and the wholeness of the universe, (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I barely remember my first dream, which seemed to be influenced by having watched Terra Nova on television last night because I’m on another planet. I feel more masculine than feminine. 

And it feels like I’ve had to be a bit of a spy or betray something to the people on a further planet, maybe the first planet, because they were holding my family captive. So I just have mixed feelings about that. 

That’s all I remember of that first dream. The planet I’m on is pretty lush and green, but I’ve had to betray some information because my family is being held hostage. So that’s the first dream.

John: Basically if you put that into motion, if you’re on a lush planet and another part of you is captive in another place, that other place would be like in manifestation. 

And this idea that you’re betraying valuable information, because that part of yourself is caught or trapped in this other place, acting as if that’s bad is not necessarily the case because you can’t sit with and hunker down in this plushness of this other place in order to take in a fullness of yourself because you’re also in this other trapped place, so to speak, that is away from what you consider the ideal that is plush.

So you have to let go of that to some degree, or take and utilize that wealth or that place of completeness. You have to have the courage or the audacity to take that down into the place where something is lost, or hidden, or out of touch and make that knowable and available. 

So what you’re describing is an aspect of how this works with the breath, that there is this place that is plush and is incredible, that is like home, that’s at the interval of the in-breath to the out-breath. 

And in order to create motion, or a cycle of creation, you have to go down that breath and realize that the counterpart of yourself, in this dreamer state that is plush and wonderful, the counterpart of yourself is lost in this other realm where there are veils and you have to go down and make the connection. You have to bring from above down to the below, to this other state, or person, of yourself that’s the dreamed. 

So you’re not really stealing a treasure. You may think that you are conceptually because the two places seem apart and it seems a little bit, according to concepts, even a bit blasphemous to think that the God head of yourself connects with the other part of yourself that is caught in a density. That in the physical, people even say you’re in a sinful condition and all of this, that, and the other, and so the two are not supposed to come together.

But it has to be so because this condition that is in manifestation was created in God’s image, and if it’s created in God’s image then that image needs to be brought through it so that it can know that for itself, or otherwise you have a split that has to be reconciled.

And what is interesting is that this reconciling is coming from a condition of plushness above, to a state below. It’s almost as if it’s coming from the interval where the in-breath turns to the out-breath, to the plight of something that is accentuated the most, and that there is a state of longing that pulls that magnetically, which is where the out-breath turns to the in-breath.  

So you’ve created a mystical connection, and the alchemical component of that would be the breath heart that does this, in other words, the resolving of this area where you have this qualm that, can you do this or not? Or would this be stealing, or usurping something that shouldn’t be taken from here to there? 

The resolving of that, and doing that, and finding out how to do that naturally so that the dreamer and the dream come together is the alchemical aspect of the dream. So that little image is pretty deep.

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