The Importance of the Rhythm

SharonThomasThrough his meditation and following dreams, John is led through an understanding of a background rhythm, something that is always happening behind the scenes, so to speak, yet is rarely noticed or appreciated. Which reminds us that we are looking to connect to the deeper flow of life, in the sense that what we see and experience is being caused at a deeper, more profound level. If and when we can appreciate things at that level, we will be more in tune with the way the universe works and, therefore, won’t find it such a struggle because we’ll be with it rather than resisting it. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: This is hard to report and write up because, to begin with, it was some questions to whether I was experiencing anything. I knew I was, but I couldn’t report much about it because it didn’t have a story to it necessarily. I guess the story was in terms of what one sensed even though one couldn’t report it. 

Because in the meditation dream there was a general energetic aliveness that I seem to abide in, in terms of one goes into the state and you’re somewhere where things move around, and you can have insights and dreams and whatnot, and then there was a rhythm that was there. 

I hadn’t noticed this rhythm was there in prior meditation, but this time I noticed that there was a rhythm that was there that I also felt was alive in a huge way, but this was way beyond my comprehension. This rhythm was just smooth. But my whole sense was this rhythm was humongous, and I’m not getting anything from this rhythm. I’m just aware that it’s there. 

And I was captivated by it. As a consequence, I didn’t dream per se, in this other general aliveness state that I tend to be in, because the even bigger schematic was this rhythm that I felt myself swept up in. So I kept expecting something more. 

I kept focused upon this rhythm because I was expecting more to arise out of this consistent, soothing rhythm. In other words, it felt all powerful, so what more was there in it? And yet nothing came out of it. I just watched, and I waited.

And it seems that something more did happen because there was a brief instant where there was an inner excitement, but whatever it was I cannot be sure because I didn’t pull it out. Nevertheless, none of this changed my conviction, even though I didn’t pull anything out and most of the time I spent just in awe of this rhythm, whatever it was. 

Nothing changed the sense that there is an aliveness dialogue, or mannerism, or quality, or characteristic, or however you would say it, in the rhythm that causes a person to open up. It’s a whole other dimension of awareness which is, at this time, still in kind of an abeyance because I didn’t pull anything out from it. 

So I guess, though, what one must say is you wait to see how this unfolds. For now I am only able to provide the observation that I abided in the rhythm, which I found to be comfortably consistent, sensing that this rhythm was a whole other level of awareness for me to experience some day. That was the meditation dream. That didn’t seem like much did it?

Fortunately those things set an imprint and then they evolve. And then as I’m trying to go to sleep, before I’ve even fallen asleep, this image jumps in. I wasn’t even asleep yet when I had this and I realized this is like a dream, so I wrote it up. 

I am impressed by an image that I hadn’t given much credence to before. I was shown that a woman often uses an essential essence as a baseline that doesn’t receive a lot of notice, like people put on mascara or this, that, or the other, or powder their face or whatever they do. It’s like a baseline. 

And then the reason that it’s not given much attention is because over the top of this general application there is the specific perfume that a woman wears, or puts on, and that is what is noticed. The essential essence that was applied as a baseline application tends to be taken for granted and is, therefore, hardly noticed when the perfume is there first.

And then in this dream, well, first of all I came to recognize that the issue of not recognizing the importance of a natural overall rhythm, or cadence, in life needs to be portrayed more succinctly – if there’s something to it. And it is portrayed in the following five examples. 

Each example reveals that the general rhythm is more real, and dynamic, and important to the overall situation in life as it is an aliveness that is not being given its proper due. In other words, it’s just taken for granted. 

So there are five of these minuets that point to what this rhythm actually is kind of about in its greater overall sense. I am told that the basic underlying title can be more valuable for other reasons than I am giving it credit for. 

In other words, it’s like if you have a piece of property and the piece of property doesn’t render much of a cash flow, you tend to discount its value. But maybe it has another form of value that makes it have more worth even though it doesn’t produce income. But you think that it needs to produce, especially if you’re coming from the standpoint for it to be important it has to produce income. 

I mean, that’s just one phase of valuation of something. Just because the property doesn’t produce a particular revenue I expect under a revenue stream way of evaluating things in life, or the outer, doesn’t mean that the general property doesn’t have an intrinsic value that is greater than I am giving it credit for that comes from other sources, that brings in other sources, that carries other sources. That’s the first condition of this rhythm. That’s a trait in the rhythm. 

And then the second one is, in moving an old person to a new residence the tendency is to not realize that just because they are old, that they aren’t properly bestowed with the clothes they need to live. I just need, as a first thing to making the shift to a new way of life, to wash up the old clothes so that the person can function anew. 

Those clothes may be just fine under the new scenario. In other words, the concept was maybe they have to get something new to go along with the something new, but they carry everything about them that they need. They are complete in and of themselves. 

Or, in other words, just because a person moves or shifts to a new focus and attention, or a new way of being, doesn’t necessarily mean that the way they have been taking care of themselves is subject to having to change as well. Again, an aspect of the breath. It’s there, it is taking up its place, its rhythm, for a reason – and there were no mistakes. 

And then there’s the third. I go off to one side to eat what I need to eat, but I am distracted when a woman comes over and does everything she can think of to keep me from doing what I am doing, which is I need to eat. 

As I react to get her to go away, she goes into antics to draw attention to what I am doing as being inappropriate. What this does is draw the attention away from me doing what I need to do to get right with myself, which is to eat. So, that’s the third way, in other words where you have to partake and stay in this rhythm. 

The fourth is all of us admired Dean. Dean was a guy that went on and became a lawyer and was the brightest guy in the class that I graduated from. Everybody admires Dean as being bright, unique, and creative as a person. I seem to realize that this is because he is naturally different for a reason no one is taking into account. 

In this case the difference in how he is on a basic level is what makes him seem kinder, brighter, and more creative than others, but this general rhythm is judged by society as something that isn’t significant, or is actually unimportant, or even to be ignored or denied as having any significant validity.

Because of the stigma, if this is made known, it would tend straightaway to diffuse or detract from the overall well being. What is the general rhythm and stigma I am referring to that most people consider undesirable? Well, it turns out that I have to explain why Dean is good at what he is, and I see it associated with a particular way that he has caught up to something.

And, in this particular case, what he has caught up with is something that people tend to judge, but it actually is a source that made him unique and different and gave him a quality that could carry something different that people found important. 

What was it? Well, Dean is gay. Knowing this somehow compromises the reflective traits that he carried, but if you didn’t know that all you could do was admire the traits. In other words, the rhythm sits behind all of that, a rhythm that’s behind all of that. 

Then in the fifth minuet, I’m trying to find my notebook to write down a general overall observation I had while sleeping. All of this was a dream because it isn’t actually happening, this notebook and all of that, it was a dream. 

This lucid dream was so vivid that it was as if I was awake trying to do this. And in the dream I find the notebook but, as I look from page to page trying to find an open area where I can write up my observation, I get stuck. I’m stopped. 

I go page to page and I can’t find a page that doesn’t have something written on it. Yet somehow I know that this notebook has a lot of empty pages, but I can’t seem to find them. And so I get frustrated because I know, even though I’m not finding it, that there is an overall area in the notebook I can use to take in the general overall observation. 

That’s how the breath is, it takes in the general overall observation. This area is important to the cadence and flow that I am seeking to catch up with, correspondingly. And so those were the five images that supported the importance of the rhythm. 

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